How to Join CMA after Engineering: Eligibility, Job Opportunities for CMA USA

Can one do CMA after engineering?

This question is often asked by candidates because nobody knows the best time to do CMA USA is! Well, CMA USA can be done after the 12th, during the undergraduate degree, and postgraduate degree. 
Even working professionals can do the CMA USA course from some of the top institutes of India like NorthStar Academy. Pursuing globally recognized certifications is a great way to enhance your knowledge and get other roles with that of an accountant. 
You can do engineering and CMA side by side but handling both the courses will become quite difficult. Therefore, it is advised to go for the latter one after you complete the former. Engineering is a heavy degree in itself and that is why the best option to go for is to do a CMA.
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Acquiring a US CMA credential is a great deal because it is a highly regarded and preferred choice for financial management professionals. Not only in India, but the candidates also get exposure in other countries as well. If we talk about career opportunities, then the CMA can provide you with the highest paying jobs that can help boost your career growth. 
If you are searching for the top and most reliable institute for the CMA USA certification course, NorthStar Academy (NSA) should be your first choice. NSA has years of experience and is well-versed with the exam methodologies, helping candidates get CMA-certified. 
Coming back to acquiring CMA after engineering, let us first understand what CMA is and then dive into the other essential aspects.

What is CMA?

CMA is a high-level credential that can be acquired at any time in life. A student can do this after passing the secondary exams, candidates doing bachelor�s and master�s degrees can do it, and even working professionals can pursue it. Once a candidate acquires the CMA USA credential, he/ she can get high-salary jobs in India and even abroad. 
Having a CMA credential proves that a person possesses expertise in financial management and management accounting. And there are numerous jobs in both fields. CMA is administered by the Institute of Management Accountants which conducts the examinations. 
Now, coming to the exam pattern, the CMA USA exam is conducted in order to test the candidate�s capabilities upon four parameters, i.e., business analysis, strategic management, management accounting & reporting, and decision making. 
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CMA USA exam consists of two parts. Part 1 tested financial analysis and decision-making skills while Part two tests the strategic management capabilities. According to several reports, it has been seen that Part one is quite challenging as compared to Part two. Thus, students need to work hard and prepare well for the examination. 
Acquiring US CMA after engineering is a great way to expand the validity of your job role. In simpler terms, the candidate taking up the CMA USA course need not work as an engineer but can take up the financial management roles in many other fields. 

What are the accounting courses one can do after Engineering? 

There are numerous accounting courses that one can apply for after completing engineering. Have a look at these courses and decide which one you wish to go for!
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA) - MBA is a popular course for which you have to clear CAT. The pay scale of an MBA starts from Rs. 7 Lakh and can reach up to Rs. 14 Lakhs. 
  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA USA) - As we are already discussing, CMA USA is a great career option for people who have completed engineering. It is a globally acknowledged credential that includes business analysis, cost accounting, risk management, and much more. The salary of a CMA USA is also high as compared to others. 
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) - To pursue CPA, one must have an in-depth knowledge of accounting. One can get a CPA certificate and license by opting for a decent CPA course. The average salary of a CPA is Rs. 6 lakhs.   
  • Association of Chartered Accountants (ACCA) - If one is wondering what to do after engineering, then one can apply for the top ACCA course from NorthStar Academy and get accredited. There are 14 papers that need to be cleared in this. The pay scale ranged from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs.
  • Chartered Accountant (CA) - CA is a great course to pursue after engineering. There are three stages in the course, i.e., CPT, IPCC, and CA-Final. It is a challenging course that requires hard work.  
  • Master�s of Commerce (M.Com) - M.Com is a two years long degree and contains the concepts one learns in engineering. One can get into financial sectors, banking sectors, economic sectors, etc., after completing the degree. 
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) - CFA is a globally recognized credential that measures the competence and integrity of financial analysts. A CFA works in various fields and the average salary starts from Rs. 6.6 Lakhs.  
So, these are some career options that one can pursue after engineering. Before deciding upon the course, make sure that you have complete information about all of them. Now, let us talk about the benefits of taking up CMA after engineering. 

What are the benefits of CMA after Engineering?         

Global Job Opportunities 

CMA USA is globally accredited and provides one with many job opportunities. The course is recognized in countries like the US, China, UK, Canada, Middle-East Countries, etc. The certifications give an opportunity to candidates to get high pay grade jobs. Thus, CMA provides the candidates with jobs in top companies. 

Career Boost

One of the greatest advantages of having a CMA credential is that it boosts career growth. The candidates can get numerous posts at the mid-senior and senior levels in top companies. The candidates will get jobs in the world of finance, accounting, business, management, etc. Thus, doing CMA after engineering is a great option as it boosts career growth and provides one with many job opportunities.

Financial Growth & Success

CMA USA certification course gives a lucrative opportunity to the candidates that can lead to amazing financial success. According to stats, it is seen that around 60% of the candidates having US CMA after engineering get high-salary jobs as compared to the ones not having the certification course. Thus, there is a salary advantage for people who do the CMA USA course. 
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CMA is a globally accredited and versatile course that opens up a wide array of specializations, roles, responsibilities, etc., for the candidates. Candidates can do a CMA certification course anytime in their career and get high-paid jobs in fields like management accounting, strategic administration, accounts, finance, etc.

Course Duration

Normally, the CMA USA course is for three years which can be reduced to six months. This is offered by NorthStar Academy. If you apply and get enrolled in their top CMA USA course, the course will be completed in 6-9 months. No matter whether you do CMA after engineering, undergraduate, or postgraduate courses, the time duration will remain the same, i.e., after 6-9 months upon doing a course in Northstar Academy. 
There are numerous benefits of doing CMA after engineering. The top ones are listed above. Now, let us look at the eligibility criteria for doing the CMA USA course. 

Eligibility Criteria for doing CMA USA 

IMA offers the CMA USA certification course that helps in boosting the career of the candidates. But there are certain prerequisites in order to apply for the certification course. Candidates who don�t meet the requirements will not be allowed to give the exam. So, let us have a look at the eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled for doing CMA after engineering!      
  • IMA Membership 
  • An undergraduate degree from a renowned university/ college.
  • Two years of work experience working on projects related to management accounting and financial management. 
  • Abiding by professional ethics. 
So, the candidates have to fulfill CMA USA eligibility criteria in order to apply for the course. Now, let us have a look at the exam structure. 
What is the US CMA exemption for Engineers?
Engineering graduates do not have any exemption for CMA USA. Exemptions are available for those who have completed CMA USA and wish to pursue ACCA.
For now, let us move on to the job opportunities for CMAs after engineering. 

What are the Job Opportunities for CMA after engineering?

While doing engineering, you might only get into fields like developers. But if you do CMA after engineering, you can go for many jobs as there is a wide range for them. Upon doing a CMA USA course, one can become an accountant after engineering or get into the finance department. Let us have a closer look at what job opportunities you can get.  
S.NO. Job Profiles Salary
1 Senior Analyst Rs. 750,000/-
2 Finance Manager Rs. 14,00,000/-
3 Budget Analyst Rs. 1200,000/-
4 Treasurer Rs. 890,000/-
5 Finance Controller Rs. 19,00,000/-
6 Internal Auditor Rs. 300,000/- to Rs. 800,000/-
7 Finance Analyst Rs. 500,000/-
8 Cost Accountant Rs. 500,000/- to Rs. 6,00,000/-
9 A trainee in Management Rs. 670,000/-
Now, to get started with the exam, it is important to take some essential steps. Through these steps, one will be able to prepare for the examination and excel in it. 
  • The first thing to do is enroll in a course. Northstar Academy provides the candidates with a CMA USA course that will be completed in just 6-9 months. If the candidates opt to give the exam straight away, then it will be very difficult to crack the exam. Just self-study isn�t going to suffice. Therefore, it is important to enroll in a course that ends fast, provides you with in-depth knowledge of concepts, and opens wide doors to high-paid salaries.  
  • The next step is to register for CMA after engineering. This will help you gain access to the study material that is provided by the Institute of Management Accountants. If you have an IMA scholarship, then the exam will be quite easy to crack. Having a membership will give you access to IMA study material, course material, and the projects you can work on.
  • The third and final step is to fulfill the eligibility criteria to give the exam. The eligibility criterion is mentioned above. Make sure to fulfill it, otherwise, the IMA will disqualify you.  
Keep in mind these points before taking up the exam. For taking up the exam, there are a set of key pointers that a candidate must adhere to. So, let us have a look at it. 
  1. Candidates can attempt Part I and Part II in any order they wish to. 
  2. The testing window opens in January, February,May, June, and September, October. 
  3. After the candidates have given the exam, the performance report will be declared after 14 days after the result.
  4. After six weeks, the result will be published. 


1.Can an engineering student do CMA? 

Yes, an engineer can do CMA so that his areas of getting jobs get expanded. A CMA can work as an accountant, treasurer, finance analyst, budget analyst, etc. Thus, doing CMA after engineering is a great option. 

2.Which is better, CMA or Engineering? 

CMA is better as compared to engineering. CMA is globally accredited and provides candidates with high-pay grade jobs, unlike engineering. If you are planning to do CMA after engineering, then also it is a great option as you will get one degree and certification which will help you in the future.  

3.What is the CMA Course fee in India?

CMA USA is an expensive course. The entrance fee of CMA is $460. And for every part, it is the same. But by doing the course with Northstar Academy, the exam fee can easily be reduced as we are official partners of IMA. Apply now to Northstar Academy! 

4.Is CMA good for the future?

Yes, CMA is a great career option if one wishes to have jobs in financial management and management accounting. It is difficult but by enrolling in Northstar academy, you can crack the exam in one go! 

5.Is CMA tough to pass?

Yes, CMA USA is a rigorous exam to pass. It requires training and hard work. That is why it is advised to enroll in a course. Northstar Academy�s course provides students with live sessions and all the study material so that they can prepare easily for the exam.  

6.Is CMA a good career? 

CMA is a great career option that can boost the career growth of individuals. It can provide the candidates with many job opportunities as well.   


CMA (USA) is a highly accredited course that provides many job opportunities to candidates. The benefits provided to the students via CMA certification can boost career growth and they can get placements not just in India but in other countries as well. 
It is a good idea to do CMA after engineering. It can open a wide range of posts that the candidate can work on. The CMA USA course by the Northstar Academy (NSA) provides you with numerous benefits ranging from time deduction to fee reduction. Moreover, NSA provides the best study material of Gleim�s, which is the oldest and most preferred one. Our top mentors like Mr.M Irfat  are best in assisting individuals to get certified and kick-start their careers.
So, apply to the Northstar Academy CMA USA course and get started with your CMA journey!
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