EA Study Materials: A Complete Guide

Are you exploring the diverse realm of professional certifications in the global taxation field? If you are, you probably know about the Enrolled Agent certification. The Internal Revenue Service Board of the United States issues an Enrolled Agent certification, which is highly regarded in its respective industries and ideal for finance graduates or professionals aiming to enter global taxation. If taking on this daunting exam is your goal, now is an opportune moment to study for it using reliable EA study materials. 
The enrolled agent exam is considered relatively less challenging compared to other competitive finance and accounting exams. Nevertheless, you should note that it is still not simple, as you will be required to prepare the exam syllabus. The IRS has set a more advanced syllabus for this examination, which awards the most prestigious certificate in this field through the Special Enrollment Examination (SEE). 
Therefore, to achieve your dream of entering the global taxation world, your EA preparation must be top-notch. You need to be wise while choosing EA study material, and this blog will help you with that. It will introduce you to the features of reliable EA study materials and the best study materials. However, before diving into these specifics, it will brief you about the EA examination and its syllabus. 


Enrolled Agent Examination

The Enrolled Agent Examination, officially known as the Special Enrolment Examination (SEE), is a rigorous examination that tests candidates on different tax concepts at three levels. Prometric administers the SEE at its various exam centers all across the world on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service Board. 

EA Exam Structure

As an Enrolled Agent aspirant, before moving forward with the selection of EA study materials, you must first know about their structure. We divide the exam into three levels, as listed below.
  1. Individuals Level
  2. Business Level
  3. Representation, Practices, and Procedures
All the questions in the EA exam are multiple-choice questions, and each part has 100 questions. These MCQs can be categorized into the following three categories: 
  • Direct Questions
  • All of the following except
  • Incomplete Sentence
Each of the three exam levels takes 3.5 hours to complete. The maximum score per level for this examination is 130; however, only a 105 score is necessary to pass each level, and your score will appear immediately on-screen after you submit answers for each level. 
Another crucial aspect of the examination structure you must keep in mind is that only 85 of the 100 multiple-choice questions in each level count as scorable; the remaining 15 experimental questions do not count towards your final score. However, due to their dispersion throughout the paper, no EA study guide or material can assist you in identifying these 15 questions. As a result, you have to attempt all the questions for your best score. 

EA Exam Syllabus

The EA exam syllabus is a crucial factor that will help you realize the importance of choosing the appropriate EA study materials for your preparation. The syllabus for the SEE covers a diverse range of topics related to tax matters and laws. Below is a detailed breakdown of the EA exam syllabus and the number of questions from each topic at a particular level. 

Individual Level

  • Preliminary Work and Taxpayer Data: 17 Questions
  • Income and Assets: 21 Questions
  • Deductions and Credits: 21 Questions
  • Taxation and Advice: 14 Questions
  • Specialized Returns for Individuals: 12 Questions

Business Level

  • Business Entities and Considerations: 28 Questions
  • Business Tax Preparation: 39 Questions
  • Specialized Returns and Taxpayers: 18 Questions

Representation, Practices, and Procedures

  • Practices and Procedures: 25 Questions
  • Representation before the IRS: 24 Questions
  • Specific Areas of Representation: 19 Questions
  • Filing Process: 17 Questions
Learning about the exam structure and syllabus of the EA examination might make you feel overwhelmed. However, when you have the right guidance and the best EA study materials, it will be much more manageable for you to cover the entire syllabus and pass with the desired score. 
Discover all the features of the best EA books in the next section of this post that will take you closer to your dream of becoming an Enrolled Agent. 

Features of Ideal EA Study Materials

Like every other competitive examination, the study and EA practice materials play a crucial role in determining your success in the examination. Certain key features make study materials ideal for you to rely on. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Practice Questions
  • Mock Tests
  • Updated Content
  • Supportive Resources
  • The EA Practice Platform
The final section of the guide will introduce you to some of the most popular and trusted EA study materials from the top coaching institutions. 


Most Popular EA Study Materials

Although you will get EA study materials free when you join one of the top coaching institutes for EA, it is crucial for you to know about the best materials. This information will help you select the ideal coach for yourself. Below are the top four of these materials that the leading institutes use. 

Gleim International

One of the most trusted EA study materials is Gleim International. Gleim books contain all the content you need to pass the EA exam with the best score. The top mentors and coaching institutes trust Gleim International for its review courses and study materials for the Special Enrollment Examination (SEE). Gleim EA study materials have the largest test bank with the most detailed explanations of answers. 
These books also provide a comprehensive explanation of their content. It consists of MCQs, flashcards, and videos. The mock questions included in Gleim's books allow you to practice adequately and get acquainted with the type and pattern of questions in the EA exam. Additionally, Gleim updates its resources immediately upon any changes in the official EA syllabus.


Next on the list of the top EA study materials is Lambers. It is also an international study material publisher. Although its content is not considered as high-quality as Gleim International, Lambers study material is reliable for many. Some EA aspirants find it suitable for their learning mindset and pattern. One of the most advantageous features of the Lambers EA review course is that it consists of several flashcards in addition to the course material. This is a popular choice among candidates who like to learn through flashcards. 


Another reputed name for Enrolled Agent study materials is Surgent. It is a trusted provider of interactive e-learning material for the EA exam. This interactive platform utilizes an innovative system that evaluates each candidate based on their responses, helping you identify strengths and weaknesses in your answer. Furthermore, with this feature, you'll quickly realize which sections require more of your efforts in preparation, cutting study time while increasing the effectiveness of preparation.

Fast Forward

Fast Forward is another trusted EA exam study and practice material provider. You can procure its study materials at affordable rates. The Fast Forward EA preparation material's data bank consists of many MCQs. It also has mock tests to give you an idea of the exam structure and question types.



1.What is the best study material for the Enrolled Agent exam?

The best and most reliable study material for the Enrolled Agent exam is Gleim International EA study materials. These resources cover each topic in the official syllabus of the exam comprehensively. It also has the largest test bank, allowing you to test your learning. 
2.What are the subjects in EA?

The EA examination is divided into three levels, with each containing the following subjects: 
Individual Level
  • Preliminary Work and Taxpayer Data
  • Income and assets
  • Deductions and credits
  • Taxation and Advice
  • Specialized Returns for Individuals
Business Level
  • Business Entities and Considerations
  • Business Tax Preparation
  • Specialized Returns and Taxpayers
Representation, Practices, and Procedures
  • Practices and procedures
  • Representation before the IRS
  • Specific Areas of Representation
  • Filing Process


To sum up

The diverse world of professional certifications will present you with several options to fast-track your career. However, if you are looking forward to entering the international taxation landscape, Enrolled Agent certification can be your go-to choice. The thorough syllabus of this examination requires you to prepare well, and it is where you will realize the importance of the best EA study materials. 
Choosing the EA preparation materials on your own and relying on self-study might not ensure your success. However, when you choose NorthStar Academy as your learning partner for the EA course, you get not only the best study materials but also guidance from the top mentors. 
Our institute includes Gleim International EA study materials to ensure you understand each concept adequately while offering access to the largest test bank. Got any questions? Connect with us on WhatsApp!

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