How to Pursue CPA Course in Tamil Nadu?

Introduction to CPA Course in Tamil Nadu - Certified Public Accountant

Many individuals who want to advance in a finance and accounting career, choose to pursue the CPA Course in Tamil Nadu. However, Becoming a US CPA is not that easy, and the entire procedure of acquiring the CPA USA certification is quite challenging without any guidance from coaching. 
Candidates often find it challenging to navigate through the different aspects of CPA USA coaching in Tamil Nadu. Thus, we have created this detailed guide to help you in Navigating through the various aspects of the CPA Course in Tamil Nadu. 
Understanding CPA USA: The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the world's largest accounting body, offers the US CPA or Certified Public Accountant certification. This certification is the highest standard of competence in the field of accountancy. The CPA USA is recognized as a leading accounting designation in many countries, which includes the US, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong.
The CPA Course in Tamil Nadu provides a great deal of knowledge of US GAAP, IFRS, GAAS, and US Federal Taxation & Business Laws, which comes in handy if you want to work with a US-based company or an MNC dealing in the US markets. 
CPA provides tremendous benefits to a company and is significantly important even for the companys success. Hence, there is a huge demand for talented US CPA professionals worldwide. By clearing the US CPA exam and getting certified, one can easily grab a high-paying job opportunity in the top US companies and MNCs.
Here are some important details you should know.

Eligibility of US CPA Course:

To become a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA), the candidates have to meet three different types of Requirements; 3 Es:
1. Education Requirement
2. Experience Requirement
3. Examination Requirement. 
CPA course in Tamil Nadu

1. Educational Requirement

The minimum educational requirements for the CPA USA are that the candidates should have at least 120 credits for taking the Uniform CPA examination and 150 credits for the CPA license. For the CPA USA, the 150 Credit translates to the candidate having a Postgraduate degree such as a Master of Commerce or an MBA. To even take the US CPA exams, the candidates must possess a Bachelor's degree in any discipline in the English medium.

2. Experience Requirements

Many state boards under the AICPA require candidates to have at least 1 or 2 years of regular work experience under a CPA. As the experience requirement differs for different states, you should check with your specific Board of Accountancy for details.

3. Examination Requirements

The candidates must clear the Uniform CPA Examination (CPA exam) and meet all other requirements to work as a US CPA. However, before taking the examination, the candidates are required to gain at least 120 credits as an educational requirement. 
All candidates are required to pass the Uniform CPA Examination (CPA Exam). The CPA exam includes four different sections: 
  • Auditing and Attestation (AUD), 
  • Business Environment and Concepts (BEC), 
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR), and 
  • Regulation (REG). 
Here each section has a different overall syllabus.

Syllabus Overview of US CPA:

As mentioned, the US CPA exam is divided into four sections, with each part covering different aspects of accounting. Here is the list of topics you have to study in the CPA Course in Tamil Nadu.

1. Auditing and Attestation (AUD)

Developing a Planned Response & Assessing Risk20 to 30%
Professional Responsibilities, Ethics & General Principles 15 to 25%
Obtaining Evidence & Performing Further Procedures30 to 40%
Reporting and Forming Conclusions15 to 25%

2. Regulation (REG)

Federal Tax Procedures, Professional Responsibilities, & Ethics10 to 20%
Business Law10 to 20%
Federal Taxation of Property Transactions12 to 22%
Federal Taxation of Individuals15 to 25%
Federal Taxation of Entities28 to 38%

3. Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)

Standard-Setting, Conceptual Framework, & Financial Reporting25 to 35%
Select Financial Statement Accounts30 to 40%
Select Transactions20 to 30%
State and Local Governments5 to 15%

4. Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)

Corporate Governance17 to 27%
Economic Concepts & Analysis17 to 27%
Financial Management11 to 21%
Information Technology15 to 25%
Operations Management15 to 25%

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Testimonials from our past students speak for themselves. We have helped many candidates in achieving their goals of CPA certification. Here are some s from our students.
I was looking for CMA/CPA USA classes, and I spoke to a lot of people, but NSA has been the most comfortable in explaining the course details and their program structure. Irfat sir has an amazing teaching style. He puts maximum effort into ensuring students understand the minutest details of every concept. - Akshay Chopda.
Irfat Sirs dedication and hard work towards enriching the students with knowledge and guidance is not restricted to just the syllabus. My experience as a student of the NSA has been really enriching so far. The NSA team provides all the support you want regarding the course. Their mobile app is also very user friendly. - Shriyansh Nahata.

US CPA Online Classes in Tamil Nadu @Northstar Academy (NSA)

NSA is the official AICPA-approved learning partner with its own Android & IOS Applications, which ensures that learning on the go never stops. You can even download all our books, lectures, Mock tests, etc., and can access them later, even without the internet. Our top mentors will always be connected and organize frequent doubt sessions for the students. You can now continue your work while studying in the US CPA Course in Tamil Nadu from the convenience of your home.
Thus we at NorthStar Academy are delighted to give you options to enjoy learning from anywhere, anytime, even when you are offline. 

FAQs :

1. How many times can I attempt the CPA Exam?

There are no limits to how many times you can take a certain section of the CPA exam. However, you are not allowed to take one section twice in the same testing window. Thus, if you failed once, then you need to wait till the next testing window to reappear for the exam.

2. What happens if you fail CPA?

As per the guidelines of the AICPA, you can not take one section of the CPA exam twice in the same testing window. So, if you failed the CPA exam, you have to wait till the next Testing window to take the exam again. However, we recommend you join the top US CPA Course in Tamil Nadu and reduce the chances of failing.

3. How do I pass the CPA Exam on the first attempt?

It is not easy to clear the CPA exam, but with proper guidance and dedication, you can easily ace the CPA exam on the very first attempt.

4. How can I pass the CPA in 6 months?

An average CPA candidate requires 9-12 months to clear all the sections of the CPA Examination. But if you devote a lot of time to preparing for the US CPA examination with proper dedication, then it may not be that difficult to clear the CPA examination in 6 months with flying colours.

5. Which CPA institute is best?

If you are looking for an institute for the CPA Course in Tamil Nadu, then NorthStar Academy is your best choice. NSA, or NorthStar Academy, is the official Learning partner of the AICPA and has helped numerous students in achieving their goals.

6. What are CPA course fees in Indian rupees?

The exact fees for the CPA Course in Tamil Nadu can vary a lot, depending on a lot of factors like the institute you join and the Study Material you purchase. Approximately the whole CPA course fees will be around 2.5 to 3.5 lakh Indian Rupees.

7. What is the duration of the CPA course?

On average, the candidates take 9 to 12 months to clear the CPA certification course. However, one must clear all the CPA exam sections within 18 months for successful CPA licensure.

8. What are the four subjects in CPA?

The CPA examination is divided into four sections/subjects; these sections include:- Auditing and Attestation (AUD), Business Environment and Concepts (BEC), Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR), and Regulation (REG).

9. How can I become a CPA in Tamil Nadu?

If you want to become a CPA, the best route will be to join a respected institute for a CPA Course in Tamil Nadu. The institute will be able to guide you through the whole process of becoming a CPA. You have to meet the Eligibility criteria and then have to apply for the US CPA certification. Hopefully, you will get your desired CPA USA certification.

10. Is the CPA Exam hard?

Yes, the Uniform CPA examination is considered quite difficult. It covers a wide range of topics and subtopics that tests the individual at various levels. It tests the Intellectual limits of the candidates.

11. What is the passing score for CPA Exam?

Each of the four sections of the CPA examination is scored on a scale of 0 to 99. The candidate needs to get a score of at least 75 on this scale to pass a section.

12. Is CPA a certificate or degree?

CPA is a professional certification in the field of accounting offered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Although it is not considered a degree, it can still help you get the required edge in the global job market.

13. Who Earns More CA or CPA?

On average, a CPA earns more than a CA. The median salary of a CPA in India hovers around 8 to 10 lakh per annum, while the same for a CA is around 6 to 8 lakh per annum. However, the CPA has global potential, and you can also have a high-paying job outside India.

14. What is the eligibility to do CPA?

In order to even take the CPA examination, the candidates have to acquire at least 120 credits and 150 credits to apply for the CPA license. You should get enrolled at NSA to fulfill this criterion by just joining the US CPA Course in Tamil Nadu. Other than the educational requirement, the candidates also have to acquire 1 or 2 years of work experience under a CPA to get their CPA license.

15. Is CPA difficult to pass?

Yes, the CPA examination is quite difficult to clear. The CPA syllabus includes a wide range of topics and subtopics that tests the individual at various levels. The CPA exam tests the Intellectual limits of the candidates.

16. Is CPA more difficult than CA?

Both courses are equally challenging, but the CPA course is considered a little easier to do than the CA examination. The CA examination includes more topics than the CPA exams and takes a long time to complete. You can complete the CPA exam in less than one year, but the CA course requires you to devote three years to the CA examination.

17. Which is better, MBA or CPA?

An MBA may be a better choice if you are interested in management opportunities or business consulting positions. However, if you are a numbers cruncher and want to become a Global Accountant, then CPA is the way for you.

One more thing to consider is that an MBA from a respected institute requires three times the investment of a CPA USA. So, pursuing CPA USA may provide you with a comparatively higher ROI.


The CPA USA certification is a highly respected credential that opens many opportunities for accounting professionals. To become a US CPA, you first need to understand many aspects of the CPA Course in Tamil Nadu
We hope this informational blog has helped you in getting all your questions answered. Get enrolled at the NorthStar Academy and start walking on your success path under the incomparable guidance of our mentors.
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