Salary After EA Course- Fresher to Expert

Do you dream of entering the taxation industry? Are you aspiring to become a tax expert? Explore the Enrolled Agent certification course if your answer is positive. You must have come across several finance and accounting certification courses. Their perks and glory are undoubtedly commendable. They also help you to enter the global job market with ease and build a highly rewarding career on the international level. 

But, they are not the right choice for you if the tax world interests you the most. It is where you will come across the Enrolled Agent certification. Although there are several attractive reasons, perks and salary after EA certification are enough to convince you to pursue it. 
Every individual dreams of having a highly rewarding career. Whether it's about respect or remuneration, your dream career is full of positives. However, grabbing these opportunities requires you to put in much effort. It demands much more than traditional degrees. 

Acquiring internationally recognised professional certifications can help you enter the global tax world. It will not only help you enter but also build a reputed career within a short period. This is because even an EA salary for freshers is higher than that of most experienced, uncertified tax experts. 
To know more about this course and salary after EA, continue reading this post. It will equip you with all the knowledge you need about the Enrolled Agent certification course and the salary you can expect after pursuing it. 

Enrolled Agent Certification

First, understand the course in detail before learning about the salary after EA certification. The Internal Revenue Service Board grants the Enrolled Agent certification. This certification is deemed valuable in India, the US, and other nations. As an EA, you can choose to work independently or as a part of any organisation. EA professionals also have to represent their clients in front of the IRS. However, your job will not only be restricted to this. 
You will also be expected to handle everything else related to taxes for your clients or employers. This includes tax compliance, bookkeeping, audits, and several other responsibilities. Your salary after the EA course will significantly depend on your responsibilities. 


You must fulfil the following requirements to achieve the EA certification- 
  • 18 years of age
  • 10+2 educational qualification or high school diploma
  • Valid Preparer Tax Identification Number 

EA Exam

The IRS conducts an examination for the EA certification. It has the following three levels. 

Individual Level

  • Preliminary Work and Taxpayer Data
  • Income and Assets
  • Deductions and Credits
  • Taxation
  • Advising the individual taxpayer
  • Specialised Returns for Individuals- 13%

Business Level

  • Business Entities and Considerations
  • Business Tax Preparation
  • Specialised Returns and Taxpayers

Representation, Practices and Procedures

  • Practices and Procedures
  • Representation before the IRS
  • Specific Areas of Representation
  • Filing Process

EA Exam Cost

Another crucial factor in understanding the salary after EA in India and other countries is its exam cost. You will have to pay around USD 684 for the Special Enrollment Examination. It includes a fee of USD 35.95 for obtaining or renewing PTIN. This fee needs to be paid annually. Also, it includes an examination fee of USD 206 for each part and a USD 30 enrolment fee. 

Career Opportunities for EAs

Companies hire Enrolled Agents for varying roles. However, you can also choose to work independently for numerous clients. Some Enrolled Agents also choose the path of entrepreneurship and start their tax consultancy firm. So, your salary after EA also depends on the path you choose. The following are some of the most common job profiles for an Enrolled Agent. 

Tax Consultant

Tax consultants are also known as tax advisors. The primary role of tax consultants involves tax planning and consultancy. They ensure a company's tax compliance with rules and regulations. Also, these professionals are expected to help them with financial decision-making based on the laws. 

Tax Preparer

A tax preparer is supposed to prepare taxation documents, check for their accuracy, and verify the financial documents of a company.

Tax Compliance Officer

Tax compliance officers ensure tax compliance of taxpayers with the laws and regulations of the IRS Board. Additionally, they also assist taxpayers to ensure their compliance. 

Factors Affecting Salary After EA Course

Every Enrolled Agent does not get a fixed pay. Your EA salary in abroad or within your country depends on various factors, as listed below. 

Experience Level

The first factor that influences an Enrolled Agent's salary is your experience level. The salaries of EAs at the entry-level are lower than the experienced ones. Senior EAs get the highest salaries in the world. It is because your salary is directly proportional to your knowledge. Your knowledge will increase with your time in the industry. The enhanced knowledge and experience will result in an increase in your salary. 

Job Profile

Companies hire Enrolled Agents for varying job profiles. Your salary will highly depend on your job role and responsibilities. You might work as a tax preparer, tax compliance officer, tax consultant or a different role in a company. All these roles offer varying salary ranges as their responsibilities are different. 

Company Size

Your salary as an Enrolled Agent also depends on your company's size. People who work in top organisations like the Big 4 can have higher packages compared to others. But, company size is not the sole factor that determines your salary. Your experience also matters.


Another factor influencing an EA's salary is location. EA salary in abroad is much higher than in India. It is crucial to understand the location and can never solely decide your salary. Some companies in India offer higher salaries than certain companies abroad. 

Salary After EA

The Enrolled Agent certification is a globally recognised accreditation. One of the main reasons for its prestige is the thorough training you get for its examination. While preparing for the Special Enrollment Examination, you will learn about tax concepts in detail. You will gain advanced knowledge in the field. Also, it will help you enhance your skills. Earning an EA certification allows you to turn your theoretical knowledge into practical. 

Various factors influence the salary of an Enrolled Agent. But, some trusted studies show that the annual EA salary for freshers in India is between INR 6 and INR 8 lakhs. Senior EAs earn INR 15 lakhs or more annually on average. These studies also suggest that Enrolled Agents earn 10% more than non-certified tax professionals. 


1.What is the starting salary for EA?

Enrolled Agents get an attractive starting salary. Companies ranging from the Big 4s to leading MNCs are willing to offer high packages to these professionals. On average, the EA salary for freshers is between INR 6 and INR 8 lakhs. It can be even higher based on company size and your other accreditations and degrees. 


2.Is EA highly paid?

Enrolled Agents get high remuneration all around the world. The top employers prefer Enrolled Agents over non-certified tax professionals. They offer high designations in their companies to EAs. Also, EAs advance in their career more quickly, resulting in high salaries. 


3.Who earns more CA or EA?

Chartered Accountants are highly reputed in the finance and accounting Industry. The same goes with the Enrolled Agents. Both these accreditations are prestigious in the finance, accounting and taxation industries. CAs and EAs get high salaries. However, their salaries significantly depend on experience level. 


4.What is the salary after 9 papers in EA?

The salary after the EA course significantly depends on various factors. These factors include experience level, company size, location and job role. On average, the EA salary range for freshers is between INR 6 and 8 lakhs per annum. For senior EAs, it is around INR 15 lakhs per annum or more. 

Summing Up

Achieving an Enrolled Agent certification is the best path to fast-track your career in the international taxation world. The EA certification brings in many opportunities and a highly regarded career. The salary after the EA course acts as one of the most attractive factors in pursuing this certification. So, if you dream of forming a position in the global taxation world, this accreditation is a must for you. It will help you stand out among the non-certified tax professionals. Additionally, as an EA, you will get high packages from top employers. 

If you dream of becoming an Enrolled Agent, the first step is to clear the SEE exam with a good score. It is where NorthStar Academy will help you with its expert EA course. Our highly qualified and trained mentors provide you with world-class education and end-to-end support for assured success.
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