List of Jobs after BCom - Addon Advantage for CMA USA Professionals


Commerce students have tons of opportunities in terms of further education and career. Many students fall for the myth that only Science students can get well-reputed and high-paying jobs. However, Commerce is a wide-reaching stream with varying career options. If you are interested in studying Commerce and making a great career in that field, give it all you have.
Do not let anyone make you think like options are limited, or jobs are scarce in this field. In particular, students who have taken B.Com as their choice need not worry about getting a good Jobs after BCom. Also, taking up some credible short courses like the US CMA can increase your chances of landing a high-paying Jobs after BCom.
So if you are a Commerce graduate confused about what course to take next in your career path, read along. This blog will inform you about various career choices, further courses, and their details. 

What is Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com)?

B.Com is a popular course option for students who had taken up Commerce in their school. The course is popular because it is one of the many affordable courses, and B.Com graduates can get jobs in many sectors. It is a pretty common undergrad course that several commerce students pursue. The course is considered beneficial because candidates can choose from various employment options. Many candidates take up the course because they think it will be easy to get a Jobs after BCom.
The course is also ideal if you want to take up further education to specialize in the field of your interest. B.Com is also a great choice if you want to go through the entrepreneur route. B.Com can benefit entrepreneurs by focusing on theoretical finance, accounting, taxation, and management knowledge. It also teaches management skills in Accounting, Business Law, Economics, Insurance, Taxation, and Management.

Jobs after BCom

The job options with B.Com generally are varied. Especially in India, B.Com graduates are in high demand in various sectors, but they should have additional professional certification. And they can get a job in several industries and different positions. 
A few options that can be considered for a Jobs after BCom are:
  • Actuary
  • Business Accountant and Taxation
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Company Secretary
  • Cost Accountant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Investment Banker
  • Marketing Manager
  • Personal Financial Advisor
  • Research Analyst
  • Retail Manager
These are just a few options for Jobs after BCom, that you can opt for. These options will be more easily accessible with additional courses after B.Com.
Is B.Com Alone Enough?
Doing B.Com can be a high-return and secure career option only if candidates want to pursue higher education and further certification courses. One must understand that getting high-paying or senior positions is not easy if they have completed only B.Com. Since B.Com is an undergraduate course, most jobs for B.Com freshers do not pay high. A Jobs after BCom only might not be high-paying or offer great incentives.
It is therefore imperative that B.Com graduates look for a good course post-graduation. They must research and go for a course that builds upon the foundation they received in their B.Com studies. Several courses have recently become popular and have helped B.Com graduates get high career growth and opportunities in India and abroad. They must also look for a course that will help them achieve their goals in their final stream of Commerce like taxation, accounting, actuary, management, finance, etc.

What is an ideal course to go for after B.Com graduation?

If you have looked for a Jobs after BCom and have been unsuccessful and are looking for a course to help your career, then you have a great option. Also, if you are looking for a course that amalgamates accounts and management and is globally accepted, then the US CMA course is a popular choice. People who have graduated with B.Com or are pursuing their undergrad degree can apply for this course.
It is a very beneficial course that gives an edge to those certified. People who want a career in accounting or finance but need to add an edge to their widely recognized skills must opt for the US CMA Course. Getting a US CMA Jobs after BCom is the dream job for myriads of Commerce graduates.

Why getting a CMA USA certification after B.Com is instrumental in your career?

The US CMA course has several benefits for the career of a Commerce graduate. The USA CMA certification can help you get your dream Jobs after BCom. It is the global benchmark for management accountants and financial professionals. The USA CMA course has several benefits that will help you advance your career. A few of them are mentioned below:
  1. Unlike other courses, US CMA-certified individuals can get high-paying jobs without much experience. CMA fresher jobs are abundant and pay more them other jobs in the same sector.
  2. CMA USA-certified individuals can expect high career growth in a short time. These candidates possess elevated skills, knowledge, and the required expertise that leads companies to highly value them.
  3. Individuals with the USA CMA certification possess the power to negotiate for better offers, opportunities, and positions.
  4. They have the options to choose a career for themselves. It is not so easy for candidates who are just looking for a Jobs after BCom. Candidates with the USA CMA certification can apply for handsome jobs in different parts of the world. These candidates can make use of global opportunities more easily than other individuals.
  5. Even candidates doing US CMA article ships or working as a CMA trainee get paid more than other internships or trainee jobs in the commerce field.
  6. If someone wants to do entrepreneurship or build their own business, the USA CMA certification along with their B.Com degree gives them the right set of skills, experience, expertise, and credibility to carry their business.
  7. CMA job opportunities are in abundance globally and offer more incentives, promotions, and recognition to those with the certification.
  8. The main advantage of the US CMA certification is security in the future and a career that can offer high margins of growth financially as well as in terms of experience.
So do not just settle down with a B.Com degree. Work just a little bit harder and give yourself that push that will open up way more opportunities for your future than just looking for a Jobs after BCom.


1. Can CMA get a job easily?

Yes, having a CMA certification is a great asset for someones career. It is the very reason why many candidates opt for the US CMA course. US CMA jobs offer great pay, incentives, job dependability, and personal recognition. A candidate with a US CMA certification is usually preferred in most companies over candidates with similar qualifications without CMA certification. Opportunity for Jobs after BCom increases multifold after a CMA certification.

2. What is a CMA job?

A CMA certification is usually great for candidates who want to do accounting with management skills and experience. A typical role for US CMA jobs includes a lot of decision-making and planning for the costing and pricing of goods and services. CMAs also verify and certify Cost Records and Taxation. Most of their work requires managerial skills, unlike other accounting jobs.

3. Is CMA a government job?

CMAs can get government jobs for sure. Several Ministries of the Indian Government have authorized US CMA professionals. They can work for Indian Cost Accounts Service. They can also apply for all central Govt Services like UPSC. CMA govt jobs are good for individuals who want to serve the Indian government through their skills and secure their future.

4. Can CMA work in a bank?

Yes, CMAs can get jobs in banks. In India, CMA-certified candidates can apply for the BANK recruitment Board. They can also apply for managerial positions in banks based on their CMA certification, skills, and experience. Also, there are opportunities for several jobs for CMA freshers in the banking sector.

5. Is CMA in demand?

Yes, CMA-certified candidates are in high demand nationally and internationally. Some of the world's leading companies and multinational accounting firms prefer candidates with the US CMA certification. Statistics show that candidates with a CMA certificate are likely to get recruited more than other candidates with similar qualifications but no CMA certification.
The certification is especially preferred by individuals who are looking for a job after BCom. CMA-certified individuals are paid more and are considered assets to a company due to their skills that merge accounting and management techniques.

6. Is CMA good for the future?

Yes, CMA is a great course to pursue to ensure career security in the future. Jobs for CMA-qualified individuals are in abundance around the world. CMA -certified candidates can even get remote CMA jobs, jobs in multinational companies, government jobs, etc. Moreover, with the CMA certification, candidates can expect high salaries, increased incentives, quick career growth, international reach, increased skills and knowledge, wide-ranging opportunities,


B.Com can be a great foundation that can help you build an impressive career. But this undergrad course does need a boost through an added course. This is exactly what the USA CMA course provides. So getting a Jobs after BCom will be a piece of cake with the US CMA certification. Commerce graduates can opt for this excellent course from NorthStar Academy and give their careers the boost they need. 
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So now you do not need to stress about getting a jobs after BCom. get your CMA certification at the earliest and enjoy all the benefits. For more information or in case of any queries, contact us here.
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