How to Register for CPA Registration in 2024 : Step by Step Guide

CPA Registration: The End-to-End Process

A commerce student can explore many opportunities after their graduation. One of the best ways to gain domain expertise in accounting could be through gaining a professional certification like the CPA. 
Becoming a US Certified Public Accountant includes a number of steps. Registering for the US CPA is often confusing because of its complicated procedure. This article should help you understand the various steps in registering for the US CPA exam and successfully clearing it on the first try. 
To take the CPA Exam in India, you have to be a permanent resident or citizen of any of the following countries:
  • India
  • USA
  • Bhutan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Nepal

Step by Step Process of CPA Registration

  1. You need to check the eligibility criteria to write the exam. 
  2. Next, you will need to send documents to the state board
  3. Post that, you can submit the exam fee.
  4. Obtaining the Authorization to Test (ATT) is an important step in this journey. 
  5. Scheduling your US CPA Exam is extremely easy through a Prometric Centre
  6. After completing all these steps, you will be able give your exam on the selected day. 

CPA Exam Registration 

The steps laid out above are the chronological steps one has to follow to apply successfully and register for the US CPA Examination in a jurisdiction of their choice. Let�s explore the above steps in detail :

Check US CPA exam eligibility

The first step in the application is to understand and assess whether you are eligible to take the US CPA exam or not. 
Every state may set different education requirements to sit for the uniform CPA exam. One usually needs a bachelor's degree in accounting or business and credit hours to be eligible to write the exam.  
International students need to clear the CPA exam within three years and fulfill certain requirements like:
  • Pass all 4 CPA exams.
  • Have a minimum of 150 credits from academics.
  • Have a minimum of a year of relevant experience at work
  • The candidate will also have to clear the Ethics exam.
International CPA candidates can check their eligibility through the NASBA's International Evaluation Services (NIES). Through academic evaluation services for international candidates, the organization is able to verify the candidate's educational records. 
Credits held by the candidate may be from a recognized University, and a minimum of 24 credits must be from accounting or business-related courses. 
Sending Documents to the State Board 
Before filling out the actual application, an interested candidate must send out their official transcripts to the state board. These transcripts include everything from senior school mark sheets to degree transcripts of all semesters or any additional diploma the candidate may have. 
One can ask for all their college transcripts immediately after graduation and send them to the concerned authorities. The state board documents all the transcripts on file for future reference and personal protection once they receive them. 

Submitting the CPA Exam Fee

Once the candidates' complete set of transcripts is submitted to your state board, they can fill out the actual CPA exam application. 
This is a short form with both education and personal questions. After filling out this form, the candidate will have to send the CPA application fee. The application fee is payable in full along with this form, and different payment methods may be used to pay this fee. The total costs, including evaluation fees paid to NASBA, paper fees, and application fees, adds up to approximately $2,430 or ? 1,81,518

Obtaining the Authorization to Test 

After approving the candidate's application, the state board will issue an Authorization to Test or an ATT. This document will allow the candidate to sign up for the US CPA exam section in the candidate's choice of state. Usually, the ATT has a maximum validity of up to 90 days so that the candidate has time to decide which CPA exam section they prefer to take first before it's going to expire.
After choosing the US CPA exam section, you have to log into your NASBA account and pay the CPA exam section fee. Most states charge the US CPA exam fee of $180 to $250 per section. After paying your CPA exam fee, you have to wait for 3 to 4 weeks to get a Notice to Schedule (NTS).

Scheduling the US CPA Examination 

After applying for the US CPA exam, it takes a candidate almost 3 to 6 weeks to receive their NTS or Notice to Schedule. NTS is the legal document that allows a candidate to sit for the uniform CPA exam. A candidate can use this document to log into the Prometric website to schedule the CPA exam date. 
A candidate may log into the Prometric testing center website and schedule the exam date. Besides, the candidate needs to have the exam section ID from the NTS and the testing location center where one wishes to take the exam. Suppose a candidate doesn't know about the closest Prometric center to them, then they can search on the said portal, making it easy to locate the center. A candidate may take the CPA exam in India now.
Prometric CPA Exam locations in India: US CPA Exam Centres are present in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Trivandrum. Candidates may choose any of the locations to take their four examinations. 

The Final Day

Candidates must bring two valid ID proofs and a copy of their NTS on the examination day. The candidate's name on the NTS and ID proof must match the letter. Otherwise, examination officials may reserve the right to withhold the examination from the examination. 
The examination is one of the most competitive exams there is in accounting. Passing the test requires candidates to be well-versed with the syllabus, well-practiced, and mentally well-prepared. 
The CPA exam has an average passing rate of 51% and the candidates have to score a minimum of 75 on each paper. 
To be able to clear the exam is a matter of great prestige. The CPA examination is a very lucrative professional examination for candidates. Many firms globally hire candidates who hold the certification. Some firms that hire CPA holders are the 'big four,' like Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, and Ernst & Young. Some reputable firms like Genpact, Cognizant, Phillips, and Accenture also hire CPA holders. 

Start studying 

Now that you are clear about all the steps in the CPA registration process, the next most important step is to start studying. 
Candidates may take advantage of various open sources, lectures, books, and problems available on the internet. Additionally, many candidates opt to take up coaching services that provide a more structured and well-nuanced approach to the examination. 
Find the right mentor, exam material, and mock tests to ensure that you pass your exam in one go. If you are looking for stellar results, and an awesome guide then looks no further. You can connect with the experts at NorthStar Academy to book your CPA classes. Enroll now!


1.What is the average salary of a CPA in India? 

US CPA holders are in very high demand through different kinds of organizations and industries and across many levels. Typically, in India, the average salary of a US CPA entry-level is around Rs 6,00,000 per annum.
CPA provides a good opportunity for upward mobility and in some organizations, the salary of a well-performing CPA will be around Rs 9,25,000 per annum after the first year of work. In the big four, manly, Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, and EY, US CPA salary ranges from Rs 12,00,000 to Rs 20,00,000 per annum. CPAs get anything between 10% to 15% as bonuses annually and have incriminated in salary in the range of 5%. 

2.What kinds of career opportunities are available to CPAs?

From the small start-ups to the largest government agency and big private management consultants and tax audit firms, every business or organization requires the skills of a CPA. The CPA credential is highly regarded because of its immersive understanding of accounting practices.
To a potential employer, it means high ethical standards as well as measurable experience, academic prowess, and skills. CPAs work mainly in public accounting, business and industry (corporate accounting or tax accounting), government, not-for-profit, and education. 

3.What is the job of a CPA?  

CPAs work as strategic business advisors and decision-makers on many issues, including taxes and general accounting. Getting a CPA certification opens the kinds of doors that can fast-track one into influential jobs in every industry.
CPA is a profession that is often a stepping-stone to holding positions like Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Additionally, a CPA may practice privately as well, outside the structure of an organization. For instance, CPAs can be mentors and consultants for High Net-worth Individuals or companies that require external know-how.


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