Top Features of US CPA coaching in Mizoram


The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) provides the US CPA certificate to the candidates who clear the US CPA Exam. It is a highly revered certification among accounting professionals, and to obtain it, a candidate must meet all of the predefined educational and experience requirements.
Choosing the right coaching institute to get educated and mentored is crucial when pursuing a certification like the US CPA, which is globally recognized. CPA coaching in Mizoram is a lucrative and effective way to study all you need to know regarding the US CPA exam. These CPA coaching classes in Aizawl prepare for the exam topics by following the CPA's curriculum and providing the proper guidance for exam preparation. 
Here, we have listed some of the top features you will get when registering for US CPA coaching in Mizoram.

Features of US CPA Coaching

By enrolling in CPA coaching classes in Aizawl, you will be able to reap all of the following features:
Comprehensive Study/Review Material: The US CPA course covers all topics and possible questions, making it easy for the candidates to study. You will get access to the Becker review books with relevant TBS (Task-Based Simulations) and MCQs covering all four sections of the certification exam.
Self-Paced Classes: It should go without saying that some of you would like to learn in the morning while others like to study late into the night. Therefore, the CPA coaching will address this issue using recorded lectures via desktop and mobile applications. You are now able to learn anywhere and anytime you wish.
Experienced Guides & Mentors: You may connect with eminent mentors with years of expertise through CPA coaching in Mizoram. These faculty have relevant experience, strong Resumes/CVs, and have worked with multinational corporations worldwide.
Start With the Basics: The purpose of US CPA coaching Aizawl is to provide you with a cognitive learning environment from the beginning. The basics of accounting, costing, and Finance will be covered in each course. They will help you if you haven't picked up an accounting book in years or don't have a history in the business.
Covering the Entire Curriculum: CPA coaching covers every detail of the curriculum so you may feel secure in your training. You never have to be concerned about not knowing the answer with a US CPA complete curriculum.
Total Assistance: This CPA path may be challenging for you; thus, US CPA training in Aizawl can assist you at every step. They offer the students complete assistance, from counselling to training to placements. Thanks to their extensive network of alums, college, and institution partners, they ensure you get everything.
Now we know what features we will get if we join a 
CPA coaching in Mizoram. Next, we will discuss all the relevant details that an applicant should know if they decide to be a certified CPA professional.

CPA USA Eligibility Criteria in Mizoram

Depending on the state in which you are applying, the requirements for US CPA eligibility might change. If you want to apply for a US CPA outside of India, you may only do so in one of the five states that do not require applicants to have a social security number. Washington, Pennsylvania, Guam, Alaska, and Montana are the states where applicants from India can submit applications to become US CPAs.
You must have a predetermined minimum number of credits in your academic record to sit for the US CPA exam and receive your license. The US uses a credit-based system to evaluate academic performance.
  • Exam � Graduation + 1 year of Post Graduation (120 credits)
  • License � Graduation + Post-Graduation (150 credits)
Along with these academic requirements, the candidate must also accumulate 2,000 hours of work experience or around two years.
After meeting these qualifying requirements, aspirants may enroll in CPA coaching in Mizoram for more preparation. Let's see more CPA USA course details.
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CPA USA Fee in Mizoram

The US CPA costs in Mizoram, India, which are essentially the same in all the states, must be thoroughly understood before you decide to pursue the CPA USA and enroll in the US CPA coaching in Mizoram.
The AICPA charges money for the CPA USA certification test in several divisions, including the Registration Fee, Application Fee, Examination Fee, Ethics Fee, CPA Licensing Fees, and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Fees. For your convenience, the charge breakdown in each scenario is detailed here.
  • Application Fee - The application fee in India ranges from around Rs. 3,600 to Rs. 14,500, depending on the state where you register.
  • Examination Fee - The examination fee for CPA USA is taken individually for each test segment, which is about Rs. 14,100 for each section.
  • Registration Fee -The CPA USA Registration Fee can be paid in various ways. The candidate is entitled to reductions on the CPA Registration Fee if they take one or more CPA tests simultaneously. A Notice to Schedule, or NTS, is nevertheless issued in these circumstances and is relevant for six months. The applicants must pass the examinations they have chosen for the NTS to be considered valid. The following are the possible methods for paying the CPA USA Registration Fee:
  • 4600/- for one paper at a time
  • 5900/- for two papers at once
  • 7200/- for three exams at once
  • 12,900 For all exams clubbed together
  • Ethics Fee - Based on the state, a charge that ranges from INR 11000 to INR 15000 is optional but must be paid.
  • US CPA Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Fees - It is also an optional charge for applicants who require an additional 40 hours of updated, relevant education each year to remain current with industry standards. This cost may range between $800 and $5,000.

CPA USA Exemptions

  • A paper-by-paper exemption from the CPA course is simple to get for students in their last year of CA/CMA who received more than 50 points on their final exam. If you hold a CA/CMA accounting degree, you are entirely exempt from the CPA USA requirements.
  • After passing specialized tests on Indian GAAPs, Indian Taxation Laws, and Business Laws, holders of the ACCA Advanced diploma or affiliates may be entitled to get the CPA/CTPr Award.
  • If you are a CMA or cleared the intermediate CA, you may be excluded from the first two topics, AFAE and BRLC.
  • If you are a fully certified company secretary, you are exempt from taking the tax and business laws tests.


There are eight accounting bodies worldwide with which the US has MRAs that are mutual recognition agreements. Please remember that the ACCA is not one of these eight accounting organizations. As a result, there is no MOU for CPA, and neither ACCA nor its members are eligible for CPA exemptions. Therefore, to become a certified public accountant (CPA), you MUST fulfill the CPA requirements, which include 150 hours or five years of college coursework.
Because the ACCA does not have a recognition agreement with either the NASBA or the AICPA, ACCA members with advanced degrees find it easier to qualify to sit for the US CPA Exam. A minimum number of accounting & business courses is also required for ACCA members with master's degrees or above (this number will vary by jurisdiction, and there are 55 in the United States). Members of the ACCA who lack advanced degrees must enroll in a degree-granting institution.
You may learn essential information and abilities by enrolling in CPA coaching in Mizoram, which will enable you to pass the exam, obtain the CPA certification, and land a job at your desired firm. Let's examine the many employment options and salaries qualified CPA professionals may take advantage of. 

Jobs after CPA Certification

After enrolling in CPA coaching, passing the exam, and receiving your CPA USA certificate and license, you can choose a variety of professional options based on your interests as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). According to Naukri, there are approximately 30,000 employment prospects in India for US CPAs, with the number steadily increasing. Some of these are discussed in more depth below:
  • Internal Audit Manager - Internal audits must be performed by internal audit management. Every month, it is carried out for several organizational procedures.
  • Analysis & Financial Manager - The positions of analytical manager, finance manager, or a mix of the two are other well-paying CPA careers. These managers aid organizations and corporations in achieving both short- and long-term goals and monitoring project success. Before deciding, they consider factors like taxes, income, expenses, investments, etc.
  • Investment banker - One of the highest-paying CPA careers is investment banking, where bankers work with corporate clients and offer them various services, including financial planning, fundraising, and more. Investment bankers help businesses find new opportunities that might stimulate company development and, as a result, lower tax obligations.
  • Finance Director - CPA-qualified individuals may apply for the position of Finance Director. A finance director is in charge of a company's long-term growth strategy and its financial records. They are beneficial to a company since they aid in long-term financial growth.

Salary For US CPA Professional

CPAs are in great demand across a wide range of organizations and sectors. Their expertise in Finance and accounting enables them to make an excellent career. The typical CPA fresher income in the United States is $66,000 per year, according to the AICPA. The average yearly salary for a CPA in the United States is $119,000; however, with 20 years of experience, one might make more than $160,000.
US CPAs are more in demand across a range of businesses in India. Most firms provide large salaries, incentives, and raises to retain US CPA expertise in accounting. In India, the starting salary for a US CPA is around Rs 6 lakh per year. According to Indeed, the typical US CPA salary in India is Rs 9.25 LPA. In the Big 4, the remuneration for a US CPA in India varies from Rs 12.5 LPA to Rs 20.4 LPA.
Now everything has been summarized; it is up to you to select which path to take and when to enroll in CPA coaching in Mizoram and become qualified for your ideal job at your dream firm.


1. How can I study CPA in the USA?

Candidates interested in becoming US CPAs must have a credit score of 120 in commerce. According to the US, each academic year spent in a university in India is equivalent to 30 credit points. According to the Indian educational system, a student may enroll in a three-year program to earn a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) degree. Students are also advised to enroll in US CPA coaching in Mizoram to prepare for the exam.

2. Which one is better: CPA or ACCA?

Accounting courses such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Accountants of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) are both valuable. While US CPA is a course in the United States, ACCA is a course in the United Kingdom that will allow you to acquire more excellent prospects in that nation. So, based on your learning, opportunity, growth, employment, and living choices, you should choose a suitable course. Furthermore, CPA coaching in Mizoram would assist you no matter your degree.

3. Which country is best for CPA?

Every company needs accountants since they need to keep track of their records, but what is essential is their pay and level of happiness. The following name of the countries will help you make the best decision if you are a Certified Public accountant USA who is considering moving to a nation that offers a high accountant income to practice.
United Kingdom
United States

4. Who earns more, ACCA or CPA?

Both qualifications give almost comparable benefits, but where you live has a more significant impact. Since ACCA has signed MoUs with several accounting bodies worldwide, it would be a good fit for you if you intend to relocate abroad. However, if you reside in America, it might not be appropriate for you as they have their own accounting rules and do not adhere to IAS or IFRS. Therefore, if you live in America, it is preferable to become a CPA. Whatever course you decide to pursue, joining a CPA coaching in Mizoram will always be a wise decision to crack the exam.

5. What is the pass rate for the CPA exam?

The CPA test has a 50% success rate, whether taken once or several times. From 50% to 63%, the pass rate increased in 2021. This proportion may increase further if candidates use respected CPA coaching in Mizoram, such as NorthStar Academy, and study diligently for the exam while paying the affordable course costs.


Passing the US CPA certification test demands a lot of commitment. You may march towards the CPA test and crack it with a significant amount of devotion, effort, and preparation, as well as assistance from CPA coaching in Mizoram, and become eligible for employment anywhere in the globe!
Enroll in NorthStar Academy (NSA) and become one of the successful CPA test candidates. NSA provides a well-organized US CPA course to students from all educational backgrounds. One may efficiently prepare for the test using recorded courses, live sessions, and unique study materials supplied during NSA's CPA USA certification course.
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