How to Grow on Linkedin As CMA USA Aspirant : 12 Actionable steps

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Two things can be essential while pursuing your CMA USA - your preparation and what you do next after clearing your exams.
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Grow on LinkedIn As CMA USA Aspirant and its beneficial tool. LinkedIn has over 600 million professionals, where you can gain mentorship, apply for jobs and upskill yourself through webinars and training programs. It is crucial to enhance your LinkedIn visibility in your CMA USA journey, so get started now!

12 ways to Grow on Linkedin As CMA USA Aspirant and enhance your LinkedIn visibility :

1. Profile branding

LinkedIn is the best place to develop your professional brand through your personality. This can be used to highlight who you are and target those you seek as connections ranging from recruiters to managers to even CEOs.�
The first step in creating that image could be the perfect photo for your profile picture.
  • Strike a professional pose.�
  • Ideally, the image should be a headshot.
  • Wear formal clothes and avoid casual attire.�
  • Make sure that you are well-groomed.�
  • Choose a background that is plain and simple. Make sure it is not too distracting so that the focus is on your face.��

2. Work on your professional headline

The headline in your profile is the next thing that potential connections will see. It would be best to answer questions like - who, what and why when trying to use the minimal space to create a more significant impact. You need to be able to do it in a way that quickly tells people who you are, what you do or can do, and why you�re worth connecting with.
In the headline, you can write about your current job title or even the expertise/skills you have.�
The focus on skills is essential, especially if you are looking to pivot careers. These skills will pop up on the recruiter�s search and help you change your job.��
Here are some examples of how to write your headline as a CMA:
Rahul Gupta
CMA USA Aspirant II Experienced Financial and Accounting Professional
linkedin optimized headline-1
Preethi Priya
MBA, CMA USA Aspirant II Senior Accounting Analyst | Ex Deloitte�
linkedin optimized headline-2
In this example, the certifications are highlighted along with their role, which acts as keywords that appear in searches.�

3. Impress then with a fantastic summary

The summary section of your profile can be your two-minute elevator pitch, so you need to be extremely cautious and think wisely before penning it down.�
The summary is used to expand on your headline where you can highlight the following subject matter:
  • Educational qualifications
  • Career experience
  • Achievements�
  • Skills and qualities
  • Contact mail id�
Apart from this to sound a little more personal and genuine, you could also mention a hobby or a funny anecdote. You need to be able to sell yourself without going over the top or sounding arrogant.�
Things that you may need to check before publishing your summary :
  • No ego or arrogance. People like to connect with kind people, are team players, and those who focus on collaboration.�
  • Don�t keep long points, or it will not be easy to read.�
  • Pay attention to detail.
  • Eliminate any spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Be consistent throughout your summary. Stick with the first or third person and active or passive voice.�
  • Relentlessly proofread and edit to showcase the best version of yourself.�
  • Ask for feedback from a friend, professor, or adviser to ensure you have covered everything necessary.�

4. Visual content can be a lifesaver

The attention span of people is rapidly decreasing. By using visual video content, you can push your profile way above the rest. These visuals could include top achievements like presenting at a conference, publishing papers, getting a degree, or a viral piece of content.�
Try to make sure that you can catch the attention of your potential connection so that they have no other choice apart from hitting the connect button.�

5. Describe your work experiences.�

LinkedIn has a fantastic feature that allows you to speak about your work experiences as well as show your career trajectory up till now. Create a vivid picture to highlight your job experience and all your accomplishments. Here is how you can do it :
  • Like in a resume, use action words to create an impact.�
  • Identify the words that best demonstrate your role in the company and also achievements in terms of growth or success of the organization.�
  • As a financial and accounting expert, you would want to connect with others in your field. So the best arsenal is to let the numbers speak for themselves. By illustrating with numbers, you use data to draw them in as a connection and showcase your skills and experience.
  • If you have worked in different locations, then definitely point that out. It will help your recruiter understand that you have had exposure to different business environments, cultures which will boost your profile as a CMA.

6. Additional sections are important

The multiple sections in LinkedIn can also attract the right connections. Common causes that you are passionate about and similar work done in the past can make it easier for people to connect and bond.�
Add in your volunteering efforts, causes that you�re passionate about or even clubs and organizations that you have participated in, awards that you received, or any other activity/skill that shined the spotlight on all of your best qualities.

7. Add your skills and endorsements

You can use your LinkedIn profile to show your skills, especially to a recruiter. You could highlight your accounting knowledge through topics like blockchain, operational budgeting, etc.�
If you have worked in internships/full-time jobs or if you are well acquainted with your professors, you could also get them to endorse you on LinkedIn. Such ringing s may highlight your core and soft skills.�
You could also reach out to people working in target firms or professors since professional recommendations can earn you the big break you had been waiting for!

9. Become a thought leader

CMAs are known for their financial expertise, leadership abilities and credibility. To establish yourself as a thought leader, you can write and publish valuable posts to your existing and potential connections.
You can first identify the niche you want to write about to see if it resonates with your industry while also commenting on pieces that catch your attention.�
By being consistent on the profile, you can increase your visibility and credibility for connections to discover you.

10. Create your network�

The first step could be connecting with fellow peers from school, coaching classes, or your work colleagues. Then start connecting with people who are from organizations related to management accounting or fellow IMA members.
You could apply for accounting internships or even reach out to professionals to seek advice or practice mock interviews through LinkedIn. The platform also offers you the option to join groups, webinars and discussions that will help you during your US CMA journey.
The best way to connect with someone is to send them a personalized message to ask them to connect. Your message must introduce yourself, personalized reason for connecting with them, and how they could add to your journey.�
You never know which network connection could lead to your job in your dream company. By being active on LinkedIn, you will be able to maintain a strong network and build on your connections.

11. CMA USA Class Groups can be a boon

Apart from expanding your network on LinkedIn, identify professional groups that will help you understand the future settlements of the industry before any official release. IMA has six local chapters in India and 300+ global chapters for you to participate in. You could also search by CMA and identify a long list of professional groups on LinkedIn to stay connected with - Kindly join the top CMA USA LinkedIn group here - Let�s make it together - CMA USA.

12. Do not miss out on your dream companies�

Do not miss out on updates from your dream companies. LinkedIn can help you stay updated on location-wise job openings, recent activities or events, and even the list of professionals associated with the organization. It also provides visibility to the recruiters searching for CMAs to fill their vacancies.

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The way ahead : Bonus tip !

LinkedIn can play an important role in your journey as a USA CMA aspirant. If you have read till here, we are sure that you are convinced about LinkedIn as an important tool to increase your LinkedIn visibility as a USA CMA. So what are you waiting for? Go and set up your profile with these helpful tips now. If you have any more questions about your USA CMA journey, then join the thousands of students who have benefitted from being part of NorthStar Academy.

Frequently asked questions�

1.How can CMA USA help me in my finance journey?

Ans. After gaining the globally recognized credential CMA USA, the highest management accounting certification, you will further your career in finance and accounting. With a CMA USA, you can become a financial planning analyst, controller, or even a finance manager. You may even get the chance to climb up the corporate ladder to become a CFO.�

2. How can I become a CMA USA in India?

Ans. The CMA USA program is a global certification that students and working professionals can gain within 6-9 months. You can register for live or online classes with NorthStar Academy to ensure a smooth journey.�

3. How do I build my professional brand as a CMA US?

Ans. LinkedIn can be a beneficial tool to create your professional brand as a CMA US. This can be achieved by building a strong network, becoming a thought leader, and properly focusing on branding.�

4. Who is the best CMA USA online faculty?

Ans. M. Irfat sir has widely been acclaimed as the best mentor for CMA USA. He has won the Teaching Excellence Award for his expertise and mentorship.�
He wears many feathers in his hat and is a certified CMA USA, CA, CPA, and CIMA UK with over two decades of teaching experience and has taught over 15,000 students worldwide.�

5. Which institute is the best for US CMA online classes?

Ans. NorthStar Academy is the best institute for US CMA online classes.

6. What is the average salary of CMA USA in India?

Ans. Generally a qualified CMA USA fresher candidate earns 4.5 lakhs to 6 lakhs on a per annum basis and minimum of 2 years experienced candidates earn 8 to 10 lakhs per annum basis.

7. What is the Job role of CMA USA?

Ans. Some of the job roles of qualified
  • Finance Manager.
  • Financial Analyst.
  • Financial Risk Manager.
  • Financial Controller.
  • Cost Accountant.
  • Chief Financial Officer.
  • Cost Manager.
  • Relationship Manager.

8. What does a CMA do, exactly?

Ans. The job role of qualified CMA USA�s would be to utilize their decision-making, planning, and performance management skills to provide expert advice and help in internal and external reporting.
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