Enrolled Agent Jobs and Career Prospects

Are you planning to start your journey towards earning the EA Certification? If so, get ready to enjoy exposure to some of the most rewarding and reputed job opportunities. Becoming an Enrolled Agent will not only enhance your finance and accounting skills and knowledge but will also come accompanied by highly valued career prospects. The renowned Enrolled Agent jobs in the international market make pursuing an EA certification a promising path for every finance student and professional looking forward to elevating their careers. But what are these jobs? Knowing an appropriate answer to this question is essential before diving into the preparation for earning the accreditation. 

From leading corporations to the Big 4s, earning an EA certification will offer numerous opportunities to turn your dream career into a reality. This blog will introduce you to some of the most significant Enrolled Agent jobs. However, before diving into this, it will brief you about who is an EA, their roles, and responsibilities. So, you must read this blog whether you are soon starting to prepare for the EA Exam or already started but curious to know what career prospects await after earning the certifications. 

What is an Enrolled Agent?

The US Department of Treasury recognises specific individuals as specialised tax professionals and licences them to represent their tax-paying clients in front of the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). These authorised individuals are known as Enrolled Agents. A three-section examination is conducted to assess your skills and knowledge through an IRS test with company and individual tax forms. You can also become an EA if you are an IRS employee. 

An EA licence will allow you to represent, counsel, and handle tax matters for your clients, whether you work for an individual or an organisation. To gain better insight into what being an EA entails, please read the subsequent segment to shed light on the duties and expectations of Enrolled Agent jobs.

Enrolled Agent's Roles and Responsibilities

Contrary to belief, the Enrolled Agent jobs in India and other countries far exceed taxpayer representation before the Internal Revenue Service. Some of their most significant tasks are as follows. 
  • Representing their tax-paying client or employer to the IRS for tax-related matters.
  • Performing regular audits to ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations. 
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of personal documents and tax information of their clients. 
  • Keeping the clients informed about the tax laws and regulations and educating them about how they affect the business.
  • Ensuring adherence to IRS rules by offering tax advice. 
  • Completing necessary education every year to maintain their EA licensure. 
  • Reviewing bank statements, maintaining financial records, and other essential tasks related to finance and accounting. 
  • Identify and inform the clients about liabilities in their balance sheets. 
  • Drafting a future tax plan for the clients. 
  • Finding ways to reduce taxes for the clients while adhering to the tax laws and regulations. 

Enrolled Agent Jobs

Earning an EA certification opens doors to several Enrolled Agent jobs in Canada and other countries. Some of the most appreciated job opportunities for an EA are- 

Tax Consultant

One of the highly appreciated Enrolled Agent jobs is to work as a tax consultant. These professionals offer valuable guidance to their clients or employers on complex business tax issues. These topics include international tax planning, mergers and acquisitions, and estate planning. They are also responsible for identifying ways to minimise his clients’ taxes without breaking any laws. Ordinary places where EAs work as tax consultants include nonprofit organisations, government agencies and corporate tax offices. The EAs do not necessarily work for a firm or organisation as they can also run a business like a tax consulting firm. 

Tax Preparer

Tax preparer is among the most common Enrolled Agent jobs in Dubai and other leading countries. These professionals engage in responsibilities like calculating, filing, and assisting businesses and individuals with tax returns. To thrive as a tax preparer, an EA must perform duties like data management, customer service, and financial analysis while using expert communication and problem-solving skills. 

IRS Representative

EAs can also build their career as IRS representatives. These employees serve as the connection between taxpayers and the Internal Revenue Service. Their primary mission is to help their clients with issues that may include tax disputes, tax returns or audits. Risk analysis and problem prevention are two other significant job responsibilities of an IRS representative. They are expected to offer proactive tax advice to their clients to avoid tax issues. 

Corporate Tax Advisor

As licensed tax specialists, Enrolled Agents also work as corporate tax advisors. In this job, their role primarily involves offering tax-related advice to their clients. They assist them to reduce their taxable income while increasing tax refunds. Professionals in these Enrolled Agent jobs thoroughly understand the tax issues to represent their clients before the IRS. They also prepare and review documents for corporate income tax, franchise tax, sales and use tax, and estimated taxes.

Estate and Trust Tax Specialist

Enrolled Agents also work as estate and trust tax specialists, overseeing tax matters for trusts and estates. These specialists overtake several responsibilities, the most significant being maintaining asset efficiency while ensuring compliance with tax regulations. They represent the trust or estate during audits and address discrepancies and issues raised by the tax auditing authority. Estate and trust tax specialists collaborate with tax advisors to achieve efficient outcomes for tax matters. They are also responsible for managing the wealth transition from the deceased to the beneficiaries. 

Small Business Tax Specialist

Small business tax specialist is another common Enrolled Agent job in India and other countries. In these jobs, the specialists are responsible for managing tax affairs for small businesses. They ensure their client's or employers' compliance with tax rules and regulations to avoid problems. They also get involved in enhancing financial strategies for small enterprises. To be precise, small business tax specialists are responsible for fostering these enterprises' growth by ensuring the financial system's efficiency, implementation of sound tax practices, and tax efficiency.

Tax Compliance Officer

As the title suggests, these professionals are responsible for ensuring compliance with laws and regulations regarding tax returns provided by their clients or employers. They regularly conduct internal audits to identify and resolve any issues. They also review financial records to confirm their adherence to the rules and regulations. A compliance officer interprets complicated tax laws and advises taxpayers on the best ways to ensure compliance. They also monitor changes in tax rules and regulations and inform the taxpayers. These officers also suggest how updated tax laws can affect financial activities. 

Forensic Accountant

Enrolled Agent jobs in Canada and other countries also include the opportunity to work as a Forensic Accountant. These accountants analyse financial documents to detect discrepancies. Primarily, their role involves investigating financial irregularities, fraud and financial crimes. They also represent their client's testimony in legal proceedings. Their expertise helps their employer or clients detect financial crime promptly and protect their assets with prevention strategies. Forensic accountants collaborate with other professionals to identify financial misconduct and seek remedies. 

Enrolled Agent Jobs Salary

By becoming an Enrolled Agent, you can earn somewhere between three to twenty lakhs in India. In the end, your salary depends on your location, experiences, and job role. The Enrolled Agent salary in Big 4 companies is also different from what other companies are offering. Therefore, the organisation you work for is also a significant factor influencing your salary as an Enrolled Agent. 


  1. What is the job of an Enrolled Agent?

An Enrolled Agent's job is to handle tax-related matters. They make­ sure their client's mone­y setup follows the rules. Also, the­y stand up for their clients in front of the Internal Re­venue Service­. 

  1. Who is eligible for the EA course?

EA course does not have extensive eligibility requirements. Candidates must have completed 10+2 classes and possess a valid Preparer Tax Identification Number.

  1. What is an Enrolled Agent's salary in India?

INR 6 to INR 8 LPA is the average salary bracket for EAs starting their career in India. However, for experienced EAs, it is around INR 12 to INR 20 LPA. 


Earning an EA certification opens the door to high-paying global financial accounting jobs. So, if you are preparing to get this certification, get ready to get the most beneficial Enrolled Agent jobs. Also, to access these career opportunities, you must pass your EA exam with an exceptional score. For this, enrol in NorthStar Academy's EA course today to learn from the experts and move closer to your dream career. 

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