Top 5 Reasons to Become an EA

An EA course is a boon for aspiring tax specialists. There is hardly a finance course other than EA that lets you focus solely on tax laws and taxation. Your journey to becoming a certified tax preparer is not easy. If you are determined to achieve what you have set out to be, then EA can be a dream come true for you. There is a lot of reverence attached to the designation of an Enrolled Agent. If you are in love with your job of representing clients before the IRS, offering them peace of mind while doing away with legal miseries, you will love the versatility quotient of your job. 
Stay positive; there is no alternative to hard work. Keep reading, studying, and updating yourself with the tax laws, and go deep while analyzing case studies. With the assistance of an online training institute, NorthStar Academy, you can crack the EA exams and come out with flying colors. 

Why become an Enrolled Agent?

EA is the highest accreditation that you get from the Internal Revenue Service, and it can represent US taxpayers impeccably. You can also represent multinational clients and travel worldwide to maintain client relationships. Just go about dominating the legal sphere in 50 US states and whether it is audit cases, appeals, collection disputes, or the like, offer a genuine helping hand to your clients. 
There are ample reasons to become an Enrolled Agent, so let’s find out the top five reasons to become an EA: 

Seamless Eligibility Criteria and Short Duration of the EA Course 

The urge to pursue a finance course often takes a backseat because of the eligibility criteria. You might have always been keen on keeping yourself updated about the world of taxation. Have you ever thought that your interest in tax laws and your intent to prepare cases for representation can make you a great practitioner? Well, when your passion becomes your profession, a certification goes a long way toward adding credibility to your value as a tax professional. And what if you learn that you do not have to fulfill any special academic requirements to become an EA? Are you happy about it? Isn’t that an exciting piece of news for you? 
Hold on, this is not all. You will be happy to know that the SEE exam for Enrolled Agents will require you to deal with three sections, and the duration of the course should not exceed one and a half to two years. You can easily complete the EA course in a year or so if you are prepared to put in your best effort and follow the mentors' guidance.

Be your boss. Establish your law firm. 

There is no end to studying, learning, and unlearning things. Experiences, work stints in different firms, and client interactions will teach you a lot of things when you put your feet in the professional domain. With your passion for tax laws and the dream of becoming a tax specialist who is not only certified but genuinely wants to help clients and fight for them, you can take center stage when you start your law firm as a federally authorized tax specialist. 
You have a unique way of working; your methods can be completely your own. You don’t have to leave behind ethics and can have a ‘no’ for an answer when you are not interested in taking up a case or dealing with a client. With your head held high, you can work in your firm and practice as much as you want. As you get armed with an EA certification, building credibility, you can have several clients pouring in. This way, you stand out from your non-certified peers. 

Multiple Streams of Income 

When you pursue an EA course, you can have a higher earning potential as an Enrolled Agent. If you are somebody who severely craves work-life balance and prioritizes family time and me-time, becoming an Enrolled Agent can do a lot of good for you. 
Working for a full-time job is the direct path to employment that most candidates would love to bank on, which adds steadiness to your career graph and life. Your full-time job becomes one of your steady sources of income, but why stick to only one source of income? When an EA certification is making way for you to work part-time, do freelance, or take up remote jobs in several shifts, why will you pull back from earning high? There is tremendous scope to earn high as you have unlimited scope to practice after you become an EA. 

Long-Term Job Security 

The economy can go upward or downward with changing times. There is one sector that remains unperturbed by the changing economy, and that is the legal landscape. Clients get embroiled in legal cases and controversies. They require the help of Enrolled Agents to let them cruise through any legal battle and come up with favorable outcomes. There is no dearth of jobs, even in tough times, when it comes to the legal segment. For a capable law practitioner, there is always a client who is looking for a suitable certified tax preparer to fight a case. 
As the world of law evolves, the need for a certified professional can become mandatory very soon. In such a scenario, your value as a tax professional will remain stable, eliminating the need for you to constantly seek new opportunities. Your EA certification helps you ensure job security. The demand for EAs is only going to soar. So, if you have completed an EA course, congratulations! If you have decided to pursue one, then don’t step back; find a premier online training institute and enroll in the EA course without postponing things. 

You only grow and progress as a Certified Tax Specialist. 

Stay true to what you love most, as well as your job! So, as an EA, you help US taxpayers or represent multinational clients in fighting for their rights. You not only get to taste variety by interacting with clients with various needs, but you also get to take back loads of experiences. The learning curve is always enriching.
With the flexibility and versatility that tax cases offer, you do not feel bored with the kind of work you do. There is always an analytical mind at work, probing a case deeply, trying to gain new insights, and keeping you updated with prevalent tax laws. Your professional and certified tax preparer growth never feels stunted, as every day is a new day for you to soak up new knowledge and experiences, face challenges, and emerge victorious. 


1. How much does an enrolled agent earn in India?

An EA can earn anything between INR 3 lakhs and INR 10 lakhs. When you freelance or set up your firm, the numbers go up. Your earning potential increases depending on your expertise, experience, and success record. 

2. Are Enrolled Agents in demand?

Yes, EAs are in high demand because of their certified status. The certification breathes trust and credibility, and clients want to rely on certified tax preparers to prepare their cases. 

3. When will you need an EA?

To resolve litigation or issues related to income tax, property tax, gift tax, and the like, one needs to hire an Enrolled Agent to represent a case in the best possible way. An EA can represent a client in an audit case or appeal on his or her behalf. 

4. Does an Enrolled Agent guarantee a job in the Big 4?

Yes. As you earn an EA certification, you stay much ahead of the curve than other uncertified tax presenters, giving you a chance to fill an important position in the Big 4.


Therefore, the finance space has a lot to offer potential candidates who want to make it big. If you are gifted with a critical mind, love to engage in analytical thinking, and are excitable in the realm of taxation, just opt for an EA course without giving it a second thought. NorthStar Academy, with its expert educators and instructors, ensures you get the best online learning environment, course materials, and guidance to make your academic journey smooth. 
Just absorb more from the live knowledge-acquisition sessions and webinars. Make the most of the free classes to understand the kind of assistance you will receive. Talk to an expert today to learn more about the career benefits that NorthStar Academy can offer you. You can initiate a WhatsApp conversation and move forward with building your career. 

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