CPA Requirements Work Experiences - What Are They And Who Needs Them?


US CPA is among the most coveted professional certifications in the accounting & finance industry. Many students and professionals in the workforce are interested in pursuing this certification to improve the value of their CVs when looking for employment. However, you should be well-informed about the CPA USA requirements before enrolling in the course or taking the US CPA certification exam. Aside from understanding the CPA USA course requirements, one needs also be aware of the CPA Requirements Work Experience to get its license.
Earning a CPA license requires a mix of education, professional experience, and passing exam results. No state requires any prior job experience to take the exam. You have to do this to get your license. The prerequisites for a CPA license, however, vary by state. We will go over some details in this post to better understand how to gain CPA Requirements Work Experience for the CPA license and how to obtain a CPA sign-off on a work experience form.

Work Experience Variation for CPA USA License

Having the appropriate job experience is critical before applying for your CPA certification. Each state accounting board specifies the type of employment and the number of years of experience required for the license. The majority of the time, you must operate under the direction of a CPA who is currently licensed and will certify your work. 
Here are some potential variations in state accounting board rules for CPA Requirements Work Experience.
  • Although some jurisdictions require it, you do not have to work in public accounting to acquire your license. For the most part, you might meet your experience requirement by working in non-public accounting or taxes.
  • Most of the time, one year of experience is adequate. However, some jurisdictions need two years if the task involves non-public accounting.
  • You must work under the supervision of a CPA verifier in most jurisdictions. However, not all states operate in this manner. Some states additionally allow a certified public accountant to check your work even if that person is not your supervisor.
  • Verify to see if you need to work full-time. You could be able to work part-time or even consider self-employment as part of your experience requirement.
It is usually a good idea to verify the experience requirements of your state before enrolling in this course to avoid any unforeseen problems at the last minute.

CPA License Requirement

The credential that permits you to practice public accounting is the CPA license. It is overseen by the 56 state boards of accounting in the United States. CPA license requirements vary slightly from CPA Exam requirements. We have outlined the requirements for earning a CPA license.
  • Work Experience - Most organizations want at least one to two years of experience in public accounting. While expertise in a non-public accounting firm is sometimes acknowledged, the number of years needed is generally higher. Your experience will be considered if you have worked under the direction of a licensed CPA before, during, or after passing the CPA Exam.
  • Ethics Exam - A candidate may be needed to pass the AICPA ethics test in addition to completing each part of the CPA Exam. This is a fast-paced self-study training with an exam at the end. While not necessary in every state, it is required in the majority of them.
  • Ongoing Education - After receiving CPA licensing, most state boards mandate that CPAs complete a certain number of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours within a specific period.
  • International Candidates - Candidates from overseas who meet the qualifications for becoming a CPA in the United States from one of the State Boards of Accountancy may apply. Most states and jurisdictions in the US do not demand that candidates from abroad be US citizens. However, several states and jurisdictions, like Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, North Carolina, and Puerto Rico, demand US citizenship.

CPA License Requirements by State

The CPA requirements are defined by the accounting jurisdictions in the United States. In particular, there are 55 accounting jurisdictions in the United States; therefore, you could have 55 alternatives for the source of your CPA license. 
State-specific criteria for a CPA license differ, just like the requirements for the CPA Exam. There are specific regulations and licensing criteria for each state in the United States. You must first research the state's particular standards to become a CPA license. For your information, we have listed some state-wise US CPA Requirements work experience-
Alaska - The work experience requirement for the CPA license is as follows:
  • Earn the appropriate amount of "experience points" according to your level of education:
Option 1 - You must satisfy four experience points if you hold a Bachelor's Degree with a 24-semester-hour accounting specialization.
Option 2 - You must earn six experience points if you have a bachelor's degree without a specialization in accounting.
  • 500 hours of experience doing attestations are required.
  • 150 semester hours (including fulfilling test prerequisites), of which 33 hours are devoted to accounting and 27 hours to business.
Colorado - CPA Requirements Work Experience are as follows:
  • 1 calendar year (1,800 hours) as a CPA USA employee for one or more businesses. Public accounting, business, the government, or academics plus 30 semester hours are all acceptable ways to earn the experience.
  • At the undergraduate or graduate level, 150 semester hours must comprise 33 semester hours in accounting and 27 semester hours in business.
Delaware - The requirement is as follows:
  • Experience may include giving any kind of services or guidance while utilizing abilities in accounting, compiling, financial consulting, management consulting, tax, or consulting.
  • Only experience acquired after the candidate's desired degree is acceptable.
  • 150 semester hours
Florida - The work experience requirement is as follows:
  • After completing 120 or 180 quarter hours from an authorized university with a focus on accounting, one year of work experience must be confirmed by a certified CPA.
  • The experience must have a minimum of 20 hours per week and a maximum of 40 hours per week over 52 weeks.
Georgia - The work experience requirement is as follows:
  • To prove one year (2,000 hours) of supervised accounting experience that occurred no more than one year before applying for a US CPA license, you must submit a Certificate of Experience.
  • Use of internal control systems, consultancy, management, financial advice, and tax and regulatory legislation should all be responsibilities of the private sector.
  • 150 semester hours, including 30 hours in upper-division accounting courses and 24 hours in business-related courses.
Hawaii - The work experience requirement is as follows:
  • 1,500 hours of auditing experience OR two years of full-time general accounting experience, both with an approved CPA license.
  • 150 semester hours, including 24 semester hours of advanced accounting and 24 semester hours of upper-division business courses.
Indiana - The work experience requirement is as follows:
  • 2 years of experience in government, business, university, or public practice, as confirmed and attested by a current CPA.
  • 150 hours total, including 33 hours of accounting and 27 hours of business (including requirements for the exam)
Kansas - US CPA Requirements Work Experience for Kansas state are as follows:
  • Must have completed at least 2,000 hours of service in the business, public practice, government, or academia over a period of 1-3 years, including 375 hours of attestation, if applicable.
  • 150 semester hours (including Bachelor's Degree), including 30 hours of accounting, 11 hours of communication, and 42 hours of business.
Maine - The work experience requirement is as follows:
  • 2 years of work experience certified by a registered CPA and an experience affidavit can be completed before, during, or after passing the CPA Exam.
Montana - The work experience requirement is as follows:
  • 2000 hours of expertise, as attested by a certified public accountant.
  • Certification requires 150 semester units (225 quarter units), including a Bachelor's Degree.
New York - The work experience requirement is as follows:
  • 1 year of completed part-time or full-time employment before, during, or following the CPA Exam.
  • Must require expertise in accounting, compilation, management advice, financial advisory, tax, or consulting services while being supervised by a CPA or public accountant with a license in the state of New York.
  • 150 semester hours (includes Bachelor's Degree) with 33 hours in accounting, including accounting research, and 36 hours in business, including communications, ethics, and responsibility.
Washington - The work experience requirement is as follows:
  • 1 year (2,000 hours) of work experience completed before, during, or after the CPA Exam, spanning a minimum of 12 months (not consecutively).
  • 150 semester hours, which includes a Bachelor's Degree.
Utah - The work experience requirement is as follows:
  • 1 year's worth of experience obtained via a job in business, politics, academia, or the public sector. For CPAs offering attest services, two years of experience is required.
  • 150 semester hours.
The CPA registration process and the requirements are detailed on the websites of each state board. In addition, certain state boards collaborate with NASBA to accept CPA Exam applicants. As a result, you should examine the NASBA website and your state board website to learn about the CPA Requirements Work Experience and licensing process.


1. What is relevant work experience for CPAs?

A candidate must meet a few prerequisites in order to obtain the license:
You must have a minimum of 2,000 hours of professional experience in accounting, taxes, auditing, or management consulting. A licensed CPA should verify this.
You must pass the Ethics exam.
So, above mentioned are CPA Requirements work experience that candidates need to fulfill to get the CPA license.

2. Can I do a CPA without work experience?

You do not need any work experience to take the CPA exam. The single condition is that you have 120 or 150 credit hours, depending on the state in which you choose to apply. However, CPA Requirements Work Experience is needed to get the CPA license.

3. What qualifies as Accounting experience?

Any job role that deals with duties and activities related to financial reporting, the use of accounting software, audit, the application of accounting principles, assurance, and technical fields like insolvency, forensic accounting, and taxation can be considered to have accounting experience. To fulfill the CPA requirements work experience, candidates need to have 2000 hours of Accounting experience.

4. Does consulting experience count for CPA?

Yes, the consulting experience can be counted as accounting experience and can fit into the CPA Requirements Work Experience category. Although consultants frequently possess the capacity to create simple tax schemes, their expertise in financial planning and investing is more substantial.

5. Which states do not need the CPA verifier to be your supervisor?

States that let a CPA confirm your experience without also serving as your supervisor include Montana, Washington, Arkansas, and Indiana. They supposedly have the ability to validate your earlier CPA requirements work experience, provided that they are valid, which gives you a lot more options.

6. Does an internship contribute toward the CPA requirements and work experience?

In the majority of states, internships do count for CPA work experience. Just keep in mind that you often need to operate under a CPA's supervision. Therefore, consider which CPA signs off on the work experience form before beginning an internship

7. Is it possible to obtain a CPA license without CPA requirements work experience?

No, a candidate has to fulfill this work experience required to get the CPA license. There is not a single CPA state that does not demand work experience.

8. Which jurisdiction requires the least amount of education for a CPA license?

These are the jurisdictions with the least educational requirements:
The U.S. Virgin Islands
Residency is required in the Virgin Islands. You must be present for 30 days before applying to take the CPA Exam. You do not need to be a Guam resident or go there for the exam.

9. How can I obtain the experience necessary to become a CPA?

The CPA Requirements Work Experience can be satisfied in several ways. Part-time employment and internships are often counted. In non-public accounting companies, experience requirements can also be satisfied. Consult your state's accounting board to determine how you may comply with their regulations.


CPA opens doors to lucrative job prospects. As a professional degree, it ensures a bright career for every candidate. It is a course that delivers work security, economic security, monetary advantages, and job satisfaction. To apply for the exam and obtain the CPA license, one must meet the CPA Requirements Work Experience and qualifications of CPA USA. The CPA exam and license application process is different in every state. The eligibility and qualifications for CPA USA do not significantly vary between US states. To apply for the exam and begin studying, ensure you follow and satisfy all requirements.
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