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Globally, financial transactions between countries are expanding, and as a result, every country is enacting significant financial and accounting laws. All industrial organizations need certified professionals to implement these laws and reap the desired benefits. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, or ACCA, is one of the most well-known accounting organizations offering the ACCA certification. This certification has grown significantly in value over the last several years in India and other nations. Due to its widespread acceptance, it serves as the worldwide equivalent of the Indian CA certification. You will have an edge over other financial professionals who do not possess the ACCA certification. Acquiring an ACCA certification may increase your salary potential and offer a wide range of job prospects in India.
Professionals with ACCA qualifications are in great demand in various industries worldwide. This recognition is accompanied by excellent ACCA salary and employment stability. The potential of the ACCA certification course and the ACCA salary offered in India and other countries may still be unclear to students who plan on enrolling in this certification course. Here are some details if you're interested in learning more about the job description and ACCA salary expectations in India and other nations.

ACCA Salary in India: Average Annual Salary

India's economy is predicted to expand at a higher rate due to its young population and the most stable government in the world. India offers a wealth of commercial prospects as well as a forward-thinking accounting and financial environment for the future. You will learn a lot and be exposed to a variety of topics thanks to the comprehensive ACCA syllabus. More than 7000 positions are available in India under the ACCA career scope for the next fiscal year. 
The total number of years of relevant experience an ACCA member has and their current position within a company can greatly influence the amount of money they make in India as ACCA members. An annual compensation of about INR 3 to 8 lakhs is standard for an ACCA in India. Depending on the student's abilities, the level of competition, and the needs of the employer, the ACCA salary after finishing the course may range from 5 lakhs to 9 lakhs annually. However, you will join the association once you have received training in a specific organization for three years. The anticipated income may increase much more as you experience and demonstrate your skill.
Let's explore the incomes that might be anticipated upon ACCA completion.

The average salary for ACCA Chartered Accountants is based on their level of expertise.

The total number of years of experience ACCA members have in an area or industry that is relevant has a significant impact on their average ACCA salary. Naturally, the wage you may expect will be that much greater if you have worked in a field for a longer period of time. Depending on where you are in your professional journey before obtaining this certification, you may expect to earn one of the following typical incomes from your career as an ACCA member.
  • Entry Level INR 8 lakhs per annum
  • Mid Senior Level INR 12 lakhs per annum
  • Senior Level INR 20 lakhs per annum
Depending on any additional credentials that someone might hold or the company's size where they are employed, a given ACCA salary may change.

ACCA Salary in India: Freshers

There are a number of things that affect your earning potential when it comes to the ACCA salary in India for freshers. Your choice of a job role is the most crucial element.Your industry of employment can significantly impact your prospective pay as an ACCA-qualified graduate. A person who has just earned an ACCA in India could be recruited in a role comparable to that of an Indian Chartered Accountant. Fresh ACCA graduates are actively being hired for several accounting and financial positions at companies like Grant Thornton, Morgan Stanley, and J. P. Morgan. There is a good probability that your career will advance significantly if the recruitment firm is a reputable business.
If you are an ACCA Affiliate as a new employee, you may still anticipate your ACCA salary between INR 5 and 7 lakhs per annum. As you develop additional knowledge in your area of expertise and demonstrate your skill at work, this is anticipated to rise. Your starting ACCA salary as a Fresher will increase to INR 8 to 10 LPA if you start working after joining the company. Whether the organization you work for is well-known or not, ACCA enables you to achieve tremendous professional progress.

ACCA Salary With Job Roles

Job RoleSalary Range
Chartered Accountant9 - 10 LPA
Financial Accountant3 LPA
Accountant 3 - 4 LPA
Chief Financial Officer3.5 - 4 LPA
Business Analyst 3.5 LPA

ACCA Salary in India: Experienced

An ACCA certification may make a difference in India regarding ACCA salary for professionals. It will not only open up more lucrative career opportunities for you, but it will also show how dedicated you are to developing your skill set. Various criteria, including experience and education level, will determine how much the salaries differ. However, in general, persons with an ACCA certificate are likely to make more money than those without.
For individuals with certifications, the precise ACCA salary in India would probably vary according to the job role and industry. However, senior-level professionals with an ACCA certificate can anticipate ACCA salaries in India ranging from INR 20 lakhs per year to even INR one crore or more per year. (Ref.)
Job RoleSalary Range
Business Relation Manager18 - 22 LPA
Business Relation Executive6.7 - 7.3 LPA
Marketing Executive6.9 - 7 LPA
Relationship Executive5.5 - 7.3 LPA
Accountant 2.3 - 2.8 LPA
Analyst22.9 LPA - 28.0 LPA
Over the past several years, there has been a steady increase in demand for professionals with ACCA certification, and this trend is anticipated to continue in the years to come. Because few people in India today have such a thorough grasp of the accounting and taxes processes, professionals with this certificate are in great demand.

ACCA Salary & Scope Outside India

Possessing an ACCA allows people the opportunity to work outside of India in a variety of other countries, which is one of the most significant advantages of pursuing an ACCA course. An ACCA is highly qualified to work in various accounting positions not just in India but also in nations like the United Kingdom, Singapore, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada because ACCA is a recognized designation in many nations across the world. The work environment and real-world experience of an ACCA significantly impact the ACCA Salary.
The projected income for an ACCA part-qualified individual is US$ 25,800 per year, whereas the expected salary for an ACCA trainee is typically in the range of $19,300 per year. Finalists in the ACCA programme may expect to earn an annual salary of $ 30,700. (ref.

ACCA Salary in the UK

The ACCA is a recognized accounting and finance organization in the United Kingdom (UK) that is a member of the CCAB - Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies and holds legal recognition as an auditing organization. In the UK, a Chartered Accountant (CA) with an ACCA certification has signing authority and is free to pursue a career in accountancy. Many institutions are also ready to accept the ACCA as a Bachelor's in accounting, and those who have earned one are qualified to register in graduate school or apply for additional study programs.  
According to part qualified acca earnings figures in the United Kingdom, the average employee earns 43,653 annually, or 21.57 per hour, or 3,638 per month, or 839 per week. Depending on where you are working, salary ranges might change. The lowest yearly wage was 27,739, and the highest was 90,896 when calculating the average wage. (Ref.)

ACCA Salary in Canada

Although the ACCA credential is not acknowledged as a Chartered Accountant credential in Canada, it may undoubtedly aid in your career search for positions in the financial and accounting industry. You can apply for a master's degree based on your ACCA degree because it is comparable to a three-year degree in Canada. Your Express Entry profile for Canadian permanent residency may benefit from adding it as well. 
Depending on experience, the total compensation for ACCA professionals in Canada ranges from $20,493 to $101,409. In Canada, an ACCA student may expect to make an average yearly income of $41,138. The maximum annual pay for an ACCA professional in Canada is $63,423. With a range of $1,171 to $11,309, the average increased cash salary for an ACCA student in Canada is $3,640. (Ref.)

ACCA Salary in UAE

ACCA is partnered with the national accounting organization of the United Arab Emirates, the Accountants and Auditors Association (AAA). Students must pass ACCA as a prerequisite for the United Arab Emirates Chartered Accountant Qualification (UAECA), which serves as the country's recognized designation for chartered accountants.   
The median monthly pay for an accountant in the United Arab Emirates is AED 11,000. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, an accountant will receive an additional cash bonus on average of AED 6,000, with a range of AED 1,600 to AED 10,000. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, an accountant can expect to make a monthly income of AED 18,125. (ref.)

ACCA Salary in the USA

Compared to other nations, the ACCA salary in the US is rather high. A person's total number of relevant experience years and their present position within a firm both play a significant role in determining the precise remuneration for an ACCA in the US. The wage you may seek will obviously be that much greater if you have worked in a certain field for a longer period of time.
Acca pays an average compensation of $388,613, and wages may be as high as $441,306 or as low as $343,250. Individual pay will, of course, differ based on the position, the department, the location, as well as the distinctive skills and education of each person. (Ref.)


The ACCA certification can prove to be extremely lucrative as a profession in India and other nations, as you can see from the numbers provided above. It is accepted in over 180 different countries, including Australia, Singapore, and Canada. Accounting experts with ACCA certification are sought after by employers anywhere in the globe. If you've chosen to become a worldwide CA and are considering your next step, Northstar Academy (NSA) can assist you in moving forward.  
At NSA, we strive to assist as many students as possible in obtaining their ideal financial certification. Our method of covering the full curriculum in a well-organized manner with regular doubt-clearing sessions, live classrooms, and mock tests helps our students prepare effectively. For more information about the ACCA course, get in touch with NorthStar Academy.


Q1. What is the ACCA freshers salary?
Ans. You may expect to earn an ACCA salary between INR 4 and 6 lakhs per annum as an ACCA Affiliate who is just starting out. This is expected to increase as you develop expertise in your profession and show your skill at work.
Q2. What is the highest-paying ACCA job in India?
Ans. ACCA salary as a Business Relationship Manager is $17.4 lakhs a year, making it the highest-paying position at ACCA. The top 10% of employees make more than 46.10 lakhs rupees yearly, while the top 1% make more than 101 lakhs.
Q3. What is the average ACCA salary in India?
Ans. In India, an ACCA earns an average income of INR 8 LPA. The ACCA salary is quite comparable to that of a Chartered Accountant (CA) professional.
Q4. Is it worth doing ACCA in India?
Ans. Because the Big Four and other major multinational corporations in India recognize the ACCA, enrolling in the program in India is worthwhile. Not just in India but all throughout the world, ACCA has a broad scope, and the ACCA salary is quite impressive.
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