The Advantages of Choosing CPA over CA: Exploring the Benefits


Finance and accounting rank among the most secure and stable industries to pursue a career due to the continuous demand for dedicated US CPA specialists. The indispensability of these professionals for every company ensures a stable and thriving job market. If you aspire to embrace the freedom of exploring international work opportunities, consider specializing as a US CPA or making a transition from a CA to a CPA USA. These pathways open up a world of possibilities for your professional growth and global career prospects. US CPA is a globally-recognized certification administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The US CPA course can be finished in as little as seven months and as much as one year. Contrarily, CA stands for Chartered Accountant, and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) administers the examinations for the CA certification program, which typically takes 4 to 5 years to complete.
When it comes to CA vs. CPA what matters the most is your professional path and goal. There is no apparent winner when choosing between US CPA and CA because both credentials enhance a professional accountant's technical, accounting, and company management skills. If you want to take your accounting career to the next level globally, the CA to CPA method is the ideal course of action. If you enroll in the well-optimized US CPA certification course, it will expand your knowledge of accounting and finance, and give you additional career alternatives.

Benefits of CPA USA Certification Course

Here are multiple benefits of CPA USA course:

Employment Advantages of CPA

There are several job benefits of CPA license. You'll be eligible to work with multinational organizations since you'll be conversant with US GAAP and  IFRS. Indian businesses increasingly prioritize hiring employees with expertise in international accounting, recognizing the growing demand for such specialized knowledge. The CPA course is in-depth and covers various subjects, including law, taxation, auditing, regulatory frameworks, ethics, planning, and financial management.

Worldwide Opportunities

Since CPAs have earned AICPA certification, they are more likely to be hired by MNCs. You can practice as a CPA anywhere in the world if you pass your course along with getting certification. Compared to CA, the CPA course gives you greater financial rewards and recognition. The value of your professional profile will increase significantly as soon as you successfully complete both of these programs and obtain a dual certification. You will have a deeper grasp of the methods and standards of accounting that are globally applicable once you earn your US CPA certification.

US CPA License

If you pass the exam and acquire the required work experience to receive your US CPA license, you are permitted to use the US CPA title when signing documents. Most jurisdictions need at least 1-2 years of relevant accounting experience before granting a US CPA license. The US CPA license also has additional benefits, such as having the power to sign audit reports and tax returns or operate as an owner or partner of a public accounting firm. So pick a course that will enable you to succeed even more in your chosen area. 

Less Time Consuming and More Practical than US CPA

You might be able to complete the US CPA course in 14 months if you have the appropriate level of education and work experience. If you have successfully completed your CA, learning the CPA After CA curriculum will be much simpler. You can pursue many careers after completing your CPA degree, allowing you to develop other skills and become multi-talented. These careers include forensic accounting, international accounting, internal and external audits, etc. With the proper instruction and guidance, you can significantly reduce the time and effort required to pass the CPA course exam and increase your chances of success.

Higher Salary

The US CPA course offers a number of benefits that will assist you in finding an attractive and high-income role. The US CPA certification has been a gateway for many individuals to secure employment with multinational corporations (MNCs). A significant proportion of applicants pursuing US CPA professional programs consider the attractive wage benefits associated with the certification. As per statistics, those who have pursued the CPA course earn more than those who have just earned a CA. In India, the standard compensation for a US CPA is INR 17.5 LPA, whereas that of a CA is INR 10.85 LPA. Additionally, US CPAs receive annual raises and higher incentives as bonuses.
Hence, If you want to boost your income, you should think about enrolling in a CPA program as an investment because it will provide you access to a number of advantages of CPA USA.

Accounting Firms Require US CPAs

The exclusive authority to audit financial statements in the US and US-based corporations lies with the US CPA experts. Remarkably, American CPAs can extend their expertise to Canada, conducting audits for Canadian businesses under the Mutual Recognition Agreement between US CPA and CPA Canada. Nonetheless, specific conditions and qualifying criteria must be met for this practice. Regardless of whether you choose India, the US, or Canada as your home nation or city, ample opportunities will always surround you.

The Title of "Black Belt Accountant" is Yours to Keep

The Certified Public Accountant is often regarded as the "Black Belt of Accounting" because achieving this prestigious certification in India is as challenging as passing the CA exam. The US CPA certification exam is known for its exceptional difficulty, with an average passing rate of 45% to 50%, earning it the nickname "India CA of the US." Completing this course and succeeding in these examinations will prepare you to tackle any accounting challenge with confidence. As a result, the US CPA certification is recognized as one of the most advanced and cutting-edge qualifications in the field of accounting.

Career That is Well-Regarded and Reliable 

CPA professionals are highly regarded due to their responsibility for managing the most crucial and essential aspect of finance. Finance and accounting lie at the core of every company or sector, providing vital information and a comprehensive picture of the business' financial health. Based on these financial figures, management makes critical decisions that significantly impact the proper operation of the business and its future endeavors. As a result, Certified Public Accountants are entrusted with all crucial data analysis and financial counsel.
Enrolling in a CPA course offers numerous employment advantages, and the benefits of obtaining the US CPA certification are well-established. To gain a deeper understanding of the advantages of CPA, it is worthwhile to explore various CPA job choices and their corresponding pay scales.

US CPA Career Opportunities

A US CPA's opportunities for advancement with a Big Four Firm and other top MNCs have improved considerably. The US CPA program prepares the applicant to handle the complexities of diverse accountancy sub-sectors with acute proficiency. The CPA profession covers a wide range of profitable positions, and you may apply for various jobs at some of the most prestigious corporations on the globe. 
The top jobs in India for US CPAs include the following:
  • Risk & Compliance Professional
  • Personal Financial Advisor
  • Accounting Software Developer
  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • Corporate Controller
  • Information Technology (IT) Accountant
  • Finance Director
There are several possibilities for employment in India for US CPA professionals. Many organizations are looking for US Certified Public Accountants, including the Big 4 firms - E&Y, Deloitte, KPMG, and PwC.

US CPA Salary in India

One of the important advantages of CPA in India is its higher salary range. Salary ranges can frequently be affected by an individual's degree of education and experience throughout time. A Certified Public Accountant may make between INR 9 lakhs and INR 50 lakhs a year in India. In India, an entry-level CPA makes between INR 4-6 LPA. In metropolitan and cosmopolitan areas, the salary for experienced US CPAs is 17.5 lakhs annually.   


Q1. Which is harder, CPA or CA?
Ans. Hard work and dedication are essential for becoming a CA or CPA. In contrast to the 34 years it takes to become a CA, you may pass the CPA exam in 612 months. Despite the fact that both exams are equally challenging, the CA may appear longer and more in-depth due to time constraints.
Q2. What is the best field in accounting?
Ans. In accounting, one may choose many different career paths, and skilled applicants are constantly in demand. However, demand greatly rises if the applicant earns a US Certified Public Accountant (CPA), CMA USA, ACCA, or CA certification.
Q3. Are US CPAs in demand?
Ans. Yes, the growth pattern indicates that the demand for US CPAs is strong, making it an opportune time for individuals considering this career path. The foreseeable future also suggests a continued and significant need for professionals in this industry, ensuring long-term job stability and promising career prospects.
Q4. Will I get a job after becoming a CPA in India?
Ans. In India and other countries, CPA professionals are always in demand. Due to their global reputation, CPAs can always find excellent job opportunities anywhere in the world. They may also anticipate making at least somewhat more money than non-certified CPA practitioners. Due to the increasing demand for certified public accountants, they may command high five-figure salaries.
Q5. Which accounting exam is easiest in India?
Ans. It's important to note that all accounting certifications can be challenging to obtain due to the rigorous exams and requirements that must be met for certification. However, among the certifications available, the CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) designation is generally considered to have the easiest exam and fewer criteria compared to other accounting certifications.


US Certified Public Accountants are well-paid and well-respected US CPA professionals who may offer services to the businesses they work for while also leveraging their own status in society. It is a fantastic career choice for steady growth and a fulfilling job profile, and it significantly adds to the success and honor of an organization and the nation of the same. Given the vast array of business structure topics it covers, the expertise gathered by US CPA professionals is highly significant.
However, completing the entire US CPA process might be challenging; therefore, one needs to join a recognized training program, like NorthStar Academy (NSA), to get exact guidance with US CPA exam preparation. The CPA USA certification course is offered by NSA, and when you sign up for it, you get access to invaluable guidance from knowledgeable mentors like M. Irfat Sir.
For a better path to a successful career, join the NSA and obtain the CPA USA certification.