Is it possible to do CMA coaching in Nagaland?


The US CMA (Certified Management Accountant) credential is a highly respected qualification that many finance students and corporate accountants want. To become a CMA USA professional in Nagaland, a candidate must first take and pass its 2-part comprehensive certification exam.
Some benefits of becoming a qualified US CMA professional include high-income packages, top management-level roles, and consistent career advancement. Students from different educational backgrounds can take the US CMA exam, although preparing for it might be difficult. There are various coaching centers, online and offline, available across India. By selecting the top CMA coaching in Nagaland, students may be led in the proper direction and succeed in passing the CMA USA certification exam.
Students and working professionals who wish to advance more quickly and easily up the corporate ladder or to diversify their career opportunities pursue the CMA USA. Due to its widespread acceptance and high regard by the world's leading multinational corporations (MNCs), it is eagerly sought after by students in the financial and accounting fields.

US CMA Course Details in Nagaland

CMA coaching in Nagaland offers CMA USA programs to students and working professionals to assist them in preparing for the CMA certification exam. The course is designed in accordance with the exam format and syllabus of the US CMA certification exam. 
Let us discuss the Eligibility, Syllabus, and Exam format in depth for the USA CMA course. The syllabus of the CMA USA course has been designed in compliance with the CMA exam syllabus issued by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). It is essential to understand the USA CMA certification exam syllabus so that you may plan your studies at the CMA coaching in Nagaland.

Syllabus - US CMA

The CMA exam syllabus is divided into two parts: Part I covers Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics, and Part II covers Strategic Financial Management.
The structure of the syllabus with the weightage of every topic is as follows:
Part 1 
  • External Financial Reporting Decisions (15%)
  • Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting (20%)
  • Performance Management (20%)
  • Cost Management (15%)
  • Internal Controls (15%)
  • Technology and Analytics (15%)
Part 2
  • Financial Statement Analysis (20%)
  • Corporate Finance (20%)
  • Decision Analysis (25%)
  • Risk Management (10%)
  • Investment Decisions (10%)
  • Professional Ethics (15%)

CMA USA Exam Pattern - US CMA Course

As explained previously, the USA CMA certification exam is divided into Part I and Part II. Understanding the CMA exam pattern can help you understand how to prepare for it and how much concentration you should put on each exam part. To prepare for this test, interested candidates can enroll in the CMA coaching in Nagaland, where they will be instructed according to the syllabus and exam pattern.
For your reference, the USA CMA exam pattern is provided below:
  • Each paper has a maximum possible score of 500 points, and you must receive at least 360 on each one to pass.
  • Each exam section has a time limit of four hours to complete. The test is divided into Multiple-Choice Questions (100 MCQ questions in each part) and Essay Questions (two essay scenarios with 5 to 6 individual questions).
  • The applicant will have three hours to complete the MCQs and one hour to complete the essay questions. To proceed to the essay part, you must correctly answer at least 50% of the MCQs.
  • The CMA certification examination is usually conducted three times each year. Candidates may register for any available slot as per their choice.

CMA USA Eligibility

If you decide to take the CMA USA exam and sign up for the CMA coaching in Nagaland, in such a scenario, you should be fully informed of the requirements for eligibility set forth by the IMA. The Eligibility criteria that must be met to apply for the CMA USA test are listed below:
  • Candidates must hold a bachelor's degree from a recognized institution/university, preferably in a relevant discipline (Finance and Accounting).
  • Candidates must have at least two years of work experience in financial management and company accounting. If someone does not meet this criterion, they will have six years after passing the USA CMA certification exam to gain the necessary work experience.
  • You should be an active member of IMA.
  • Candidates must also adhere to the Statement of Ethical Professional Practice.

CMA USA Fee Structure

One of the benefits of enrolling in CMA coaching in Nagaland is that you will receive discounts on the IMA exam cost. Here, we've covered both the regular and reduced exam fees for the IMA. 
Exam Fee
To apply for the USA Certified Management Accountant exam, applicants must pay a $15 one-time registration fee (included in the first Membership fee). Fees for students and working professionals vary. Working professionals must pay an Entrance Fee of $280 and an International Membership Fee of $260. Students must pay an entrance fee of $210 as well as a membership fee of $135. Students and working professionals must additionally pay an Examination cost of $345 and $460, respectively.
Course fee for CMA Coaching in Nagaland
For your access, the course fee breakdown of the CMA coaching in Guwahati is shown below:
In Student Category
SpecificsFee (in USD)
Membership Registration fee (Valid for 3 years) $45*3135
IMA Entrance fee (On time fee)210
Part 1 Exam fee345
Part 2 Exam fee345
In Professional Category
SpecificsFee (in USD)
Membership Registration fee (Valid for 3 years)260
IMA Entrance fee (On time fee)280
Part 1 Exam fee460
Part 2 Exam fee460

Duration of CMA USA Coaching in Nagaland

If you enroll in CMA coaching in Nagaland, you must be familiar with the duration of the CMA USA course. The students can complete the US CMA course in 8 to 9 months. With enough work, preparation, devotion, and instruction from the best faculties, you may pass the CMA certification test in one go.
You can now make a well-informed choice to enroll in a US CMA Course as you have all the information you need on the CMA USA course. Now let's discuss why we should get ourselves enrolled in this course.

Why do you need to enroll at a CMA coaching in Nagaland?

You have access to various perks when you enroll in the CMA coaching in Nagaland, which will help you pass the CMA certification exam. Some of the advantages are listed below to assist you in deciding whether or not to sign up for the CMA USA course.
Students from any educational background are eligible to take the USA CMA certification exam. Students from non-commerce backgrounds sometimes struggle to grasp the syllabus and plan of study for the exam in this situation. Taking a CMA USA training would aid students in grasping the concepts.
It is essential to learn from appropriate sources when preparing for the USA CMA exam for maximum preparation and results. However, learners usually struggle to find appropriate study material for all areas and topics. You will benefit from having access to specific study resources.
The CMA coaching in Nagaland gives you access to the greatest mentors and trainers who will help you through your preparation period's ups and downs. Furthermore, they are there to assist you if concerns occur during your course of study. Mentors provide constant support to help you prepare for the CMA certification test.
Attempting as many practice exams and sample questions as possible is a certain method to improve your preparation for the US CMA exam and increase your confidence. The top CMA coaching in Nagaland will provide you access to practice exams and sample questions created using the most recent exam patterns. To be ready for the CMA exam, try to solve as many of these questions as you can.


1. What is the CMA salary in the USA?

CMA job prospects in the United States provide excellent incomes and stable career advancement to CMA credential holders. According to the IMA 2019 Global Compensation Survey, the average base salary for a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) in the US was $102,500 (compared to $65,000 globally). The median base income for non-CMAs was $80,000 in the Americas and $30,000 worldwide.

2. What is the eligibility for US CMA?

A UG degree from a reputable institution or university is required. The subject should be relevant. A minimum of two years' worth of management or financial accounting job experience is also required. The IMA's Statement of Ethical Professional Practice is mandatory for you to follow.

3. Is CMA valid in the USA?

US CMA is a globally renowned certification recognized in practically every country, including the United States, the United Kingdom, China, India, and the Middle East.

4. Is CMA USA Easy?

The CMA USA exam is not simple to pass. Because it examines a person's intellectual capacity, the US CMA Exam is regarded as the most difficult. It is estimated that less than half of the test-takers will succeed because the average passing percentage for both portions is only 45%. The preparation necessary to pass any exam. Nevertheless, if you are determined to pass the CMA test on your first try, you should enroll in the top CMA coaching in Nagaland to help prepare for your exam.

5. Is the US CMA better than India?

Both CMA USA and CMA India are esteemed accounting programs that provide a variety of prospects. However, US CMA would be your best option if you're seeking international chances with a shorter course length. It also depends on where you want to work in the future; if you intend to remain in India, ICWA is the best option (Indian CMA would be better). CMA (USA) has a global reach.

6. How much does a US CMA earn in India?

CMAs often earn 58% more than non-CMAs do across all countries. A newly certified Certified Management Accountant in India with no prior experience can expect to earn between Rs. 4 lakh and Rs. 5 lakh per year. You may earn up to Rs.7 - 9 lakh per year as a fresher, provided you have prior business expertise and a solid academic background. Enroll in the CMA coaching in Nagaland if you're considering obtaining your US CMA certification, and you'll pass the test with ease.

7. To CMA Course in Nagaland, is coaching required?

It's critical to enroll in CMA coaching in Nagaland if you're serious about passing the exam. The self-study method may be used for CMA USA. However, most individuals won't find it effective. The coaching center will provide enough time for review to help candidates complete the course on time.

8. Which institute is best for CMA coaching in Guwahati?

Students from all educational backgrounds may benefit from comprehensive supervision for the CMA test preparation offered by NorthStar Academy, in addition to other incredible advantages of signing up for the best CMA coaching in Nagaland.

9. Can we self-study to prepare for CMA USA?

Yes, we can self-study for the CMA USA exam if you are fully dedicated and focused on it. However, joining a top coaching institute is always beneficial as it will provide relevant study content and learning support. CMA USA is a certification that is recognized all around the world. You can utilize this qualification to get work both in and outside of India. Investing in CMA USA is well worth your time and money.


Students who wish to achieve a top-tier management accounting certification from an internationally renowned authority, such as IMA, often search for the finest CMA coaching in Nagaland. Students require the correct institution operated by the finest mentor to excel academically. That's where NorthStar Academy comes in. This US CMA training institute provides students with a complete understanding of the CMA USA exam syllabus and assists them in grasping the fundamentals. Because it was created by specialists such as M Irfat sir, the CMA USA course is well-structured and trustworthy. 
NSA provides applicants with the most reliable and up-to-date 12-section Becker study guides, which are the most well-known and relevant for the CMA USA test. NorthStar Academy also gives essay case studies books and Section-wise Formula tools for better preparation. NSA also offers combined discounts on the IMA exam and student membership fees.
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