How Do ACCA Exams Work? ACCA Job Opportunities & Employers in India: 2024

ACCA exams are very popular in the UK and all over the world. ACCA stands for Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, and is one of the largest professional accountancy bodies in the world with over 188,000 members and 480,000 students. With ACCA qualifications, a person can work as an accountant, financial advisor, management consultant, financial planner etc. The chances of ACCA in India have grown significantly, especially with the growing network of Big 4s and MNCs in the country. ACCA degrees are equivalent to CA (ICAI) in India and salaries are similar to those of a Chartered Accountant.


The ACCA Exam Syllabus can be divided into the next 4 levels. Each level has several ACCA papers. So far, however, there are 13 total ACCA Exam course tests.

Level of Knowledge Used - Three tests that include

  • F1 AB - Business Accountant
  • F2 MA - Financial Management
  • F3 FA - Financial Accounting

Level of Skills Used - Six tests that include

  • F4 LW - Business and Business Law
  • F5 PM - Performance Management
  • F6 TX - Tax
  • F7 FR - Financial Reporting
  • F8 AA - Audit and Assurance
  • F9 FM - Financial Management

Strategic Professional level - Six tests that include

Two mandatory papers

  • P1 SBL - Strategic Business Leader
  • P2 SBR - Strategic Business Reporting

Four paper options, of which two must be selected

  • P4 AFM - Advanced Financial Management
  • P5 APM - Advanced Performance Management
  • P6 ATX - Advanced Tax
  • P7 AAA - Advanced Research and Assurance


The ACCA test pattern consists of two parts: Computer-based and paper-based, which includes Multi-Choice Questions (MCQs) and query-based questions. ACCA papers from F1-F9 are all computer-based tests.

Papers F1, F2, F3 and F4 include these questions

100% MCQs - (2 � 50 questions)

Papers from F5 to F9 contain

60% MCQs - Divided into two categories:
Category A: 2 � 15 questions
Category B: Each of the 3 questions in the scenario has 15 numbers. Each case has 5 MCQs under it.
40 Long Answers: A situation will be provided and 3 to 4 questions will be asked on this basis.

P1 - P6 paper-based tests

The ACCA SBL paper consists of a single 100-mark questionnaire divided into different questions with different marks.
100% situation based questions.
Section A: A sample mark of 50 marks will be provided and 4-5 questions will be asked.
Category B: Each will be given 3 cases with 25 marks. You must try 2 of 3.
ACCA exams are performed every March, June, September and December. In a six-month cycle, a person can give up four or eight tests a year and is required to give a total of 13 tests to qualify.


The much-needed CBEs allow for flexibility in your studies as you can stay on them at any time of the year. Your results are displayed immediately at the end of the test and uploaded to your account within 72 hours.
To book a much-needed CBE, you can contact the exam centre directly to schedule a date and time that suits you. ACCA conducts �much-needed tests� of up to F4 papers.
Regular CBEs occur once every three months and are booked through our online test booking system. Depending on the test, you may need to use word processing, spreadsheet, and slide presentation tools � to improve your rental skills. At F5 � P7, ACCA conducts tests four times a year (March, June, September, and December). F5-F9 can be delivered in any order and once you are done with your basic paperwork you can also choose to provide expert papers in any way.


Reading one ACCA paper every three months allows you to focus on one study at a time that you may find useful as you progress through the advanced papers. This is because some high-level subjects are difficult or have a larger syllabus to study.
However, this may mean that you should start studying your next paper before you have the results of your recent tests if you want to have enough time to prepare. If you want to wait until you get your test results before you start your studies for your next paper, this could mean studying a solid seven-week period.

ACCA Exams - Study plan

  • Read a little and get used to focusing on the available time and topics of the ACCA syllabus
  • The best study sessions take about an hour and will go as follows:
  • Repeat questions for previous sessions.
  • New syllabus with simple pictures
  • Past paper questions
  • Do not be overly consistent or unrealistic in your expectations as this can reduce you.
study tips for ACCA exam


The ACCA technical level tests have a total of six papers, of which two mandatory strategic level papers (SBL, SBR) are mandatory. Four papers (AFM, APM, ATX, AAA), and two papers can be picked up by students at their discretion.�


  • Find a centre that provides much-needed CBEs
  • Make arrangements to deliver your tests directly
  • Pay the CBE centre directly for the tests
  • On the day of the test, your identity will be checked by the invigilator. Further eligibility and qualification tests are performed, and the supervisor�s instructions are read.
  • When the test is completed, your temporary result is displayed on the screen. Your result will be forwarded to your ACCA records within 72 hours.
  • Each exam session has a deadline to apply if you want to write an exam for that session. Applying early means you can use lower fees.
  • Once you have booked a test, you can view the booking details and cancel or amend the booking. Any changes or cancellations to booking the test must be made before the normal entry deadline and your test fee will be credited to your account.
  • Changes or cancellations made after the standard deadline are not allowed and your trial fee will not be credited to your account.


To register for the�ACCA Exam, you must first be an active ACCA student who requires a one-time registration fee (� 79 = 7,712 rupees) and an annual subscription fee (105 pounds = Rupee) 10,249).

The ACCA examination fees are listed below for each ACCA exam level

Assuming the exchange rate is � 1 = 93 INR.
Knowledge tests - � 83 = 7,719 per page 7,719 � 3 = Rs.23,157 (as there are 3 pages)
Skills tests - � 111 = 10,323 per paper 10,323 � 6 = Rs.61,938 (as there are 6 pages)
Expert Exam SBL- � 186 = 17,298 paper 17,298 � 1 = Rs.17,298
Professional tests - � 136 = 12,648 per paper 12,648 � 5 = Rs.63,240 (as there are 5 pages)
Total cost = 23,157 + 61,938 + 17,298 + 63,240 = * Rs.1,65,633

Payments vary depending on the variable value of the pound.

A major role the learner has is in knowing the test dates and the prescribed booking dates. Students should double-check their exam centre and address to avoid booking the wrong institution. The student should be confident enough about the paper before answering the test.
The student needs to look at the reading text, review kit, past question papers and answer a few pre mock tests to gain more confidence in the paper. Answering pre mock tests helps students correct their mistakes and get an idea about the questions in the exam.

ACCA Job Opportunities & Employers in India

ACCA Exam�

The ACCA examination is one of the most popular exams in India. With ACCA actual certification nowhere in India, students find it actually difficult to decide whether a career path is right or not.
Let�s take a look at why ACCA can be beneficial to you and how you can prepare for future ACCA exams.

ACCA Exam Certificate in India - your career path

As we all know, ACCA eligibility is equivalent to a CA (ICAI)�certificate in India. However, the suitability of a CA is much harder to overcome. However, CA eligibility is required if you wish to work for one of the Indian companies, start your own business, or become a partner in a CA company.
Similarly, if you wish to work abroad, ACCA becomes a compulsory qualification. ACCA job opportunities are available throughout Australia, the UK, Singapore, Dubai, etc.
Besides, for students who would like to have full experience and knowledge within the financial institution, ACCA works long hours.
If you are looking for ACCA training, NorthStar Academy is the best place for online training and top notch ACCA materials. We are ACCA Authorised Learning Providers with offices and training centres in many cities.
We also offer ACCA training courses online with a few other online accounting courses to help you become proficient at home on your mobile/desktop. Become ACCA in 36 months to�sign up today.

What are ACCA job opportunities?

There are many ACCA job opportunities available worldwide. In addition to being an accountant, an ACCA specialist can work as a management consultant, financial planner, corp accountant, senior accountant, Accounts receivables, Accounts Manager and so on.

ACCA job opportunities and income

In the past few years, the�job opportunities at ACCA�India have greatly increased. With the growth of more MNCs and Big4 major companies, there has been a significant increase in the activities of ACCA professionals.
As more and more students actually recognize ACCA and its benefits, the need for certification testing has increased in the industry.
With such an influx, it is predicted that India could easily become one of the world�s largest ACCA markets. Thus, the Indian economy is on the verge of growth and globalisation.
As a result, even MNCs and large multinational corporations are turning to India in search of professional refugees and ace financial experts. The ACCA salary in India is very similar to that of a CA specialist. A person with an ACCA degree can actually earn an average salary of almost INR 8 lac p.a. Payment scale of ACCA is usually from INR 4 lac p.a. to INR 15 lac p.a. It may also increase, depending on the candidate�s skills, company requirements, competition, etc.
How Do ACCA Exams Work
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Which companies hire ACCA in India?

ACCA professionals are easily placed in Big 4 companies like�EY, PwC, Deloitte, and KPMG. MNCs include Tata Grant Thornton, Embassy Group, and Pepsico and hire ACCA India specialists. In addition, Accenture, HSBC, and Shalimar Paints also look for ACCA-certified accountants.
There are more than almost 180,000 members and about 490,000 students from more than 170 countries, affiliated with ACCA. As the popularity of ACCA increases, we may see more Enrollment and job opportunities.
ACCA is also very popular as it provides information from the end of the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), which is also useful globally.
That is why; ACCA offers a wide range of job opportunities not only in India but globally. Become a Global ACCA member today � Signup today�here!


1. Is it easy to get a job in India after ACCA?

After qualifying as an ACCA qualified accountant, there are several regulated sectors where you can work, including accounting, financial services, risk management, auditing and assurance, internal audit, quality control and risk management, human resources, and recruitment.

2. Do ACCA students get jobs in India?

The answer is a very clear yes! The reason being is that the process of joining a company in India is much more streamlined than the same process in the UK. There are also more opportunities because there are so many students who are looking for jobs in India and more companies coming up every year. The ACCA course in India helps you with all these challenges to ensure you get your foot on the door after you finish your course.

3. Can ACCA get a job in the Big 4?

The ACCA is unique in that it can offer entry into the Big 4 firms. It has a worldwide reputation for quality and is far more welcoming of international candidates than any of the other accounting schools.
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