Top CPA study Books to pass the CPA exam on the first attempt.


Global Organizations are now a reality of life and are present in every industry and field, including finance, agriculture, banking, education, etc. Businesses have traditionally sought to operate at a competitive edge by working to improve the industry they serve. 
As a consequence of the formation of new businesses and the expansion of resource allocation, there is an urgent demand for qualified accountants who can act as financial consultants and keep records of all the monetary resources. The top companies sought-after certified accounting experts to meet this demand. US CPA is one such globally recognized professional certification that would give one a successful career in Business and Accounting.
This blog will give a brief overview of the CPA USA and a detailed list of the CPA Study books you would require for effective preparation. Lets start.

US CPA course - An Overview

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a worldwide recognized qualification representing the highest level of proficiency in accounting. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), one of the world's biggest accounting organizations, administers the CPA USA certification program. After completing the US CPA course, one becomes a specialist in accounting and has access to several opportunities. The possibilities are infinite, whether you want to work for a corporation, practice accounting, or represent individual companies.
The US CPA course is in-depth and covers a wide range of subjects, including accounting as well as law, analytics, taxation, auditing, evaluation, regulatory frameworks and processes, ethics, planning, and money management. The exam is likewise fairly challenging to pass. Choosing the best guidance from expert mentors and quality study material to prepare and successfully steer you through this path is crucial. 
Today's market is filled with CPA study guides and books. Some books are way better, and others are similar in content quality and quantity. So, we must know which CPA study books are appropriate for you.
In this post, you will learn which CPA study book publishers and study resources are ideal for you.

Best CPA Study Books

  1. Becker CPA Review books
When it comes to US CPA certification preparation, Becker is without a doubt a great review material. It is one of the most well-known names among CPA test applicants since it is endorsed by the majority of accounting companies and institutions. With a global footprint that includes more than 29,000 partners, they have a rich history that dates back more than 60 years. Additionally, Becker offers live CPA review course courses, which is unique.
Features of the Book
  • Comparing all available providers, Becker offers the most comprehensive CPA prep curriculum.
  • Around 9200+ practice multiple-choice CPA exam questions will be provided, along with the relevant answers.
  • To help you confidently study for the test, there are over 580 task-based simulations (TBSs).
  • Flashcards are also available from Becker CPA in print and online versions.
  1. Gleim CPA Sutdy Books
Gleim is one of the oldest and most widely used CPA study materials available today. Its full-length mock examinations simulate the CPA exam and provide an accurate testing experience. Depending on your study style, you can choose between digital and print textbooks. You may also contact the live support team if you have any questions or need help with your exam preparation.
Features of the Book
  • Gleim's review contains an impressive collection of over 10,000 MCQs, 1300 TBSs, and Written Communications with detailed explanations.
  • Each test section has its own Mega Test Bank, complete with simulations and MCQ banks.
  • The Gleim provides detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect responses. It allows you to avoid memorizing facts and quickly grasp things.
  1. Wiley CPA excel Exam Review 2021 Study Guide: Complete Set (Wiley CPA Exam Review)
There are eight books in this bundle; four of them are Wiley CPA study books, and the other four include the practice questions for the test. It is a large collection with about 2000 pages of study material. Along with the characteristics that will be discussed later, this book set contains a pin code on the back cover. You will find everything in these publications, from basic ideas to problems, from simulations to brief courses. The book's supplementary material is the icing on the cake since it offers the learner a thorough understanding of the online exam.
Features of the Book
  • Over 3400-page content will be provided, which may be utilized as textbooks.
  • These books will also teach you all you need to know about each topic (AUD, BEC, FAR, and REG).
  • Additionally, these volumes contain 2000+ multiple-choice questions, 170+ scenarios, and 600+ bite-sized lessons.
  • The larger number of MCQs, 500+, allows for more practice.
  • Students can better comprehend how questions are framed and arranged through task-based simulation.
  1. CPA Exam for (For Dummies) 
The author has addressed all four components of the CPA exam: audit, finance, business, and regulation. CPA Test Books for Dummies provides a comprehensive test structure and scoring style to help you pass the exam. You will learn the essentials you need to know to pass the test and refresh your memory on the material. This CPA Study book provides a fair summary of the US CPA test and is simple to read. It contains a good amount of practice problems, including MCQs and simulations based on tasks.
Features of the Book
  • You will receive approximately 4000 CPA test questions and the necessary responses. You may get ready for the CPA test with the aid of these questions and answers.
  • Additionally, you'll be able to finish 164 CPA test simulations.
  • Strategies for time management when preparing for the CPA and online practice questions.
  • You will discover sections such as "CPA Exam 101", where you will understand the structure of the exam and how the answers are assessed.
  1. McGraw-Hill Education 2,000 Review Questions for the CPA Exam
It is a detailed book on answering practice questions for the CPA Exams. This book has 2000 review questions and answers, as the title of the publication suggests. Simple questionnaires that are likely to be seen on the CPA test are included in the book. Additionally, the solutions come with a thorough explanation. 
There are no simulations in this book; the questions are all multiple-choice questions. It might be viewed as a drawback of the book; thus, you shouldn't use it as your first resource for CPA preparation. For diligent practice, you can choose this CPA study book if you are familiar with the CPA framework, content, and how marks are assigned. It may serve as supplemental reading for your overall CPA test study plan.
Features of the Book
  • This book is highly methodical, and the topics are all carefully structured in the right order. You will attempt 2000 questions, all of which will be answered in exact order. As a result, practicing is greatly made simpler.
  • A few of the responses are incorrect (or, more accurately, misprinted), but overall, every response is presented in length so that you can understand why each action was taken.
  • After practicing the questions from the book, you won't have any trouble answering CPA test questions because they are written to the same quality as those on the exam.
  1. CPA Exam Secrets Study Guide: CPA Test Review for the Certified Public Accountant Exam Stg Edition
According to several readers, this CPA handbook is the finest one they have ever read. It will appear that way if you look at the material because this book contains the whole CPA curriculum in just 284 pages. Each area is well organized so that you may browse through the full section at once and then go on to the next section. The best part of this book is not just the learning content but also the writers' skills and advice. The writers are not only subject area specialists, according to the editorial evaluation of the book, but they also possess an in-depth understanding of exam-taking strategies.
They also say that you will obtain greater results with this CPA Study book regardless of your time period, which might be in days or months.
Features of the Book
  • In comparison to the voluminous study guides created for the CPA test, this book is concise. And you may quickly assimilate the information and pass the exam.
  • The language is clear and devoid of academic jargon. Consequently, you may use this book to sharpen your foundations whenever and wherever you desire.
  • Every concept in four separate categories is discussed in detail so that you thoroughly understand each topic covered by CPA.
  • Suggestions and tactics for performing well in the examination and lowering exam-related anxiety are mentioned.
  1. You Can Pass the CPA Exam: Get Motivated
The goal is to pass the exam in one sitting on your first try. And this book will teach you how. The author has attempted to address the most important aspect of CPA preparation. CPA preparation is more than simply studying; it is about organizing your study schedule and adhering to it to the finish. This study guide will teach you how to properly prepare, feel confident in your potential to pass the exam, and re-energize your motivation.
Each session concludes with a chapter on how to keep it continuing, in addition to MCQs and assignment simulations as preparation tools. Students benefit greatly from the accompanying supplemental audio. It has shown to be a fantastic resource. Therefore, you should keep listening to it to get the most out of it. The author offers other strategies for coping with the intense pressure of CPA exam preparation.
Features of the Book
  • There are other CPA study books on the market that discuss what to prepare for CPA; this book tells you how to prepare for CPA so that you may pass the test on the first try.
  • Preparation questions in the form of MCQs and simulations, as well as simple, bite-sized courses
  • You will receive four deliverables from this Wiley masterpiece: a 60-minute audio program on how to ace the CPA exam, test questions, a segment on how to break down the dense content into manageable chunks, and, lastly, methods for maintaining motivation while studying for the exam.
  1. How to Pass the CPA Exam: On the First Try
This is the strategy book for the CPA exams. This book does not offer any CPA study material but rather tactics and procedures for preparing for the CPA exam. The author of this book passed the test and wrote about his experience. What a 42-page CPA study book can educate someone about the CPA test may be a question in your mind. But rather than judging a book by its size, we should consider its substance to determine whether or not it would be beneficial.
The book assists in the formation of a study routine for the test; it may be regarded as a generalized method for passing any exam. This material, together with a textbook, can help you pass the CPA exam.
Features of the Book
  • It's frequently stated that the finest ideas come in little packages. We can say the same thing about this book. Short and simple to read, this book is quite concise. As a result, you would quickly grasp the return on investment.
  • You will benefit from the concepts, tactics, and approaches in this book when you take your test. Additionally, this book will provide you with more value than you paid for.
  1. The Complete CPA Reference
This book is about 700 pages long and offers checklists, answers, and basic accounting principles. You won't need any further CPA study books if you purchase this version to use as a reference. It is valuable for both professionals who are preparing for the CPA exam as well as those who have previously passed it.
Features of the Book
  • This book will teach you a great deal. This book will teach you everything from accounting standards Codification (ASC), GAAP, IFRS, financial accounting, and financial planning through financial statement analysis, risk assessment, auditing, and taxation.
  • Even though it is created for CPA professionals, every aspiring CPA should read it before taking their test since it will provide them an understanding of what to anticipate in an accounting environment and how to respond to it.
You may pick up any three or four CPA study books from the above list, and you will be good to go.

How to Access the CPA Canada Books PDF?

Members get free access to both the new Business and Accounting Resources (BAR) on and the Internet-based CPA Canada Standards and Guidance Collection (CPA Canada Handbook). You can access the Handbook, explore the newly updated website, and experiment with the new features by logging in there.

Are crosswalk CPA study books good for exam preparation?

Crosswalk specializes in US CPA exam preparation and provides comprehensive course instruction. The content they offer is adequate to help you pass the test. The study materials are straightforward and simple to grasp. They are committed to adding value and providing our students with high-quality, exam-oriented CPA study books.


1. Which study material is best for CPA?

The CPA study books that will help you to ace all four of the exam's components the quickest is the appropriate one for you. Following are some of the top-ranked CPA books:
Becker CPA Exam Review Course
Wiley CPA study material and courses
Gleim CPA Exam Flashcards and Study Material
Lambers CPA Exam Prep Course
Surgent CPA Review
The Gleim CPA guides and books are reasonably priced and tried and true. As a result, Gleim CPA books are chosen above other CPA books.

2. Can I do a CPA self-study?

You might try self-study if you are exceptionally diligent and familiar with financial accounting and auditing methods. However, the CPA doesn't simply assess your accounting expertise; you'll also need to be comfortable with simulation questions and MCQs. For this, you might consider taking a review course or good CPA study books. You may gain some tips and tricks from these revision courses and learning materials, and they can also help you learn in a more organized and methodical way.

3. What books are needed for the CPA exam?

There are presently four separate portions to the CPA exam. The majority of the time, students get ready with a review course and at least four CPA Study books. Becker CPA Exam Review provides CPA prep courses that are the gold standard in the exam prep market.

4. How much does a US CPA course cost in India?

The whole cost of the US CPA course for an Indian student, including the test, is often broken down into three parts: the Training Fee, the Evaluation Fee, and the Exam Fee + International Testing. The CPA exam costs $1,000, while the overseas test costs $1,500. Without the training expense, the total cost of the CPA USA Course in Kerala is between INR 2,00,000 and INR 2,50,000 + $225 for evaluation. The cost of the whole US CPA program in India is between 3.5 and 3.6 lakhs INR.

5. Which institute is best for US CPA in India?

NorthStar Academy is the best institute to get the right guidance and well-rounded US CPA exam preparation. NSA provides applicants with extensively researched, well-written, detailed study material and CPA study books to help prepare.


To pass any exam, especially one as extensive as the CPA USA, you must use well-organized CPA study books and other study resources. These books should be able to develop a knowledge of the curriculum and question style.
For this, you may enroll in the US CPA course at NorthStar Academy to learn the material thoroughly and with excellent organization. With the help of the top mentors, including M. Irfat Sir, NSA is the leading institute in this industry, providing the proper route to thousands of people and professionals. 
Students can get access to the top CPA books. We also offer Bundled discounts for students who wish to enroll at the NSA and become experts in financial management.
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