US CPA Coaching in Indore - Things You Need to Know?


Global corporations are now a reality of life and are present in every industry and field, including finance, agriculture, education, and many other fields. Businesses have long strived to maintain a competitive advantage while improving the industry in which they operate. An urgent demand for qualified accountants who can serve as financial consultants and manage all the financial funds arises with the introduction of new firms and an increase in the distribution of resources. Since then, there has been a high need for trained accounting experts to meet this need. 
Experts with hands-on knowledge and skill in accounting and finance in accordance with international standards are in high demand, which explains why there is great scope for CPA professionals in India and throughout the world. The Certified Professional Accountant (US CPA) qualification is an excellent method to begin your accounting career. To become a US CPA, you would need much practice, effort, and instruction from a US CPA Coaching in Indore.
In this blog, we will provide you with all the relevant CPA course details you should know before enrolling in CPA coaching in Indore.

What is CPA USA?

A Certified Public Accountant is a member of the NASBA who has achieved certification from the AICPA (American Institute of CPAs). The CPA USA certification enables the holder to apply for the licenses each state board issues. The requirements of the state board, which include training, testing, and study, must be met. Among the various tasks that CPAs perform include the analysis of financial data, tax preparation, consulting services, auditing and reviewing financial planning, and many more. The US CPA training program certifies you as a specialist in accounting and offers you a world of prospects. The possibilities are infinite, whether you work for a corporation, practice accounting, or work for individual companies.
Due to their knowledge in various industries, such as public accounting, business, nonprofits, and government sectors, US CPAs are in great demand. As a result, they may find high-paying positions with businesses and organizations that need their services. Before explaining the details of CPA coaching in Indore, let's discuss the job role and salary you can get being a certified CPA professional.

US CPA Job Roles & Salary

The US CPA qualifications qualify you for some of the most lucrative professional opportunities, with outstanding development and compensation potential. You may begin your career in various accounting sectors after obtaining the US CPA credential from the leading CPA coaching in Indore.
  • Public Accounting A Revenue Accounting professional may assist in improving system operations and reporting outcomes. These specialists assist audit firms in generating monthly revenue by participating in monthly revenue procedures.
  • Academia - CPAs may find faculty positions in accounting at several schools and universities. Along with teaching, CPA educators also create books and papers on accounting theory and research to increase the body of knowledge in the field.
  • Financial Controller - The financial controller's job is to keep a check on the company's accounting and finance activities. A financial controller advises businesses with numerous operations, initiatives, and procedures, among other things.
  • Investment Banking - Investment banking is one of the highest-paying CPA professions, with bankers working for corporate customers and providing them with various services like financial planning, fundraising, and so on.
  • Forensic Services - Forensic CPAs use their accounting expertise to look into crimes like fraud, bribery, money laundering, and embezzlement. They look over and gather the information that will later help the courts decide whether a crime has been committed or how to settle a dispute.
Another advantage of earning this certification is the increased compensation potential for job holders. In India, the average annual US CPA pay is INR 7-9 LPA. According to PayScale, the average CPA pay in India is around 7 lakh per year. As per Indeed, the typical CPA income in the United States ranges from $37,000 to $155,223. Licensed professionals will have a lucrative career with upward career advancement up the corporate ladder as their experience in the area grows.
Now, You must be wondering what the CPA course qualification is and how to become certified as a US CPA. You must pass the US CPA certification exam offered by the AICPA to obtain this credential. Below is the detailed Syllabus and Exam structure for the CPA course. You may effectively prepare for the US CPA test with support from US CPA Coaching in Indore.
CPA course in Andhra Pradesh

CPA USA Syllabus & Subjects

The four-hour CPA Exam is divided into four sub-examinations. A test taker must complete all portions within the allotted 18-month testing window, which means they must pass all four subdivisions. The applicant may choose any division in any sequence during one open testing window. 
The CPA Syllabus is presented below, along with subdivisions for each section:
Auditing and Attestation or AUD: 
  • Ethics, Professional Responsibilities, and General Principles
  • Assessing Risk and Developing a Planned Response
  • Performing Further Procedures and Obtaining Evidence
  • Forming Conclusions and Reporting
Business Environment and Concepts or BEC: 
  • Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Controls, and Business Processes
  • Economics
  • Financial Management
  • Information Technology
  • Operations Management
Financial Accounting and Reporting or FAR: 
  • Conceptual Framework, Standard-Setting, and Financial Reporting
  • Select Financial Statement Accounts
  • Select Transactions
  • State and Local Governments
Regulation or REG: 
  • Ethics, Professional Responsibilities, and Federal Tax Procedures
  • Business Law
  • Federal Taxation of Property Transactions 
  • Federal Taxation of Individuals
  • Federal Taxation of Entities

CPA Exam Pattern

The CPA examination has three sub-sections for sub-divisional subjects or fields of study. These subdivisions are referred to as testlets. The testlets are also divided into MCQ, simulations based on tasks, and textual communication. The grade weighting for each topic/section on these exams has also been divided by the AICPA:
Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs)50%50%50%50%
Task-Based Simulations (TBSs)50%35%50%50%
Written Communication TasksNA15%NANA
To pursue and receive CPA certification, students need to get enrolled in a good CPA Coaching in Indore and get prepared. Next is the information about what eligibility one needs to fulfill to become a certified CPA professional.

Eligibility Requirements for CPA USA

Anyone seeking to begin a career or who wants to change careers or advance in their current one can obtain the US CPA certification. The B.Com degree or the CA intermediate are requirements for candidates to appear for the CPA exam. You need 150 credits of general higher education to become eligible for the US CPA license. A candidate must meet the particular requirements for eligibility established by each state board in order to be qualified to sit for the CPA US exam.
  • If you are taking the CPA exam, you must have completed 120 credits with your Bachelor's degree. However, to get certified and acquire your full US CPA license, you will need 150 credit hours, leaving a 30-credit gap you must fill. To bridge the gap, you can earn two Bachelor's degrees or one Bachelor's degree and one Master's degree. If you already have a high school diploma and do not feel the need to pursue another, you can enroll as a non-degree pursuing student at a community college or university and finish the 30 credits.
  • If you are a chartered accountant, you may be eligible for partial credit from the state boards to take the CPA exam.
  • You may also take the CPA exam if you are an Indian foreign applicant for the CPA designation and hold the first-division degree in any three-year commerce degree from an institution that is NAAC-A accredited.
  • For international students, having practical knowledge of accounting or finance is essential.
Now that we have covered all relevant CPA prep information like the eligibility requirements, exam syllabus, exam format, and duration. Next is the detailed Course fee structure that you should be well aware of before joining a CPA Coaching in Indore.

Fee structure for CPA coaching in Indore

When you make the decision to take the US CPA certification test and enroll in US CPA Coaching in Indore, you should be fully aware of the course costs.
The US CPA certification test is subject to a number of expenses, including the Application Fee, Registration Fee, Examination Fee, Ethics Fee, US CPA Licensing Fee, and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for the US CPA Exam. For your convenience, a summary of the fee distribution in each case is provided below.
Application Fee - The application fee in India varies by state and is roughly between Rs. 3,600 and Rs. 14,500.
Exam Fee - The Examination Fee is collected individually for each part of the exam. The examination fee for each part is roughly Rs. 14,100.
Registration Fee - There are several ways to pay the Registration Fee. If a person decides to take only one exam, he must pay a Registration Fee for each component of the exam. If a person decides to take one or more tests at the same time, they are eligible for various registration fee savings. The following are the payment alternatives for the Registration Fee:
  • One exam at a time: Rs. 4600
  • Two exams at a time: Rs. 5900
  • Three exams at a time: Rs. 7200
  • All exams clubbed together: Rs. 12900
Ethics Fee - Depending on the state, it is an optional charge that must be paid and ranges in price from Rs. 11000 to Rs. 15000.
Continuing Professional Education (CPE) - This is also an optional charge for applicants who require an additional 40 hours of updated education each year to keep current with industry standards. This cost may be between $800 and $5,000.
However, you get qualified for package discounts on the exam price when you enlist in a CPA Coaching in Indore. Aside from the many advantages and benefits that come with a US CPA course, such as exam assistance, study guides, and lectures from experienced CPA professors.


1. Which institute is best for US CPA in India?

From the convenience of your home, you may study CPA courses from anywhere in India. Students from all educational backgrounds may undoubtedly benefit from NorthStar Academy's comprehensive assistance for preparing for the US CPA test, NSA also provides the best CPA Prep that is Becker International for CPA Curriculum.

2. Do Indian companies hire CPAs?

CPAs in India are also competent in international financial accounting and corporate governance. As a result, CPAs are hired for various roles inside the financial services organization. As a result, the scope of CPA in India is greater, and organizations actively seek Certified Public Accountants. A US CPA can be recruited by a variety of US-based corporations as well as other MNCs in India. CPAs work in fields such as accounting, taxes, assurance, and finance.

3. How do I clear my CPA in 6 months?

Students who want to pass the CPA USA test in 6 months may consider the following suggestions:
Establish a routine and follow it to the mark. Establish a routine and follow it to the mark.
Enroll in dependable and effective CPA Coaching in Indore, such as that offered by NorthStar.
To comprehend the concepts, use excellent study tools and view instructive videos.
For self-evaluation, practice sample papers and mock exams.
Ask your teacher to assist you with your questions.
To keep you on track, surround yourself with accountability partners, CPA exam coaches, and tutors.
Take short breaks to clear your head.
Stop wasting your time.

4. What is the passing score on the CPA exam?

The CPA passing score is 75 points. The test is rated on a scale of 0 to 99 for each section. To pass a section, candidates must receive a score of 75. It's crucial to realize that a grade of C+ or a percentage of 75% does not equate to a passing mark. To pass, you must obtain a minimum of 75 points. Candidates can join a CPA Coaching in Indore to pass the exam on the first attempt.

5. What happens if you fail the CPA Exam?

If you cannot clear a section of the CPA Exam, you must wait until the following testing session to repeat that section. Every year, there are four testing windows. The testing window is the first two months of each quarter and the first ten days of the third month of each quarter. If you fail one part of the exam, you will not be able to repeat it until the next testing window starts.

6. Can I pursue US CPA after my BCom?

If you only complete a B.Com with 90 credits (3 years + 30 credits), you won't be able to finish the 120 credits needed to apply for the US CPA test. However, if you successfully complete a B.Com course from a college or university that has earned NAAC-A accreditation with first division, you are eligible for an extra 30 credits, for a total of 120 credits.


If you are seeking worldwide opportunities, CPA USA should be your first stop. With the CPA USA qualification on your resume, you will be considered for worldwide accounting employment at top MNCs. Whether you are a student or a working professional, you must devote a significant amount of time and effort to studying for the CPA USA certification test.
For complete preparation, you might enroll in a US CPA Coaching in Indore, such as NorthStar Academy (NSA). We offer a simplified CPA USA certification course for applicants interested in accounting careers. The course will provide expert advice from India's finest accounting mentors, such as Mr M.Irfat. To help you prepare, NSA offers extensively researched and detailed study material covering every course aspect. You can also take online classes and receive the same benefits as in-person sessions. Bonus point signing up - You get access to Becker International Material - World's best CMA/CPA Preparation Materials.
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