How to Get jobs in BIG 4 companies and earn your CPA in 2024?

Jobs in BIG 4 companies

Working for the Big 4 is a major dream for many people in Finance and Accounting domain. These companies perform the majority of the world's auditing operations, and they've also been named among the top MNCs. It is true that being recruited by one of the Big 4 is difficult; but, there are specific measures and methods you may follow to bring your foot one step closer to one of their four doors. It is very essential that aspirants know how to get job in Big 4 companies.
There are ample amounts of Big 4 jobs for freshers and tips for the same are discussed below.
Everybody has certain professional goals and desires. One must choose the track they want to pursue graduation before enrolling in global certification programs like MBA, CA, CPA, ACCA, CFA, etc. The very minimum educational need for any technical or accounting position, whether it be in the public or commercial industry or even the military, is a Bachelors degree (Graduation). Today, there are several possibilities accessible for accounting graduates.
Recently, a large number of accounting graduates have been hired by the Big 4 consulting and accounting companies for their various on- and off-shore positions in India. 
Let's now discuss about How to join Big Fours and MNCs?

How to Get Job in Big 4 in India?

Here are the pointers you should consider to

Hiring in the Fall

It is the most critical time of year for the Big 4 corporations, who devote huge amounts of money in just these 2 months (September & October). Companies are primarily concerned with recruiting trainees and full-time posts for the coming year.
In the spring term, the emphasis is on the summertime management seminars. To connect with employers this fall, any candidate should first join Beta Alpha PSI or the other accounting organization and attend a job fair. Regular meetings by your organization will frequently include prominent speakers with whom you might meet and exchange business cards immediately following the meeting. The career fair is also an excellent opportunity to meet a large number of top companies.

US CPA-certified Professionals are in Demand

Be it Big 4 businesses or other companies, they do not prefer freshly recruited young degree holders to already CPA licensed professionals. This is why companies also give incentives and motivation to individuals so that they can acquire their CPA, but it will be a bit later in the process. 
It's something the Big 4 employers look for in the job fairs, and if anyone could offer all those qualifying certifications like CPA at job fairs or autumn recruitment, they'll have a much greater likelihood of having recognized and getting job opportunities in Big 4.

Compile the Following Three Records

To be regarded by these businesses, one should have 3 items: a CV, an impressive Cover Letter, and an effective Email Template. Many individuals are late to realize that the structure and presentation of these papers account for 90% of their worth. It is equally important to have proper format and to have excellent language, punctuation, or a high GPA.

Create a Checklist of Companies

Another pointer answering your question how to get job in Big 4 companies?. Prepare a minimum of at least 20 corporations or organizations in the location where you want to stay. Resolve to see them all if they appear at special meetings and programs or at your job fair.
Visiting the recruitment agencies and HR teams at these firms is critical since it allows you to learn more about them. One may learn more about their corporate culture, perks, and the qualities they seek in their workers.
On the other hand, employers will learn everything about you and it will create a possibility of being recognized for later opportunities. 
You'll be ready to filter down the businesses in which you're most interested and focus your endeavors appropriately. You will finally have the answer to your question- how to get job in Big 4 companies. 

In case those firms are not present at the job fair.

Not at all an issue! That gives an edge. Few individuals submit to corporations that aren't represented in school or in local accounting groups, so there's less rivalry. Interact with them through various social media sites, emails, and phone conversations.
Continue to contact them at regular intervals until they respond to your inquiry. Even though this strategy could appear to be a little pushy, often these businesses do not see it in that manner. There seem to be a variety of justifications for why they don't quickly respond, and mailing numerous follow-ups shows that you're keen and ambitiousboth of which would only benefit you.

How to Get a Job in the Big 4 After CPA USA?

CPA certification program plays a vital role in any aspirants query of how to get a job in Big 4 companies. Passing all four CPA USA Exam Parts as quickly as possible is one of the best strategies to boost your chances of getting a job with the Big 4s.
Even veteran accountants will find this exam difficult, so do your research in advance. An excellent CPA USA Training Program is one of the finest methods to study, as it will expose you to all of the foundations and ensure you have all of the finest knowledge and resources you need to qualify. NorthStar Academy (NSA) is the most preferred training institute for CPA USA, providing you with the full roadmap for acquiring this certification.
The attractive salary of approximately 5-10LPA that will additionally reimburse your CPA training expenses is what makes the job even more fulfilling. You can begin the US CPA training by working remotely on a flexible schedule. For accountants looking to add credibility to their Resumes from the Big 4 and contemplating how to get a job in Big 4 companies, this job opportunity is a dream come true.
Working in US Audit while preparing for the AUD test is an option, just like working in auditing US GAAP financial statements while preparing for the AUD & FAR exam. Earn money as you study, and pass the US CPA exams with the flexibility of the CPA USA certification course from NSA.
Now let us understand the job recruitment process of one of the Big 4s, called KPMG.

KPMG (Big 4) Examining Process

Applicants for KPMG who finished their first online registrations will next undertake the 90-minute Transforming Small Businesses online assessment, which is scenario oriented.
Delivering Outcomes, the following phase, is an online video and textual reply examination that is particular to the business sector for which they have registered. It takes about an hour to finish this.
The next evaluation is the Critical Thinker test, which is an arithmetic test. For the 40-minute session, students were given a date and time.
Once applicants are approved, KPMG's phase ends at the Virtual LaunchPad, a half-day virtual evaluation facility, and they will get their employment offer within 2 working days.
KPMG hires in the main business sectors: audit, consultancy, transaction advising, tax, KPMG Law, digital, and engineering, and gets over 30,000 applications each year. Candidates should be aware of the industry they wish to operate in just because each training course, which will last three years on average, is geared to a particular industry.
In case you wish to know more about how to get a job in Big 4 companies, read about the different rounds below. Understanding the rounds beforehand will be really helpful.

Commonly Conducted Rounds To Get Jobs in Big 4s

The rounds are usually of this manner:

1. Initial HR screening

In this round/phase, HR would ask questions regarding the applicants professional goals, and skills and expertise. But they are not the only ones; there are other candidates as well. When recruitment goes on at campuses, the HR staff holds conversations and debates in groups.

2. The Round on Technical Skills

is being taken up by the Team Leader who will supervise the candidate. A candidate must be knowledgeable with corporation law, taxation, and accounting standards, and so on. There is a possibility of similar subsequent rounds based on the qualification and expertise they might be looking for in a candidate and on the prerequisites of the job that the applicant is applying to.

3. The next round is participated in by the Partner/Director.

Entry-level applicants might be invited or might not be invited for the same. This round's goal is to assess the candidate's suitability as per the firm. Hence, the aspirant's behavioral traits are taken into account.

4. Last HR Stage

After passing all of the above stages, an aspirant has to report for the last stage of interviewing with senior HR. Usually, HR discusses the participant's financial takeaways from the job and clarifies the T&C of work.

Must-Have Skills and Abilities in US CPA for Big 4s

The essential abilities regarding how to get a job in Big 4 companies and passing all rounds of assessments are:

1. Interpersonal Skills

A strong communication background is a need for employment with Big 4 organizations. An applicant should have strong language skills in English. Both the technical round and the HR round should consider this. Additionally, effective interpersonal skills are of utmost importance for debates and group discussions.

2. Technological Understanding

Candidates should be well-versed in accounting standards, corporate law, and taxation. They must also be fluent in the areas of the latest advancements in technology, changes to pertinent laws, and other related domains.

3. Coding skills

are yet another crucial trait to possess. excellent functional knowledge of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

4. In addition to these, one should have a precise and well-structured CV.

Moreover, instead of bragging, one should be modest and kind in one-on-one interaction with employers. The applicant should dress appropriately for a formal interview because it makes a good first impression and helps you with how to get a job in Big 4 companies.


1. How do you get selected in the Big 4s?

Many aspirants are boggled with the problem- of how to get a job in Big 4 companies. The leading accounting firms both domestically and internationally are referred to as The Big 4. Professionals with in-depth accounting expertise and familiarity with global accounting standards are needed by these MNCs. As a result, they favor applicants who have a CPA or ACCA license.

2. Are Big 4 jobs hard to get?

In order to know how to get a job in Big 4 companies, it is important to know the challenges and the prerequisites. Work-life balance is one of the biggest challenges facing Big 4 companies. There are no set hours that you must be at work. Every time there is a promise, you have to be vigilant.

3. Is Big 4 a good start to a career?

It is essentially true that you will advance professionally if you stay employed at the Big 4. You will start receiving job offers from other organizations that will pay significantly more than your present wage after just three or four years at the Big 4.

4. How do I get a job at KPMG?

The question- how to get job in Big 4 companies, like KPMG, confuses a lot of candidates. Finding a career at KPMG is not a simple process. Graduated students who excelled on the evaluation exams will next be welcomed to a Virtual Launch Pad program, which comprises four distinct events and typically lasts for three hours. The process ends with a half-day virtual evaluation and HR last-stage discussions. If everything goes well, you will get the joining letter in no time.

5. Which Big4 is best to work for in India?

PwC is by far the highest renowned and successful of the Big 4 companies, having the biggest income from audit clients. Just a tiny bit less is Deloitte. Audit solutions account for a far smaller portion of company income than consulting.


As previously stated, the Big 4 accounting companies provide the best career opportunities, especially for certified professionals like US CPAs. Working in the Big 4 also helps in general personality development and financial advancement in the later stages of one's career. However, getting the best-suitable course might be a feat for many individuals. Well! To be honest, the top CPA certification course from the NorthStar Academy is highly beneficial for those who want to work in the Big 4s.
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Taking up a training program at NSA would jump-start your career and help you achieve your dream certification. Hope! It helped you with the query of how to get a job in Big 4 companies. For more information or in case of any queries, contact NorthStar Academy today.