Making the Most of ACCA Study Materials and ACCA Books: A Students’ Guide

Have you enrolled for an ACCA or Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Course? When planning and setting out for this coveted profession, equip yourself with a well-defined study plan to back your career goals. 
Top-notch ACCA study materials significantly make your study time fruitful and increase your chances of cracking the ACCA exams. You should have access to reliable, ACCA team-approved resources to prepare for your exams. Find the top ACCA study materials and books you should prefer for your study preparation. 

What are the Different ACCA Materials?

There are various ACCA books that you can use as a reference for exam preparation:

1. Kaplan Publication ACCA Books

You can easily find the latest Kaplan ACCA materials for exam preparation, adding an edge to your study time. Learning about the application techniques, skills, understanding, and knowledge for strategic papers from the workbook becomes easier. Other than the study materials being reviewed by the ACCA examining team, you also get skills checkpoints, illustrations, activities, helpful exercises, and much more. You can study at your own pace. These materials help you sail through from one chapter to the other with fewer hiccups. 
For Strategic Papers, you can find an important revision tool: the Practice S. Revision Kit. With the ACCA Approved Practice S. Revision Kit, you can get question banks covering each aspect of the ACCA syllabus. There are answers with proper details about questions and two mock exams that come with guidance and full answers. 

2. BPP Learning Media Publication ACCA Books

BPP Learning Media is a content provider approved by ACCA. ACCA's partnership indicates that the practice and revision kits, workbooks, and study texts are subject to a complete review by the ACCA examining team. It ensures that all elements of the syllabus are covered. 
You can focus on the exams completely. BPP ACCA Materials include the most recent exams in the practice as well as revision kits that include marking guides and answers. You can find detailed text in the BPP learning material and many case studies. If you have some accounting experience beforehand, it can help you a lot in understanding such books.

3. Get Through Guides for ACCA

You can get high-quality training materials/books at low costs from Get Through Guides (GTG). It writes materials for various professional institutes across the globe, including IRDA, the Indian insurance regulator, the Insurance Institute of India, etc. GTG's textbooks are being used by more than a million individuals in India. 
The team for curation includes many expert researchers, instructional designers, trainers, specialist authors, and experienced professionals. 

4. Becker’s Revision Question Bank

The Revision Question Bank of Becker has received approval and quality assurance from the examining team of ACCA. These include the latest ACCA exams with recommended answers and questions from past exams, which are updated. You can also get tutorial notes, solutions, and model answers that are relevant to the exam. 

Tips to Choose the Best ACCA Study Materials  

The choice of the best ACCA study materials significantly matters in shaping your career as an ACCA. Consider the below pointers to make the right choice:
  1. Complete Course Syllabus Coverage

The best ACCA study materials cover the syllabus completely and clear up complex topics with proper explanations and enough practice questions for learning reinforcement. 
  1. Insightful Knowledge Imparting of Topics and Concepts

It is not enough to touch every topic and cover the ACCA syllabus. The resources should offer you insights that enable you to develop your analytical and knowledge application skills.
  1. Reputation of Publishers’ Matter

You can check with esteemed publishers to get the best ACCA books and materials for study, comprising question banks, revision kits, and official study texts. 
  1. Bank on Official Sources

It can also be beneficial for you to use all the ACCA study materials available from the official ACCA resources. 
  1. Seek Recommendations 

You must pay heed to the reviews and recommendations from students who have already accessed the study materials and seek honest feedback. 

How to Make the Most of the Top Study Materials?

Once you have laid your hands on the best ACCA study materials, the real job begins 
  • Plan well as to how you want to navigate the voluminous study materials. Take baby steps; don’t try to cover everything at once. 
  • Having a well-chalked-out study time in tune with your working schedule can help you strike a balance and focus on your studies.
  • A peaceful ambience matters when you sit to study. Choose a quiet corner or a room where you can concentrate and study well. 
  • Declutter your mind. Do away with preconceived notions that cracking ACCA exams is very difficult and other thoughts that bog down your spirit.

How ACCA Study Materials Makes You Exam-Ready

Confidence is the key and is often considered more important than talent. So don’t lose out on hope. By their depth, design and deductions, ACCA study materials go a long way in making you exam-ready. Let’s find out more about the 3Ds:
Depth: ACCA course materials cover and explain topics and subject matters in detail, covering all the important aspects. Knowing concepts and topics on the surface for an exam like ACCA will never suffice, and in-depth study materials are always wholesome. 
Design: The core concept behind designing the ACCA study materials is to make candidates exam-ready and, in turn, job-ready. The syllabus and curriculum get updated from time to time, so the instructors ensure that flexibility is offered when designing the ACCA course materials. 
Deductions: When it is a prestigious exam like ACCA, studying and gaining knowledge is not enough. You have to be doubly sure about your problem-solving ability and analytical skills and master the art of applying knowledge in real situations. Case Studies, critical reports, and technical articles induce in you the power of deducing things after studying a situation. 

How Does An Online Coaching Centre Make the Comprehension Process Easier?

Let’s face facts. All students do not have the same mental capacity to soak in all that is being given to them. One student might find a topic difficult, while the other might find it easy. The knowledge-acquiring process varies based on the grasping ability of the candidates.
This is where the accredited educators and instructors come in. Training centres like NorthStar Academy break down the courses in such a way that with the use of digital media, the toughest of concepts, theories, and subject matters get simplified. 
The lectures are graphically presented with colours and texts in various video formats, enabling students to cover vast topics in less time. 
Students can also check study groups and online forums and get online tutor support to supplement their learning.


1. What is the study material for ACCA? 

Yes, you can get various study materials online from ACCA. Various resources are available on the ACCA website, including technical articles, specimens and past exams, syllabus information, team guidance on exam techniques, e-papers, and much more. 

2. How do I get free ACCA study material? 

You can get access to study materials for free from the exclusive digital platform called the ACCA Study Hub, no matter which part of the world you are in. It can be accessed by students who take Strategic Professional exams, Applied Skills exams, Applied Knowledge exams, and FIA exams. 

3. How can I study ACCA on my own?

You can find it hard to self-study for ACCA, but with multiple practice sessions and a rigid study timetable on your side, the task is possible. If you are sure of your capacity, self-paced study can be preferable. However, the skill-based applied papers are challenging to clear. It is highly recommended that you opt for online coaching. 


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