How to Crack CMA USA MCQ in 2024: Definitive Guide PDF

How to crack CMA USA MCQ in 2023

Certified Management Accountant CMA USA is a professional certification awarded by the Institute of Management Accountants, US. The course specializes in providing the candidate with in-depth knowledge in Finance and Management Accounting while specializing in the areas of Cost Control, Internal control, Analysis, Risk Management, and more.
Obtaining a CMA certification requires passing two levels of exams: Part I and Part II. The exam pattern is 100 MCQs and two essay-type questions for both parts.
The examination is for four hours, split between three hours for attempting the MCQs and one hour for the essay-type questions.
The IMA has recommended spending at least 150-170 hours of preparation before taking up either Part I or Part II exam. A candidate gets three years to complete both the exams but on average; it takes only 6-8 months for one to complete both the exams.
The CMA exam can be taken in January-February, May-June, and September-October. The results for the exams are announced after approximately six weeks from the month of the exam.
The exam prep and the exam itself can be very stressful and exhausting. To take some of the edges off, here are some tips and tricks for you to keep in mind divided into two parts.

How to prepare for the CMA USA exam in 3 months :

Prioritize your goals

The exams can be challenging to clear. If you are a full-time employee, you might have to work twice as hard as a full-time student.
Having to study plan sessions after a tiring day to give up on outings with friends and colleagues may all boil down to prioritization.
Even if you are a full-time student, you need to identify the hours you work best to make sure you are prepared.

CMA USA Study material

It is crucial to have the right study material with you for your preparation. It's better to know something out of the syllabus and not use it during the exam rather than not know something while writing your paper. You can enroll in a coaching institute like NorthStar Academy to access the best mentors and comprehensive study material like the Gleim study material with CMA MCQs to clear your exams in one go.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket

Do not spend all your time perfecting one of the many subjects in the CMA USA exam. The CMA MCQ test allots weightage to each subject, so thinking that if you do a few subjects perfectly, you will be able to pass will not work in your favor.
Study Plan for CMA USA exam

Stimulate the exam environment

It is essential to practice giving your CMA MCQ test in a similar environment to where you would attempt the actual exam. Try to create a similar environment to that of the exam. You should also attempt your mock courses in the stipulated time, providing confidence for the 'real' exam. 


Try using the standard calculator for the CMA MCQs, as any programmed calculators will not be allowed. Better to practice using regular calculators from the prep itself.

Review courses and CMA MCQ pdf

 Practice makes people perfect, which proves to be especially true when attempting competitive exams. Take CMA MCQ mock tests or CMA USA review courses as many times as possible to practice thinking quickly and to learn time management. CMA MCQ pdf from NorthStar Academy can cover the entire range of questions that can assess your readiness to sit for the exam. 

Healthy Mind

The stress and exam pressure will get to you as you approach the exam date. Try to rest appropriately, especially the day before the exam. Eat healthily and sleep well. Even during exam prep, try to take short, refreshing breaks in between to energize and activate your brain. Take small power naps in between if that helps you. Try to maintain a healthy mindset for both mind and body to ensure confidence while writing your exam.  

writing the Exam

These are the strategies you need to use on the day of your exam to help you feel confident as well as clear the paper in one go.

Be on time

Reach the examination center on time. The day already might be stressful for you, so try not to add to that by reaching late. Be calm and composed.  
Keep everything you need to carry for the exam, like your admit card, packed and ready to go.  

Plan your four hours wisely 

There is no time to waste on competitive exams. Go to the exam hall with a plan to manage your time wisely. You get three hours to attempt all the 100 MCQs (1.8 minutes per question) and an hour for the two essay questions. Attempt each question.

Think first

While attempting the MCQs, read the question and try to remember and answer the question before you read the choices. This will reduce your chances of getting confused after reading the options and save you time. Keep some blank sheets and a pen available for you to make any notes or calculations during the MCQ test. 

Don't let the MCQs fool you

Multiple choices for a question can often mislead anyone. Don't panic when you see a question and get confused. Move onto the more straightforward questions or the ones whose answers you know. Remember, time is crucial because you are on a clock.  
Try to eliminate some of the options that you are sure are not correct, and then look at the answer from the question's perspective. 

No negative marking

The CMA MCQs have no negative marking for wrong answers. If you are running out of time and need to go to the next section, take your best guess. Though, this is advised only for worst-case scenarios.

Review your paper

Make sure to allow some time at the end of each session to review your answers and even go back to the unanswered questions. This will help you double-check and be sure of what you have written. This will also help you avoid any errors that were made by chance.


- Ace the essay section
This section will allow you to showcase your knowledge of the subject topics. There can be anywhere between 4-6 questions in this section. 
Make sure to read the questions correctly and give the required answers. Also, write all the assumptions to the questions asked with clear and concise explanations to ace your section.  
In an essay-type question session, if you fall short on time, try to give a brief outline of your thought process. Write down your answers in bullet points to claim some marks and showcase that you knew the answer, but due to a shortage of time, you could not complete it. 

Frequently asked questions

1. What can I do to pass the CMA USA exam on the first attempt?

To clear the extremely competitive CMA USA exam, you can enroll in the best CMA USA Comprehensive CMA program. With this program, you get to learn from the basics, access a global cohort, experienced faculty, and pass the exam on your first attempt.

2. Does it take too long to get the CMA USA certification?

CMA USA can take 6-9 months to complete if cleared in the first attempt. 

3. Can I retake the CMA exam?

The CMA USA exam part may be taken only once in a testing window. All exam retakes require a new intake along with payment of appropriate exam fees. 

4. How much time commitment do I need for CMA?

The IMA has recommended spending at least 150-170 hours of preparation before taking up either Part I or Part II exam.


MCQs in a CMA USA exam may seem to be tough; however, remember that every candidate's needs are different. 
In such a situation, mentoring and opting for coaching can be advantageous for CMA USA aspirants. They help candidates with how to tackle the MCQs, how to manage time, how to plan a suitable and efficient study schedule and provide good mock tests and study material. 
The best part is to be a part of the same community as you like-minded peers who want to be successful in Finance. With a study group, you could feel more confident, and better prepared, and also would not have to go through the journey alone! To find your tribe and get the best coaching, enroll in NorthStar Academy now! Call us at +918147470707
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