CMA after BCom : Is this a good idea? Lets Discuss : Top 8 career options

CMA after BCom

Whenever it comes to diverse job opportunities for a commerce graduate, the most prevalent courses or certifications following B.Com are, US CMA, CPA, MBA, M.Com, and CA. Amongst all these, taking up the US CMA after B.Com can be a good option. Moreover, the aspirants can opt for other courses as well after the US CMA. The globally recognized certification program, CMA USA, can be completed in 8 to 10 months. It is a notable program validating your skills in Management and Accounting.
The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) offers the US CMA (Certified Management Accountant) certificate. Obtaining the US CMA will provide you with the professional rise you need. CMA USA is currently present in over 130 nations, making it a global certification program. The need to go global and get jump start career for the better, many aspirants like you from around the world are taking up the CMA USA course from reputable & goal-oriented institutes like NorthStar Academy (NSA).

What is the scope of US CMA after graduation?

CMA USA is the best course after B.Com. Following their B.Com graduation, students can enroll in the CMA USA certification program. Students can visit the institution's official website for the final deadlines for registering to take the intermediate test. To be qualified for taking the exam, one must complete 12th class.
Students also have the avenue to opt for the US CMA and pursue the dual certification, which also includes the ACCA certification after successfully completing US CMA. Your practical experience and these certifications at hand will provide you with numerous job opportunities in top MNCs and Big 4s in India and abroad.

What are the benefits of CMA US after

There are ample benefits of doing CMA after B.Com CMA USA is a worldwide acceptable certificate and one of the greatest certification programs for people looking for work opportunities in other countries. The two primary areas of accounting are financial accounting & expense, and management accounting. The employment choices and pay scale are attractive, and experts may live a fulfilling life while working.
  • You can get trained for the US CMA without interfering with your present job or schedule. With proper planning and guidance from notable mentors at NSA, you can complete this course and clear the exam with ease.
  • B.Com graduates are already aware of the fundamentals of accounting and business, among other things. After finishing CMA USA, they will possess a broader range of work prospects. It will preserve their specialty. Aspirants who are considering taking up CMA after BCom can engage with this blog to address their concerns.
  • Global job opportunities
  • In monetary terms and effort spent obtaining the qualification
  • Get hired by the Big 4s and other top MNCs

What are the possibilities of B.Com with a CMA USA salary?

By pursuing B.Com with CMA, individuals can gain an extensive understanding of numerous financial & management accounting disciplines. The average annual income for B.Com graduates with CMA USA certification is between 4.5 and 8 lakhs. Hence, CMA US is by far the best course after B.Com.
Holders of the B.Com or CMA program can also continue their postgraduate studies in appropriate disciplines.

What Can I do after B.Com?

There are several popular degrees that students choose to pursue as their bachelor's degree; one such prevalent program is B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce). Now, to choose the best course after B.Com, you should do thorough research on the courses available and their feasibility in the market. When deciding which degree to take, the most important consideration is one's future job and its scope.
However, B.Com is somewhat insufficient to acquire a high-paying job in today's competitive environment. Students must enroll in additional courses to have a successful career in the field of finance and accounting. Follow this up with a CMA USA as it is the best one out there to pursue after B.Com.

CMA USA Certification

CMA USA is an amazing worldwide standard of management and accounting education. The program is increasingly attracting prominence across the globe. CMA is an abbreviation for Certified Management Accountant, which is a revered and significant qualification in the financial world. The relevance and usefulness of the program may be shown in the fact that CMA experts have a high rate of absorption all around the planet. Furthermore, all of the globe's biggest brands in any field are seeking people with this certification. Moreover, students can pursue CMA after BCom.
In addition to CMA USA, here are some other programs/certifications that one can pursue after B.Com.


The CPA is one of the strongest accounting certifications, providing candidates with in-depth and comprehensive expertise in the sector.
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is an internationally known designation that represents the strongest level of accounting competence. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the globe's biggest accounting organization, administers the CPAs curriculum test and accredits the individuals. It is considered one of the best courses after
The CPA training is substantial, covering accounting subjects. Moreover, it also covers law, analytics, taxation, auditing, assessment, legal requirements and processes, principles, financial planning, and strategic planning. NorthStar Academy has the reputation of being the premium learning partner for AICPA and GleimGleim and has an incredible 75% passing rate! 


This 2.5-years long program is one of the greatest offerings that people seeking excellent and high-paying careers can consider. CFA is a worldwide recognized program. This program covers a wide range of topics such as investment analysis, economics, statistics, and portfolio management. Individuals must pass a three-tiered test to become a CFA. Big-time MNCs like JP Morgan, BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, and others hire CFAs.


FRM (Financial Risk Management) is an excellent alternative for anyone seeking a recognized degree in banking and finance. This comprehensive 9-month course demonstrates your ability and understanding of risk analysis norms. To become a Financial Risk Administrator, one must finish GARP's Financial Risk Management curriculum. Their job and obligation involve detecting and evaluating impending dangers as well as evaluating their market performance. They might operate in a variety of fields, including sales, private banking, trading, and marketing.

Master of Commerce (M.Com)

M.Com is a postgraduate program intended specifically for B.Com graduates to provide them with the necessary insights and in-depth expertise. This two-year postgraduate degree is ideal for students who want to hone their abilities and gain insight into how to use their academic understanding appropriately in the working world.
This Masters program covers topics such as accounting, finance, taxation, and company management. M.Com can be the best course after B.Com for students who want to work in the taxes, accounting, or BFSI industries.

CA (Chartered Accountant)

Any individual who studies B.Com has the concept that he or she should be a CA. After B.Com, one of the most prestigious and highly popular professional alternatives is doing the CA course from a reputable institute like NorthStar Academy and becoming a CA. To acquire the CA certification from ICAI, one must succeed in all three phases of becoming a Chartered Accountant and complete a 2.5-year internship.
The program lasts three years. Individuals who pass this course are qualified to work for organizations such as Delliote. 


The ACCA certification is a wonderful path to start a professional life in accounting and financial services because it is an internationally known curriculum with revised appropriate information. Students can seek it in addition to their graduation. This certification is more appealing due to its versatile evaluation system.
To be eligible for the ACCA accreditation, you must be at least 18 years old and have a minimum 10+2 certification with an accumulation of 65 percent in Mathematics or Accounts as well as English, and at least 50 percent in all those certain topics.
Students pursuing their graduation in commerce or business-related fields such as B.Com, BBA, or BMS are also eligible for the ACCA course and can seek it concurrently with their graduation.
NSA provides comprehensive study materials for aspirants and has an impressive record of having an average of 75% passing rate! 

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Master of Business Administration is a two-year postgraduate program that provides learners with the necessary skills and in-depth understanding to flourish in their chosen field.
Applicants must pass the CAT, an aptitude exam that decides which institution an applicant will be admitted to, in order to participate in an MBA program.
An MBA graduate can operate as a Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, and other positions in large corporations such as TATA Consultancy, Infosys, and Accenture. 


Can we do CMA after graduation?

Yes! Anyone who has completed 12th class can enroll in the US CMA course and become a CMA professional. They can easily enroll in the comprehensive and well-organized CMA USA course at NorthStar Academy, which has the minimum requirement of being a graduate. Even, you can do the US CMA after for increased job opportunities.

What is B.Com with CMA?

B.Com with CMA learners can achieve the accounting specialized certificate of CMA USA, which is the top rank of Management Accounting certification offered by the IMA. Pursuing CMA after B.Com is an excellent way to jump-start your professional career.

What is the duration of CMA India after B Com?

If you want to be a CMA, you must complete the two parts of the CMA USA exam. These two parts are of 4 hours each exam and can be completed in the duration of 3 years. However, with top CMA USA courses like that of NorthStar Academy. You can easily complete the course in around 6-9 months.

If you are asking for the CMA India which is the certification given by ICMAI, then it will take you more time as it has 3 levels to complete, including Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. Students can begin CMA Intermediate at any time. Hence it should roughly take 3-3.5 years if you take up this CMA after BCom.

What is the CMA salary?

he typical pay for an Entry Level US CMA with under about 3 years of service is 10.2 lakhs annually. A veteran CMA USA with 10-20 years of expertise makes an average pay of 40 lakhs annually, whereas a mid-career US CMA with 4-9 years of professional work gets an approximate income of 22 lakhs annually.

Is B.Com necessary for CMA?

Students with their 10+2 certificates can also apply for CMA. They will have to appear for the CMA USA exam. Since it is a compulsion to possess a Bachelors degree to get the final CMA USA certification. But having a CMA after BCom is a major step up in your career.

Who is eligible for CMA?

Eligibility for the CMA USA
Degree of schooling-
IMA is the biggest global management accounting organization, and it administers the US CMA Examinations. The applicants passing 2 US CMA tests will be eligible for the IMA membership.
To sit for the CMA US tests, you must have completed an associate degree abroad or your 12th in India.
To be qualified for a CMA certificate, you must have completed your education.
Graduates are also qualified for the US CMA certification as IMA provides the students with CMA after BCom.

Which degree is best for CMA?

After completing a CMA USA or in addition obtaining an MBA from any of the country's top business schools provides a significant advantage in terms of job placement and salary. Distance learning MBA programs, such as those offered by multiple Universities, are also available. This is another excellent option that may be explored with CMA USA. Taking up the CMA after BCom can be a boost to your career!


Whether you work in the finance, accountancy, or commercial fields, this qualification can help you raise your reputation, which can lead to a high salary, perks, and career possibilities. Many organizations will put you at the front of their recruiting lists. After completing the CMA test, the Institute of Management Accountants awards the CMA USA credential. CMA US is the best course after B.Com.
If you're thinking about acquiring your CMA USA certification, don't wait any longer. It will have a significant influence on your profession, and you will be pleased you completed the training.
Applicants who have earned the prestigious CMA USA certification are permitted to make company choices or participate in group management decisions. Businesses place a high value on their business skills, and they are given key jobs inside the firm.
This qualification teaches applicants the distinction between accounting and profitable and efficient accountancy. As a result, obtaining a CMA certification can improve your business attractiveness. and aspirants must take initiative to excel in this course of CMA after B.Com to jump-start their career.
NorthStar Academy (NSA) offers candidates the best dependable and 12-section-wise Gleim practice resources. NSA also offers concessions to its students on the IMA test price as well as membership. They are also reputed for having trained & educated around 15000+ aspirants! We have some of India's greatest professors in the financial field, such as M Irfat Sir, to assist students along the right career path. All of this diverse curriculum, along with skilled mentoring, is the secret to your success in achieving CMA USA Certification!
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