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  • Salary of a Chartered Accountant in India
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Accountancy is an excellent and lucrative profession for committed and proactive individuals with a commerce background. There are many career options to consider in the accounting and finance industry, but the road to becoming a chartered accountant is one of the most widely sought-after. Many people pursue this career path because of the lucrative chartered accountancy salary and the great status attached to it. 
A career as a Chartered Accountant (CA) could appeal to you if you are comfortable working with numbers and possess good analytical abilities. There are several ways to go into accountancy, but the road to becoming a chartered accountant often entails passing through several significant professional milestones. Learning more about this field of work is the first step in starting a career.
In this informational blog, we will explain various aspects of chartered accountancy along with the lucrative chartered accountancy salary that you will get.

Role of a Chartered Accountant

Regardless of the industry vertical, you can work in various fields and probably do a comparable set of tasks. The following is a summary of the crucial tasks that chartered accountants must perform:
  • Accountancy & Auditing
The most valuable service you as a CA offer is auditing, which is a result of your competence in CA. Accounting is one of your duties, from basic bookkeeping to intricate financial analysis. The possibility of working on audits is also there. CAs are trusted with auditing because it calls for their specialized education, training, judgment, and financial abilities.
  • Tax Planning & Management
Finance management includes tax assessment in its entirety. Chartered Accountants assist their customers with filing their tax returns, serve as their representatives when dealing with income tax authorities, and generally offer guidance on all tax-related issues. When it comes to taxation, organizations, individuals, and other clients frequently require a Chartered Accountant's in-depth knowledge and experience.
  • Cost Accountancy
Your training as a CA qualifies you to provide businesses with qualified advice on production-related issues. Your advice can assist the business in precisely calculating production costs at different phases of operation, regardless of whether it offers a product or a service. You can advise the management group on cost-cutting measures and the appropriate selling price for their goods or services.
  • Serving as an Organization's Secretary
Well-structured businesses may prefer a CA in the position of secretary among the management. You may frequently be appointed in a secretarial position by a group of businesses. Your principal duty is to support the board of directors in matters of finance, management, accounting, and taxation.
  • Serving on Boards of Directors
Most businesses recognize and value the benefits of having a chartered accountant sit on a board of directors. CAs with years of experience are frequently picked for this position and will get a handsome chartered accountancy salary. You can be invited to serve as a company's director if you have acquired experience in high roles within the sector.
  • Tasks Involving Investigations
Companies that desire a comprehensive view of their financial situation may find your knowledge a significant advantage. For instance, businesses can undertake investigation tasks while selling or buying a firm. Top businesses could hire you to improve managerial efficiency or investigate why earnings are rising or falling.
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The Average CA Salary in India vs. Other Countries

According to the ICAI report, the chartered accountancy salary variations among the major countries are shown below. The chartered accountant title is a respected and well-known one that is recognized all over the world. However, there may be disparities in chartered accountancy salary between countries depending on the standard of living and human resource value of each nation.
CountryFresher CAExperienced CAHighest CA Salary
AustraliaAU$ 74kAED 123kAED 113k
DubaiAED 100kAED 123kAED 615k

Salary of a Chartered Accountant in India

The work description of the chartered accountant and the organization that hires him will determine the chartered accountancy salary in India. You gain from set work hours and reduced stress if you work for the government. But you can make more money working as a CA for an MNC. Government organizations do not often offer big wages, yet a CA might still benefit much from working there.
A Chartered Accountant is highly needed for a variety of positions in the country rather than just having an understanding of taxes and accounts. The higher status of the position attracts applicants nationwide with strong educational backgrounds. The positions of Chief Financial Officer, Financial Controller, Account Executive, and Financial Manager come with attractive compensation packages of Rs. 20 lakhs annually. According to the job profile for 2022, the annual chartered accountancy salary list in India is shown below.
Job profileAverage Salary Per annum (INR)
Finance Officer30-35 Lakh
Account Executive20-22 Lakh
Accountant12-15 Lakh
Finance Manager10-12 Lakh
Financial Analyst6-8 Lakh
Assistant Account Manager4-6 Lakh
Senior Account Executive3-5 lakh
Business Analyst 5-7 Lakh
Account Assistant3-5 Lakh

How to get paid the Highest CA Salary?

  • Score a good Rank in the CA examinations.
Your chances of receiving high packages will obviously improve if you perform well on the CA Examination. That indicates that if a top organization hires you after earning a high rank in the CA Examinations, your beginning chartered accountancy salary might easily reach 2025 lakhs per year. But, there is a potential that your compensation will increase if you have other talents besides having a rank.
  • Possess Knowledge & Skills
Any door may be opened with the right knowledge. Your chances of being chosen for the higher packages are always great if your notions are clear and you have a firm grasp of your subjects. A high chartered accountancy salary may not necessarily translate into a high starting wage for new hires. Nonetheless, your prospects of rising in a few years increase if you land a position with one or more MNCs or prestigious companies.
  • The Number of Attempts should be Lower.
Unless you don't have stellar references, your total number of attempts counts while applying for great jobs. Only if you successfully complete the program in just two or three attempts will you be shortlisted for prestigious companies like KPMG, PWC, Deloitte, EY, or other Top CA Firms. Only after being shortlisted initially will you get to prove yourself in the interview. So, if you want to work for BIG 4 or other top accounting firms, aim to pass your CA Final on your first try. Your chartered accountancy salary will also go up as a result. Discover the errors that students frequently commit.
  • Excellent score on your Final Exam
The grades you receive at every stage are important, but the CA Final grades are the ones that have the biggest impact on your ability to land a decent job with a higher salary. So without having clear conceptions, you would not be able to pass the CA Final. It is an advanced level of CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final; anything you learned in CPT, IPCC, or Practical Training aids you in passing the Final. In other words, your selection and chartered accountancy salary will be based on the grades you earned, even after several tries.
  • Exceptional Communication Skills
Influencing the interviewer is made easier by having strong communication skills. That improves the way you come across in the interview. Hence, once you are shortlisted, your manner of presenting yourself through your exceptional communication skills aids in obtaining a nice compensation package in India.
  • Experience with Excellent Practical Training
Several students choose to complete a mock article to pass their CA Final on their first try. They don't, however, have the experience they may have had from the practical training, which is what they need to accomplish this. Based on your grades, you may be chosen for an interview, but after that, your experience will reflect in the interview. Students can sign up for the Articleship program at some of the major CA companies in India and receive a stipend of about Rs 20,000. Also, these businesses pay a good chartered accountancy salary to their staff.
  • Locality
It matters about the part of the city you wish to work in. You may easily obtain an average salary of 7 to 10 lakhs per annum in established and major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Gurgaon. But, it might be a little challenging and less so in other cities.
These are only a few fundamental variables that greatly affect your chartered accountancy salary packages. First, look at the top companies that employed the most CA's with good packages.

Highest Paying Companies to CA in India

Several of the top corporations have also begun to reorganize in India. Many financial managers and Chartered Accountants are required to handle these organizations' enormous accounts and auditing. Working with big firms is the dream of many individuals; employees can develop themselves to the greatest extent feasible. Some people still believe that only the BIG 4 firms pay their employees well, but this is not the case. 
Some of the highest-paid CA in India payers are listed below. Working with such businesses allows you to experience many aspects of the CA profile. They are also among the highest-paying jobs in the business:
Highest Paying CompaniesAverage Salary of CA (in INR)
Reliance Industries22-25 Lakh
Deloitte15-35 Lakh
Hindustan Unilever Ltd16-30 Lakh
KPMG12-32 Lakh
Aditya Birla Sun Life14-25 Lakh
ICICI Bank12-26 Lakh
ITC15-25 Lakh
TATA Company14-25 Lakh
Bharti Airtel12-24 Lakh
SBI Bank8-19 Lakh


Making a sensible career choice won't be too tough now that we've covered practically all of the information on the CA and the chartered accountancy salary packages they will receive. After getting certified, a Chartered Accountant should stay current on technical and commercial challenges. In addition to keeping you informed, joining a professional organization may aid your ongoing professional growth.
To get this certification, you must succeed in the relevant certification exams of CA, which require good preparation. Candidates must enrol in courses at a respected coaching institute like NorthStar Academy (NSA) to prepare for the difficult certification examinations. To help students keep costs down, NSA offers them specialized study materials, video lectures, live sessions, and package discounts. In addition, applicants can view free sample courses to assess the course and class quality before enrolling in the CA study program.
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Q1. How much does a CA earn per month in India?

The annual average chartered accountancy salary in India is between INR 6-7 lakhs. The typical salary for a CA might range from INR 40 to 60 lakhs, depending on his qualifications and experience. A CA might make INR 75 lakh annually if he receives an international appointment. The average pay for a CA was INR 8.4 lakhs at the most recent ICAI placement.

Q2. What is the starting salary of CA?

With an average yearly income of INR 6.3 lakhs, chartered accountant salaries in India for those with less than a year of experience to those with nine years of experience vary from 2 lakhs to INR 14.5 Lakhs. The average salary for a CA ranges from INR 4.5 LPA to INR 6 LPA when they first enter the pitch. Starting salaries for some of the largest corporations, including IBM, Sony, Ranbaxy, TCS, and Infosys, vary from INR 20 to INR 30 LPA.

Q3. Can I get a job abroad after CA?

Indian Chartered Accountants can only work abroad when there are Indian businesses present; otherwise, you must enrol in the locally recognized program in that nation. Moreover, to satisfy demand, ICAI has entered into MOUs with several nations, ensuring that the CA program in India is acknowledged in other nations and providing CAs with prospects overseas.

Q4. Which is better, CPA or CA?

When seeking certification, it is always best to base your decision on your future goals, present skill sets, and anticipated skill sets because neither qualification is superior to the other. Although both credentials demand a significant time, money, and effort investment, choosing the one that best meets your long-term goals will entail balancing all the factors that matter to you, including career prospects, time commitment, expenses, and convenience.

Q5. How much does a chartered accountant get paid in Big Four companies?

The average chartered accountancy salary at the Top 4 Accounting Companies is INR 12.1 lakhs per year, 95% greater than the average Chartered Accountant income in India, which is INR 6.2 lakhs per year.
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