How to start ACCA Course After 12th Commerce?

Introduction of ACCA

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a leading international body of Chartered Accountants. The association is headquartered in the United Kingdom, with thousands of registered students in around 180 countries worldwide. 
The accounting body provides a course popularly known as the ACCA to produce top Certified Chartered Accountants. It is a professional course that is recognized worldwide. While CA is a recognized qualification in India, ACCA can be rightly considered a global-level accountancy qualification. With the ACCA qualification, candidates can learn exceptional skills in the field and work anywhere in the world. ACCA professionals are sought after by the worlds most prestigious companies.
So, if you are someone who is contemplating whether they should pursue ACCA Course After 12th Commerce, then this article is for you. Read on to find out the details related to the ACCA course and the job opportunities with ACCA certification.

Advantages of Pursuing ACCA Course After 12th Commerce

Pursuing the ACCA Course After 12th Commerce or even 12th Science has numerous benefits. Let us talk about a few of these advantages:
  1. ACCA professionals are in high demand, and career options are vast.
  2. As an ACCA-certified candidate, you get to explore a great number of opportunities and find a job at your terms,
  3. ACCA professionals can get work opportunities in different parts of the world.
  4. The growth in an ACCA career is high, and you get many opportunities to grow in the company you work for.
  5. International top companies of the world happily employ ACCA-certified candidates.
  6. ACCA course equips you with valuable technical and practical skills that are in demand as per industry and will also help you in the real world.
  7. Opting for ACCA Course After 12th Commerce is a great investment in your future.

ACCA Course Eligibility After 12th

To be eligible to pursue ACCA Course After 12th Commerce, you need to have passed the 10 + 2 examination. Also, you must have scored an aggregate of 65% in Mathematics / Accounts and English and a minimum of 50% in other subjects in your class 12 examinations. 
Since candidates require a 65% aggregate in Mathematics or Accounts, Science students who fulfill these qualifications can also pursue the ACCA course.
However, students who have just finished their Class 10 examination or who do not fit the above criteria but want to register for the course can do so via the Foundation in Accountancy (FIA) route.

ACCA Course Duration

An ACCA course can be completed in 2-3 years based on your pace and previous qualifications. However, to be recognized as a certified ACCA candidate by the accounting body, you will need three years of practical working experience. 

ACCA Course Syllabus

The ACCA course consists of three levels: Applied Knowledge Level, Applied Skills level, and Strategic Professional level. The subjects taught at each level are as follows:
Applied Knowledge Level:
F1 Business & Technology (BT)
F2 Management Accounting (MA)
F3 Financial Accounting (FA)
Applied Skill Level
F4 Corporate and Business Law(LW)
F5 Performance Management(PM)
F6 Taxation (TX)
F7 Financial Reporting (FR)
F8 Audit and Assurance (AA)
F9 Financial Management (FM)
Strategic Professional Level
To pass the Professional level, candidates need to give four examinations, i.e., two exams from compulsory subjects and two from a list of optional subjects.
  • Compulsory subjects:
PI Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
P2 Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)
  • Optional subjects:
P3 Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
P4 Advanced Performance Management (APM)
P5 Advanced Taxation (ATX)
P6 Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)

ACCA Exams

The exam pattern of the ACCA course for the different levels is computer-based online exams. The exam pattern for the three different levels is as follows:
Knowledge level:
The knowledge level exams follow an on-demand schedule and can be taken at any CBE center across India at any time of the year. The examination has objective-type questions and is 2 hours long. Total marks are 100, and candidates need to score 50% to pass this level.
Skill level:
The exams are conducted in ACCA Approved Centers quarterly every year in March, June, September, and December. The examination is 3 hours long. The question paper contains Objective & Structured questions of 100 marks in total, and the passing marks are 50.
Professional Level:
The exams are conducted in ACCA Approved Centers quarterly every year in March, June, September, and December. The examination is 3 hours long. The question paper contains all Structured questions of 100 marks in total, and the passing marks are 50.

ACCA Certification Fees

As per the latest information from the ACCA website, the fees for ACCA for Indian students in 2022 are as follows:
Registration and subscription fee:
  • Initial registration: 30 (around 2,732.18 Indian Rupee)
  • Re-registration: 89 (around 8,105.50 Indian Rupee)
  • Annual subscription 2022: 116 (around 10,564.47 Indian Rupee)
Exemption Fee:
  • Applied Knowledge exams: 84 (around 7,648.06 Indian Rupee)
  • Applied Skills exams: 111 (around 10,107.18 Indian Rupee)
Exam fee:
The Applied Knowledge papers are the on-demand exams whose fees will vary depending on the exam center. Generally, the fees range from INR 8k to INR 10k.
Applied Skill Level exam fee for 2022: 
  • December 2022 standard entry: 129 (around 11,753.41 Indian Rupee)
  • December 2022 late entry: 329 (around 29,979.35 Indian Rupee)
  • Ethics and Professional Skills Module: 71 (around 6,466.77 Indian Rupee)
Applied Strategic Professional Level exam fee for 2022: 
Strategic Business Leader (SBL) exam fees
  • December 2022 standard entry: 227 (around 20,664.56 Indian Rupee)
  • December 2022 late entry: 365 (around 33,225.93 Indian Rupee)
Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) exam fees 
  • December 2022 standard entry: 162 (around 14,743.04 Indian Rupee)
  • December 2022 late entry: 365 (around 33,225.93 Indian Rupee)
Optional exam fees 
  • December 2022 standard entry: 162 (around 14,743.04 Indian Rupee)
  • December 2022 late entry: 162 (around 33,225.93 Indian Rupee)

Jobs After ACCA Course

Those who pursue the ACCA course after 12th Commerce can apply for jobs at various accounting and finance positions. The ACCA itself regularly lists jobs for its candidates on its websites. North Star Academy students also get placement assistance once they complete the course. Here are a few job prospects you can expect in India after getting your ACCA certification:
Role Expected salary rangeAverage per annum salary
AccountantINR 170k INR 730kINR 348,000
Associate AuditorINR 250 k- INR 830kINR 398,000
AuditorINR 300k- INR 2 millionINR 625,000
Chartered AccountantINR  360k- INR 3 millionINR 986,000
Finance ManagerINR 195k-INR 2 millionINR 968,000
Higher job options and varied job roles will be available depending on different locations in India as well as abroad.
How to Apply for the ACCA Course @NSA?
If you have chosen to pursue the ACCA course after 12th Commerce, then you can apply for the ACCA course at the NorthStar Academy to study from expert mentors. The application process for NorthStar Academy is simple. Visit our ACCA course page, enter your relevant details, or download the NSA app. You will be guided through the registration steps. If you wish, you can also opt for a free demo class.
ACCA Online Classes at NSA
You can access online ACCA classes at the NorthStar Academy from anywhere in the world. All the study material is provided by the experts. You can access this study material from our app and even download it for offline viewing. Expert guidance and frequent doubt classes are provided at every step of your success journey. If you wish to see how classes are held at NSA, you can book a free demo class to understand the workings of NSA online ACCA classes. If you like the demo class, you can then go ahead and register for the course.


1. Can we do ACCA just after the 12th?

Yes, Students who have completed their Class 12th with an aggregate of 65% in Mathematics / Accounts and English and at least 50% in the remaining subjects can apply for the ACCA Course After 12th Commerce or Science.

2. Can I do an ACCA after my 12th, along with my B.Com?

Yes, it is possible to pursue an ACCA course while simultaneously studying for B.Com. However, you might need to work harder, as pursuing two certifications simultaneously can be tough. But it still is a good decision for you to pursue both courses together.

3. What is ACCA? Should I do it after the 12th class?

ACCA is a globally recognized Chartered Accountancy qualification. Candidates interested in pursuing a career in accounts and finance in India or internationally should go for ACCA Course After 12th Commerce or Science.

4. After 12th arts, can I do ACCA?

ACCA requires candidates to have a minimum qualification of Class 12 with an above 65 aggregate score in Mathematic or Accounts. So although students of Commerce and Science can directly pursue ACCA after Class 12th, others who do not fit these eligibility criteria can pursue the course through the Foundation in Accountancy (FIA) course. Arts students can, therefore, also start their ACCA journey by going for FIA.

5. What should I do after 12th, an ACCA, a CA, or a B.Com?

The path you take after Class 12 depends on your vision for your career. CA is usually taken up by students who are looking for an established Chartered Accountancy career in India. However, if you want an internationally recognized course at par with CA, then you must go for ACCA Course After the 12th Commerce. B.Com, on the other hand, can be taken with CA or ACCA. Taking B.Com alone without pursuing other courses may not be very beneficial for ones career.

6. What course should I do after the 12th? ACCA or US CMA?

Choosing the ideal course for yourself would depend on your areas of interest as well as your future ambition. Both courses are recognized internationally and are great career options. Both courses also have many overlapping subjects. However, US CMA mostly deals with account management, budgeting & costing, and financial planning. On the other hand, ACCA is very similar to CA and deals with accounting and auditing at large. So whichever area of accounting appeals to you more after ACCA Course After 12th Commerce, you can go for it. Some people may even choose to opt for both.

7. What are the steps to take after the 12th for ACCA?

The first step to pursuing ACCA Course After 12th Commerce is to check if you meet the eligibility criteria for the course. If you are eligible for the course, you will need to start the registration process through the ACCA official website. You may also want to check the fee structure before registration. The registration process is completely online. You will need to provide your qualification certificates and personal documents like id proof on the ACCA website. You can also choose to opt for a credible institution like the North Star Academy to mentor you through your ACCA journey.

8. Should I go for ACCA or CA after the 12th?

ACCA and CA are courses for chartered accountants, with some differences in their syllabi and skills. CA is highly sought after in India, while ACCA is recognized globally. Both courses have some salient features that make them unique for each candidate. While CA may be tougher than ACCA, ACCA teaches additional skills more briefly than CA. So it is recommended that candidates go through the features, duration, and scope of the courses and then make an informed decision as per their preferences.

9. When should I start my ACCA course?

Candidates can begin their registration for ACCA after 12th Commerce or Science completion. The minimum qualification required for ACCA is Class 12 with Mathematics or Accounts with the required marks. So candidates do not need to be considered graduates before registering for ACCA. Some people think they should be graduates before pursuing the course, but that is not necessary. The earlier you start, the better.


If, like many commerce students, you are confused about what to do after 12th Commerce, then we are here to help you do the research and arrive at the right decision for you. ACCA Course After 12th Commerce is a popular choice amongst students with great career options for the future. ACCA is among the most prestigious accounting degrees recognized in most parts of the world. ACCA-certified candidates possess exceptional accounting skills and are valued in the companies they work for.
And if you have decided to pursue ACCA Course After 12th Commerce, you will need expert mentors and a recognized institution like the NorthStar Academy to support every step of your journey. You can enroll at the NorthStar Academy to realize your ACCA dreams. With several authentic study resources, expert guidance for the exams, freedom to study from your homes, and the great reputation of the NSA in helping ACCA candidates, you will be able to complete the ACCA Course After 12th Commerce in no time.
So what are you waiting for? Take a step ahead for a bright future today with North Star Academy. Contact us or Call us at +91 8147470707 to talk to the counselors about your doubts.