Job Opportunities After ACCA: What You Need to Know

If you are passionate about gaining the right knowledge and skills to join the finance space after completing an ACCA certification, then you will be glad to know that you can choose from a wide range of job titles. Lately, ACCA has become one of the top choices among students for pacing up their careers early in their lives. Some candidates are already working full-time, and to walk up the ladder in the professional world and grab great job opportunities after ACCA, they are choosing this finance course. You need to compare ACCA roles with salary, then choose the best career options after ACCA. 

ACCA Jobs for Freshers 

If you are new to the professional world, there is no need to worry; you can grab good entry-level jobs with decent salaries. Scaling up the success ladder also becomes easy when you have an ACCA course certification with you. In your search for job opportunities after ACCA, some of the positions that you can fill as a fresher are:
  • Accounts Executive 
  • Accounting Associate 
  • Auditor 
  • Audit and Assurance Associate 
  • Finance Executive 
  • and many more.

Check out the important job titles you can grab after ACCA. 

A candidate can take on the following job roles as an ACCA:

Financial Accountant 

When you come across the job title of a financial accountant after your potent search for the best job opportunities after ACCA, remember that it comes with many responsibilities. As a professional, you are responsible for collecting and analyzing data. Updating yourself with industry trends and forecasting an organization's future financial needs will be part of your job role. You need to prepare detailed statements and clearly communicate the correct financial information to the decision-makers, senior personnel of the company, and stakeholders.
  • You need to research, gather, and deal with financial data to assist in accounting tasks. 
  • You need to prepare and dabble with financial documents summing up the financial performance of an organization.
  • Being well-versed in the industry's GAAP guidelines is crucial to abide by regulations.
  • You must advise senior management to make crucial business and investment decisions.
  • You have to assist in budget preparation in alignment with an organization's goals.

Management Accountant 

Management accountants are key players in shaping an organization's financial performance. Your insights will help the management of any organization make informed financial decisions. If you can pinpoint the risks and analyze them associated with business growth as part of your job role, then engaging in risk assessment can help an organization overcome hurdles. 
Some of the core responsibilities that you need to shoulder as a management accountant include the following: 
  • Preparing financial statements and conducting proper analysis 
  • Playing a crucial role in budgeting and forecasting 
  • Managing and controlling costs 
  • Evaluating the financial performance of an organization
  • Risk analysis and coming up with financial risk management strategies


When you fill the position of auditor in an organization, you must take care of the company's accounting procedures and financial transactions. Everything is protected by law, and an organization has to adhere to the legal requirements when carrying out its operations. An auditor ensures that a company actively engages in audits to prevent discrepancies of any sort. You need to have a keen eye for detail, the power of perception, and analytical ability to be a successful auditor. 
The key roles you need to fulfill as an auditor are:
  • Oversee and monitor the accounting process of an organization. 
  • Ensure ethical accounting practices by complying with standard auditing guidelines. 
  • Preparing flawless audit reports in a fair way
  • Offer information about auditing procedures and report fraud to investigating authorities.
  • Verifying financial norms and protocols related to borrowings and lending activities of an organization 

Treasury Manager 

Have you joined an organization as a treasury manager? This is one of the top job opportunities after ACCA. You must know that you hold a key position within the organization's hierarchy. You need to take care of all the aspects of financial management and work in close coordination with the company's management so that you can balance the organization's finances. 
Eager to know your key role as a Treasury manager? Read on: 
  • Tackle corporate finance that includes cash and liquidity. 
  • Prepare and produce financial statements. 
  • Participate and offer input in investment decisions.
  • Coordinating and collaborating with top management professionals like the CFO to fulfill budgetary needs 
  • Making financial forecasts based on previous history and current data 

Financial Analyst

You need to use your knowledge and skills to assess the organization's financial position after you join it as a financial analyst. You need to be updated with industry-specific business news and critically evaluate economic market trends. When you carry out a detailed study, assemble data, and prepare reports, you will be able to identify risks restricting the organization's growth. 
You need to take on some of the core responsibilities in your job role:
  • Make recommendations on the financial health of the organization.
  • Support budgeting efforts. 
  • Predict business scenarios based on data analysis.
  • Design feasible financial models. 
  • Make financial forecasts with sanguinity. 

Financial Controller 

If put simply, carrying out the role of a financial controller in an organization involves a compact financial analysis of the organization’s standing and preparing error-free financial reports. For proper budget implementation and control in an organization, you, as a financial controller, must develop effective strategies. It is a rewarding career option, with a good salary and career growth opportunities. 
Find out what you need to do in your role as a financial controller in an organization:
  • Preparing and scrutinizing financial statements for errors and quality control 
  • Managing tax reports 
  • Overseeing cash flow, planning, and making way for foreign currency 
  • From stakeholder management to debt management, you need to manage it all.
  • As a financial steward, you need to deal with risks, preserve assets, and monitor internal controls. 

Forensic Accountant

This job title requires you to be well-versed in accounting and auditing. This way, you will be able to carry out financial analysis using your problem-solving skills to tackle legal issues. In your job, you must deal with sensitive data to detect financial inconsistencies. Your skills matter when you analyze the data and financial information in challenging business cases. 
Know about your job roles and responsibilities as a forensic accountant: 
  • Examine financial documents to pick out fraudulent practices. 
  • Investigate financial crimes. 
  • Provide litigation and dispute assistance. 
  • Ensure adherence to accounting procedures. 
  • Deal with tax return procedures.

Tax Specialist 

After completing ACCA, if you feel that being a tax specialist in an organization can be your true calling, just go for it. If you are interested in dealing with tax issues, you will enjoy the role of a tax specialist. You need to deal with tax audits and be active in resolving discrepancies. You should have a command of and knowledge of tax laws and federal regulations. Your analytical and communicative role ensures smooth communication with clients and other personnel when explaining tax-related documents. 
A tax specialist needs to carry out the following tasks:
  • Assist in tax payments and assess an organization’s tax returns.
  • Offer guidance to tax professionals for proper tax planning and monitoring.
  • Researching tax laws for adhering to the standard regulations and minimizing liabilities 
  • Offer indispensable support in tax planning.
  • Monitoring industry trends and analyzing tax regulations 

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 1. What job will I get after ACCA?

There are loads of job opportunities after ACCA in India and worldwide. Some of the prominent roles are:
  • Financial Accountant 
  • Management Accountant
  • Financial Analyst 
  • Auditor 
  • forensic Accountant 
  • Treasury Manager
  • Tax specialists and the like.
2. Is it hard to get a job after completing ACCA?

Not at all. Completing ACCA was one of the best career decisions you ever made. Not only can you have a great career in India, but bagging great job titles all over the globe becomes a reality after completing it. 

3. Is ACCA a high-paying job?
Yes, of course! The salary is good for ACCA candidates regardless of their job role, from freshmen to senior positions. 

4. Which field of ACCA is best?
From finance and audit to accounts, there are lots of lucrative job options for you. Choose as you wish, according to your skill set, preference, salary expectation, location, and more. 


This has been quite a read about the different job opportunities after ACCA. So, ensure that you have a solid base in finance and accounting so that you can crack the ACCA exam. For assured success, it is necessary to have comprehensive study materials and the right guidance on your side. 
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