CPA Salary in India, USA, Canada, UK, and Europe

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When it comes to CPA (Certified Public Accountant), one thing that comes to our mind is the lucrative career opportunities it brings. For instance, you must be thinking that after acquiring the CPA certification, what will be the CPA salary in India, the UK, or any other part of the world? CPA USA is an amazing program that can steer your career in a better direction. 
It can offer high-paid jobs and senior accounting positions in top companies across the globe. No form which country matter where we have done the course, we can apply for jobs worldwide. However, the certification should be accredited by the AICPA, a globally recognized CPA institution.
Isnt that amazing? Well! Coming to the topic, here we will cover all about the CPA salary in UK, USA, and India. 
So, without further ado, let us begin! 

Understanding the CPA 

CPA, also known as Certified Public Accountant is a highly preferred certification program, where the professional is said to develop expertise in accounting, finance, auditing, taxation, and other relevant subjects. The accounting professional being a CPA must meet the licensing requirements of the state he/she is practicing in. A CPA is said to have completed educational training, gained experience, and done training under a senior CPA.
Before we talk about CPA salary in USA, it is important to note that CPAs are employed because of their expertise in Finance and accounting, reliability, industry knowledge, and the experience they have gained over the years. CPAs can work in many sectors, however, there are top five sectors where they can get some amazing career opportunities.
  • Accounting Firms
  • MNCs
  • Education
  • Government
  • Business & Industry
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Public Accounting
One thing to note is that the CPA USA certification is considered more valuable today than the CA. Moreover, the US CPA salary in India.
If we talk about CPAs, then they are not limited to one job role or industry. US CPAs are capable of performing various services for different companies. This ability comes from the exams that they give and gain experience. 
According to the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants), there are five areas in which US CPAs hold expertise. These areas are: 
  • Auditing & Review
  • Internal Auditing
  • Consulting Services
  • Financial Planning
  • Tax Preparation 
Acquiring the CPA USA credential license takes effort, time, patience, and planning. It is important to note that after you have gained the designation, you have to continue the education for maintaining the license. CPAs are required to complete 40 hours of CPE, i.e., Continuing Professional Education every year, depending upon the requirements provided by the state board. 
Now, when it comes to the CPA exam, it is not at all easy to pass it. One has to prepare for it right from the beginning, taking up classes, devoting some self-study time, etc., in order to excel in the examination. In this matter, NorthStar Academy comes out on top being the highly preferred institute and with the highest success rate.

Why Should One do CPA? 

Here are the top five reasons for enduring the challenging journey of the CPA exam and acquiring the CPA certification.

Respect & Prestige 

Apart from discussing the CPA salary in UK, US, and other countries, we can say that becoming a CPA is a matter of respect and prestige for an individual. Once an individual clears the examination, there is a mark of respect and he/ she becomes a part of a distinguished group of accountants. Moment of prestige! Isnt it?

Rapid Career Advancement

We know that CPA salaries in the USA and other parts of the world are high. But along with a high salary, there is rapid career advancement which is seen in the individuals career. CPAs have the potential for career growth within the accounting industry and outside it as well. 

Job Security

CPAs are very high in demand and the same is the case with CPA salary in India! There is an increasing number of job opportunities in the accounting sector. Thus, even when CPAs leave the company, they are still high in demand, with myriads of job opportunities waiting in other companies.    

Job Satisfaction

Because the CPA salary in India, the UK, the USA, etc., is high, the candidates have to perform different roles! CPAs possess the expertise and specialized skills in accounting, taxation, and finance with which they can easily do every kind of account-related work. They can also manage the whole accounting firm with ease, making them an asset to the company. This provides them with high pay grades and a sense of job satisfaction in the industry they work for! 

Monetary Benefits

As talked about earlier, US CPAs earn much higher than others because they are certified by a recognized institution. There is a considerable hike in the salary of a Certified Public Accountant apart from the Non-Certified ones. The CPA salary in USA ranges from $50,000 to $100,000. 
Now, if you are thinking about how and from where you should start the preparation, then its simple! Reach out to the NorthStar Academy, the best institute providing the quality CPA USA course. We offer exclusive study material (updated as per the newest pattern), live classes, frequent doubt sessions, and much more that will give you absolute success.
We know that there is no dearth of CPA jobs in the world and the CPA Salary Canada, the USA, and India is also satisfying.
Let us now look at some important and critical points regarding the CPA salaries.

What is the Average Salary of a CPA in India? 

There is no doubt about the fact that the CPA salary in India is high. The ranging salaries sometimes depend upon the experience and training one has gained over the years. In India, the salary of a Certified Public Accountant is Rs. 9 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs. This variation is seen because of the freshers, experienced, and trained CPAs. 
What is the CPA Salary in India per Month? After one acquires the CPA designation, the CPA salary in the UK, India, USA, etc, is considerably high. In India at an entry-level, a CPA earns around Rs. 4-6 LPA. In metro and cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, etc., the salary can go up from Rs. 13 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs a year for experienced US CPAs.   

What is the CPA Salary in Big 4 in India?

There are the top four companies in India that provide the highest-paying jobs to their employees. They are KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst & Young India, and PwC India. CPAs, as well as CAs working in these four companies, receive the highest CPA salary in India. CPA salary in the Big 4 companies depends upon the job roles and responsibilities provided to the person. The salaries in Big 4 range from Rs. 12 Lakhs to Rs. 25 Lakhs. The hike in salary depends upon the experience one has gained along with how a person has contributed to the company. For instance, if a CPA has helped the companies yield profits, then one will get promoted to senior job roles. 

What is Certified Public Accountants Salary in the UK per month?

CPA salary in the UK can reach up to pretty large numbers. The average salary of a CPA in the UK ranges from 26,000 to 70,000 euros. The salary increases with a shift in job roles and responsibilities. One gets promoted based on the capabilities one has.

What is CPA Fresher Salary in the USA?

Talking of the CPA salary in USA, the US CPA-certified professionals can get the highest paying jobs in the USA. The starting annual salary for the CPA USA freshers is $66,000. Moreover, when we talk of experienced professionals, this salary amount can rise up to $111,000 per year. See, opportunities are high, it all matters how aware you are about the vacancies to grab these types of lucrative opportunities.
Now, let us see the various job opportunities that are available in the USA.

CPA Jobs in the USA

Here are some CPA jobs in the US, which offer the highest CPA salary in the US. Have a look! 

Internal Revenue Agent

In this job role, the candidates work as technical experts in tax compliance issues. These agents help in providing expert advice that may impact tax compliance plans and strategies. Revenue agents are also leaders for other agents and specialists. They lead their teams to function effortlessly in the company. The pay scale of an Internal Revenue Agent ranges from $111,000 to $144,000 per annum.  

Wealth Planning Associate

This job role provides a high CPA salary Canada. Wealth Planning Associates work with financial advisors to develop the skills in order to help their clients. They focus on acquiring skills and knowledge in order to work efficiently in the company. 

Business Analyst 

The CPA salary in UK, US, India, etc. is quite high. The main responsibility of a business analyst is to manage the financial reporting, analysis, forecasting, and budgeting processes. Business analysts act as primary accounting support and assist with different tasks like inventory, purchasing, and undertaking transactional issues. He/ she also undertakes the analysis of balance sheets and accounts in order to make sure that the company works swiftly. The average salary of a business analyst ranges from $78,000 to $97,000. 

Senior Financial Analyst 

A CPA working as a senior financial analyst earns a good sum of money. The CPA salary in USA for a senior financial analyst ranges from $94,000 to $123,000. The responsibilities of a financial analyst include analyzing financial data, creating financial models, performing financial forecasting, reporting, etc. As a senior financial analyst, one can work closely with the accounting team and ensure good decision-making and accurate financial reporting. This will help in increasing the overall productivity of the company. 

Chief Financial Officer 

A Chief Financial Officer, earning a high CPA salary in USA and other countries, has different roles and responsibilities. As a CFO, he/ she is responsible for driving the companys financial planning, analyzing the liabilities of the organization, and coming up with a solution for the same. CFOs supervise the complete financial personnel and prepare reliable financial accounting reports. The average salary of a Chief Financial Officer is $394,000 per annum. 
CPAs can apply anywhere in the world. They have the necessary expertise that helps them in acquiring different jobs in different countries. No matter wherever a CPA applies, he/ she will get high-paid jobs. So, these were the amounts for CPA salary in USA.        

What is CPA Salary Canada & Europe?

The CPA or Accountant salary in Canada differs a bit from other states and countries. If we talk about per hour, then a CPA earns $28 per hour. At an entry level, a fresher CPA earns around $45,000 every year. On average, a trained and experienced CPA has the highest CPA salary Canada, earning earns $75000 per annum. So, yea! The accounting salary differs based on the abilities of the individuals. If a CPA has an experience of 10 years, then salaries can reach up to $90,000.
Talking of Europe, the CPA salary in Europe is around $54,000 which can go up to $100,000 per year.  


1.How much does a CPA make in India?

A US CPA makes an average of Rs. 8-10 lakhs in India. This figure can reach up to Rs 13 lakhs depending upon the capabilities, experience, and training one has gained with time.

2.Is CPA a good career in India?

Yes, CPA USA is a great career path. After qualifying the exam, a CPA can earn around Rs. 8-10 lakhs in India. He/ she can also be recruited by the Big4 companies.

3.Who gets more salary CA or CPA?

A CPA earns slightly higher than a CA. A CPA earns Rs 8-10 lakhs in India. On the other hand, a CA earns Rs 6-7 lakhs in India. CPA is a professional credential that offers higher salaries and great job options in the future.

4.How much does a CPA make in the UK?

There are different pay scales for different job roles in the UK. For instance, the CPA salary in UK for an accountant is 30,000 Euros. Similarly, a CFO earns around 102,000 Euros. So, there is a difference in pay scale according to the position one is working in!

5.Is CPA recognized in the UK?

Yes, CPA USA is a globally recognized certification and provides amazing career opportunities to certified professionals. After acquiring the CPA certification & license and gaining the required experience, a person can become an established CPA in the UK.

6.Is CPA a high-paying job?

Yes, US CPA is a highly paid job. The CPAs are considered experts in the accounting and financial field. Therefore, they are capable of undertaking every project in order to fulfill the long-term goals of the organization. With time, the salary increases which boosts the career growth of an individual and instills a sense of job security.

7.Do CPAs make good money in Canada?

Yes, CPAs make good money in Canada. The CPA salary Canada is $38 per hour. On average, the CPAs make $45,000 to $60,000. This figure can reach up to $97,000 as well as the candidates gain experience and training.

8.Is CPA a good career in Canada?

Yes, CPA is an extremely amazing career path to opt for in Canada. The growth for an individual is quite high and there is no doubt about the fact that the salary is also amazing. The CPA salary Canada is $75,000 per year. A fresher earns around $45,000 in Canada.

9.What is the salary of a US CPA in India?

A US CPA in India earns quite a handsome amount of salary. A CPA salary in India earns around Rs 50,000/-. This is the monthly salary but as a person gains experience, the salary reaches up to Rs. 13 lakhs per annum.

10.Is CPA in demand in the USA?

Yes, CPA is definitely in demand in the US. The salary provided to the CPA is also quite high. The average US CPA salary in the USA is $119,000. This is quite a huge number! The salary quotient is based on the capabilities and knowledge an individual possesses.


So, these were all the key points regarding CPA salary in UK, India, US, etc. The knowledge, experience, and training that a professional possesses is the core reason for variation in salaries. Be it CPA Salary Canada, the US, or India, the compensation is pretty high everywhere, so make up your mind and start preparing to boost your career.
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