Top 12 Courses After 12th Commerce for a Rewarding Career

The end of high school exams brings happiness and concern about your next career path. With the extensive competition in the corporate world, students need to make the right choice to survive and excel in their careers. As a commerce student, you must play it smart and wise. 
If you want to be a capable finance professional or a global business leader, you need to earn a bachelor’s degree that will complement a finance certification course that you will pursue in the future. So, plan well! 

Here are some of the best courses you can pursue after passing 12th grade:


US CPA is the coveted course for aspiring accounting professionals. You earn the license after rigorous training and gain good experience with your kitty after passing the exam. This is a versatile credential for accounts specialists, and you can make a name for yourself globally after passing the US CPA course. After crushing the US CPA exams, make it big in the accounting space with full determination and expert guidance from a premier online training institute. 
After completing your BCom accounting degree, you can pursue a US CPA career and learn about:
  • Advanced accounting principles, 
  • Financial reporting standards, 
  • Taxation laws, 
  • Auditing techniques.
After you complete the program, you can work in:
  • Public accounting firms, 
  • Corporate finance departments, 
  • Government agencies, 
  • Non-profit organisations


ACCA is a certification course that can help you become a global business leader. It is India's global counterpart to CA. The course's 13 plus one professional exam structure allows you to study and absorb different aspects of accounting and finance. You gain a deeper understanding of the core subjects in finance. The ACCA organization issues the certificate when you complete the course. Studying ACCA exposes you to the following topics:
  • Management accounting, 
  • Consulting financial accounting, 
  • Corporate governance,
  • Strategic business management.
After passing ACCA, you can move your career in a new direction, as there are many job titles and job roles in India and on the global front. You can work in: 
  • Public accounting firms, 
  • Multinational corporations, 
  • Financial institutions, 
  • Regulatory bodies.


The US CMA certification can make you a pro in the finance domain. Your area of expertise will lie in strategic decision-making. It is rightly said that behind every strategic decision, the management of an organization shapes the minds of the CMAs at work. Your sole responsibility lies in acting as the strong backbone for any kind of strategic decision. Pursuing the CMA program can help you become an expert in:
  • Financial planning, 
  • Financial analysis, 
  • Finance control,
  • Financial decision-making support, 
  • Professional ethics.
Once you complete the course and get the certification, you can become:
  • Budget Manager, 
  • Financial Analyst, 
  • Cost Accountant, 
  • Management Consultant.


You can apply for an EA course if you want to become a certified tax preparer or deal with tax-related matters. You become an enrolled agent or a federally approved legal advisor after passing the EA exams. The certification matters in terms of adding credibility to your designation as a tax specialist and helping you score over your uncertified peers. After becoming an EA, you get unlimited practice opportunities. 
When you become an EA, you can specialize in:
  • Tax planning, 
  • Tax preparation, 
  • Tax representation.
Excellent career opportunities exist for EAs, with employment available in:
  • Accounting firms, 
  • Tax consulting firms, 
  • Financial institutions, and 
  • Government agencies. 


The FRM course makes you a pro in the risk management segment of the finance domain. Risk assessment and measurement cover a broader segment of any business or investment decision. When you choose the FRM course, you realize how important it is to discern the risk appetite of an organization in the operating domain. When you pursue FRM, you can learn about various types of financial risks, including:
  • Credit risk, 
  • Market risk, 
  • Liquidity risk and 
  • Operational risk. 
You can locate employment in:
  • Financial institutions, 
  • Investment firms, 
  • Consulting firms, and 
  • Regulatory agencies.
You have to play a crucial role.
  • Risk management, 
  • Portfolio management, 
  • Financial analysis and 
  • Compliance
Other important courses include:
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Bachelor of Foreign Trade
  • Bachelor of Computer Applications
  • Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Cost and Works Accounting (CWA)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Markets (BFM) 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality and Travel

BCom Honours

This commerce and mathematics course is an undergraduate degree. You can pursue it if you have cleared at least two exams in the Commerce, Arts, or Science stream. However, those who have studied commerce at the 10+2 level may find it easier. We also refer to this course as BCom/BCom (Hons).

BCom Accounting and Taxation

You should pursue this program if you want to make a career in banking and insurance. It can serve as a base for accounting and taxation studies. You can learn about financial accounting, value-added taxes, central tax procedures, the Indian tax system, and so on. 

BCom in Management Accounting and International Finance

This is your course if you want to pursue international business at the master's level. This course can give you exposure to US CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and international business studies.

BCom in Accounting

You can opt for it as one of the preferred bachelor’s degrees, and when thinking of boosting your CV after graduation, you can go for CS or CA. You can build a strong foundation in finance and accounting, which will help you earn a finance course certification later. 


Is your ultimate aim to do an MBA, and are you looking for a graduation course to serve as a base? Then why not pursue a BBA to learn about the different concepts and topics? You will get to know it properly later on in your pursuit of a professional finance course. 


A chartered accountant's role is to lend clients financial and business advice. Achieving the title of CA is a difficult feat. You need to be a pro in accounting, master the concepts of taxation, and be excellent with financial audits. You have to carry out a lot of financial responsibilities. However, if you pass the CA examination, a rewarding career awaits you. 


If you want to pursue a career in commerce without mathematics, take it up.  You learn about paying attention to statutory and regulatory requirements that corporations must keep in mind when carrying out their operations as part of an industry in a specific sector. Know more about CS now:
  • The eligibility criteria are the same as those for Chartered Accountancy, or CA. 
  • To be eligible for this program, you must complete the 12th or equivalent exam from a recognized university or board with a minimum of 50% aggregate.
  • You have to register with the Institute of Company Secretaries of India to pursue the Company Secretary program and earn a CS degree. 

How Do You Pick the Right Skills for Finance Job Roles? 

The financial landscape is evolving rapidly. These changes are driven by a variety of factors, including technological advancements and market dynamics. You need to develop the proper skills to adapt to industry changes and prepare for job roles in the finance domain. 


You should evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and find out where you need to improve.
  • Investment analysis, 
  • Budgeting, or 
  • Financial Reporting
There could be more areas for improvement, and you have to find them out. 

Continuous Learning

This is a dynamic field. You should continuously enhance your knowledge by engaging in the following:
  • Workshops,
  • Industry-specific courses, and
  • Certifications
These can give you invaluable insights into emerging trends and tools within finance.

Application in Real Life

This is crucial for skill development. You should be able to apply the concepts of finance in actual situations. Start by practicing financial modeling or managing personal finances with MS Excel and other tools. 

Seeking Mentorship

Networking with finance professionals can prove invaluable. You can learn from a variety of perspectives and receive qualified guidance, tips, and strategies that will help you learn more than theoretical studies. 

Staying Updated

Go through finance news and publications to get a broader understanding of different finance concepts. 

Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

Regular financial data analysis can sharpen these skills and help you make knowledge-based decisions. You can resolve complicated financial problems easily. 


1. Can you suggest the best course after the 12th Commerce?
There are many courses. It is wise to go for BCom, get a degree, and then scale up your career by pursuing ACCA, US CMA, CPA, or other finance certification courses as per your career goals. 

2. Which job has the highest salary in commerce?
Company Secretary, CEO, and Chartered Accountant (CA) jobs offer the highest pay packages in commerce. Ultimately, it depends on your skill set, aptitude, job location, roles, company, and more!


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