CPA Salary in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

US CPA Salary in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

CPA Salary in UAE - Middle East

The first thing we always look for is the career growth with better salary after completing a particular professional degree. When it comes to US CPA , it is a very prominent professional certification that can open numerous opportunities. US CPA is a globally recognized certification program, and you can apply for lucrative US CPA job roles in any part of the world. It also enhances the chances of salary hikes depending on the country you are residing in.
Today, we will discuss the US CPA salary in Dubai, Qatar, the Middle East, etc.
Well, one thing can be said without a doubt that there is no shortage of job opportunities for US CPA in the Middle East countries. Moreover, the CPA salary in Qatar, Dubai, and other countries might differ slightly. So, let us discuss them in detail.

CPA USA � Critical Points 

Before moving on to the CPA salary in UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, etc., we have to understand what a CPA USA is. 
The CPA�s toolbox contains everything, ranging from tax preparation to financial statements to forensic accounting and much more. A CPA is not limited to any one job role or function. Apart from knowing the US CPA salary in Dubai and other Middle Eastern countries, we have to understand the primary function of a CPA. The primary role of a CPA is to help businesses thrive and work efficiently. 
Interestingly accountants and CPAs are different. An accountant is someone who does every accounting role. On the other hand, a CPA is one who has specialized skills and works on specific tasks to make the company run smoothly and efficiently. 
Along with the CPA salary in Qatar, it is also important to note that there are many job options that are available to people after cracking the CPA USA exam. Taking up this exam is quite a tedious task as there is a lot to learn & understand. Not many people are able to qualify the CPA�s comprehensive exam on the first attempt. 
The average passing percentage is less than 50%. Thus, in order to prepare for the exam, candidates have to put in the effort and hard work. Let us look at some facts now regarding the US CPA exam. 
  • The CPA USA exam fee for each section is $250. 
  • Completing all four exams and passing them is necessary to get the US CPA license. 
  • Veterans can also get qualified for reimbursement for testing processes. 
  • There are many states that require 150 hours of professional education before an applicant sits for the exam.
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Now, there are certain career options and positions wherein the CPA salaries are good. So, let us look at some job positions that can offer a high CPA salary in
Now, there are certain career options and positions wherein the CPA salaries are good. So, let us look at some job positions that can offer a high CPA salary in Dubai, UAE, Qatar, and other Middle Eastern countries. Here they are! 
UAE, Qatar, and other Middle Eastern countries. Here they are! 
  • Financial Consultant
  • Auditor
  • Controller
  • Tax Accountant
  • Senior Manager of Finance
  • Chief Financial Officer
Having a CPA credential is a moment of prestige and respect for the individual. It is not easy to gain a CPA certification. And when one gains the certification, he/ she gets a high CPA salary in Dubai, UAE, and other countries. After gaining the certificate, the candidate can apply across the globe for various job opportunities.  
Now, let us have a look at some other factors related to the CPA salary in Dubai, and Middle Eastern countries.   

Accountant Salary in Dubai?

There are many candidates who opt for the CPA course in different parts of the world. The CPA salary in Dubai and other countries increases with an increase in experience, training, etc.  
As far as the CPA salary in UAE and other Middle East Countries is concerned, the salary ranges from AED 3000 to AED 12,000 per month. It is best to do a course and invest time in self-study and clear the examination, to have a lucrative career.

What are the Accounting Jobs in Dubai & their Salaries?

There are many accounting jobs that you can apply for after acquiring the CPA USA certification. You will get great accounting jobs in Dubai and with great salary as well. We have curated a list of top jobs that you can apply for in order to get good career prospects in the future. 

Internal Auditor 

The role of an internal auditor is to analyze the financial statements of the company. An internal auditor also performs audits and operations on the system. They also inspect internal systems and manage risks arising in the company. Along with all this, they also report systematic errors and fraud indicators, thereby giving solutions for the same. The CPA salary in Dubai for an Internal Auditor is Rs. 600,000 per annum. This figure can reach up to Rs. 1,200,000/-. 

Cost Accountant 

The CPA salary in Qatar for a Cost Accountant is also high. The main role of a cost accountant is to take ownership of the financial health of the organization. Cost accountants focus on maintaining and developing budget plans along with the organization of operations. 
The average CPA salary in UAE and Dubai for a Cost Accountant ranges from AED 50,000 to AED 72,000. 

Senior Executive of Accounts & Finance 

The main role of a senior executive is to maintain cash balances and maintain cash flow forecasts. He/ she ensures that all the financial payments and journal entries are properly made in the system. A senior executive also has complete ownership of finance, accounting, taxation, etc. The executive is responsible for overseeing the financial goals, objectives, and budgets of the company. The CPA salary in Dubai for a Senior Executive is AED 11,000 per month. In the UAE, the salary is AED 8,000 per month. 

Senior Accounts Manager 

A senior accounts manager is responsible for handling all the aspects of the company�s accounts like data entry, updating the bank balances, creditor and debtor lists, liaising with auditors, and much more. The tasks are more, which means the salary will also be high! The CPA salary in UAE and Dubai for a senior accounts manager ranges from AED 5,000 to AED 33,000 per month. 

Technology Analyst   

The main role of a technology analyst is to solve problems and provide an approach to grow the business and its profitability. The technology analyst reviews the company's plans and takes in the analysis process, thereby maximizing the value of the business. As a technology analyst, an individual should have strong commercial acumen, conceptual bandwidth, and strong learning connections in order to excel in a professional career. As far as the salary is concerned, the average CPA salary in Qatar for a technology analyst ranges from AED 14,000 to AED 20,000 per month.  

Assistant Finance Manager 

The main role of an Assistant Finance Manager is to manage the accounts and finance of the company's operations. He/she is responsible for preparing the financial budget and a five-year plan for the company. Along with this, the assistant finance manager ensures 100% compliance with the statutory requirements like VAT filing, Tax returns, group compliance, etc. The CPA salary in Dubai for a finance manager is AED 14,000. 
So, these are the top accounting jobs with salaries in Dubai. The CPA salary in Qatar and other Middle Eastern countries is almost the same. The ranging figures are because of the experience one has gained and the specialized skills one has acquired during the training period.

What is the Fresher CPA salary in Qatar? 

CPA is a professional designation and can offer various opportunities for candidates. A fresher CPA salary in Qatar earns QAR 5,000. The salary can reach up to QAR 146,000. 
If you enroll in an academy, then clearing the CPA USA exam in one go will be much more probable. Eventually, leading to better job options with higher salaries.   

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.How much does CPA make in Dubai?�

The CPA salary in Dubai isn�t much different. In Dubai, a CPA earns 268,000 per year. This is the average salary. There are different salaries for different posts. Candidates can decide which posts they wish to apply for!�

2.Is CPA demand in Dubai?�

Yes, CPAs are always in demand. Be it Dubai or any other part of the world, CPAs are required by the industries to analyze financial statements and make budget plans for the company. They are very much in demand, and the demand will rise in the coming years!�

3.How much does a chartered accountant earn in Qatar?

Apart from the CPA salary in Sharjah and Qatar, it is also important to know the salary of a CA. A CA earns around QAR 13,300 per month. If a CA has 5-10 years of experience, then the salary can reach up to QAR 21,000.�

4.What is the highest salary for a CPA?

The salary of a CPA depends upon the role he/ she is working in. After excelling in the examination, a candidate can apply for various jobs like finance controller, senior analyst, auditor, and much more. Talking about the highest salary, a Managing Director earns the highest. The average CPA salary in Sharjah and other countries for a Managing Director is $200,000. It is one of the highest-paid CPA jobs that one gets after 10+ years of experience and training.�

5.Is CPA recognized in the UAE?���

Yes, CPA is globally recognized and provides some of the best jobs as compared to others. CPA is a certified course and provides various career opportunities and high-paid jobs as compared to non-certified ones. Be it UAE, Dubai, or any other country � CPA is globally recognized.


CPA is a great career path wherein the candidates possess expertise in accountancy, mathematics, finance, etc. As far as the salary is concerned, the CPA salary in Sharjah, Dubai, and other Middle Eastern Countries is quite the same. A CPA has many roles and responsibilities, and according to these roles, the salary is decided.
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