Unlocking Opportunities: How to Build a Successful CPA Career in a Big Four Firm


The Big Four accounting companies are the pinnacle of the field of work for many accountants. Each of the four largest accounting firms - Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), offers a wide range of solid career alternatives and many opportunities for internal advancement. However, obtaining CPA career opportunities with one of these well-known accounting companies might be difficult because of the intense competition you'll encounter nowadays. 
And, if you have already passed the comprehensive CPA exam and are now a part of such reputable firms, then you need to build a successful accounting career out of this golden opportunity.
So, this informative blog is going to help you sort it out. You'll have a much better understanding of the Big 4s, which is likely to be the place where you'll locate your specific career with desired benefits & perks. But first, we will start with a brief understanding of the US CPA course and how it will benefit your career and excellent CPA career opportunities.

What is US CPA and How to Become One?

A US CPA (Certified Public Accountant) is an authorized provider of expert accounting and financial management services. They are primarily responsible for generating financial statements and tax reports, conducting audits, and giving financial advice to companies or clients. Education, evaluation, and experience are the three basic requirements of becoming a US CPA professional. Even though the education and experience requirements differ by jurisdiction, the Uniform CPA Examination, administered by the AICPA, is the same everywhere. Obtain the necessary educational and experience requirements, pass the Uniform US CPA exam, and you're done. You can obtain a license and become a CPA.
Best Jobs for US CPA - As a CPA, you acquire a wide range of business and technical abilities that open the door to several job opportunities for CPA in the USA and also jobs after obtaining the CPA certification in India. Most US CPAs work for privately held national & international businesses, including the ones listed below. 
  • The Big Four accounting firms
  • Large international accounting and tax firms
  • Local government departments 
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Education sector
  • Business and industry accountant

Tips for a Successful US CPA Career in Big Four Firms

Work as a Team

In many different situations, especially during the busy season, you'll be operating in a team capacity; therefore, it's crucial to collaborate with others. There will be a lot of eyes on you due to the large number of peers and senior supervisors, and you will need to collaborate effectively on a variety of projects and situations. If you aren't a team player, there won't be a shortage of approaches to find out. Clients frequently like to work with public accountants who are amiable and have a positive attitude, and your team members will be watching to see if you aren't adhering to the company's regulations. Getting along with other team members and being willing to step in and assist can therefore benefit both you and your team.

Don't Stop Learning

Take advantage of the chances that come your way as a US CPA career in a big four firm to upgrade your public accounting abilities! The moment is now to take advantage of all the free instruction, skill improvement, and top-tier coaching you can. Due to the fact that the accounting industry is ever-evolving, public accountants should never stop learning. New tax legislation, revised accounting rules, cutting-edge technology, and many other things fall within this category.

Boost Your Expertise

Everyone who is working is a generalist with at least the same level of skills at any Big4 business. Every year, a fresh group of motivated, young accountants enter the workforce who want to go up the corporate ladder just as much as you do. Consider specializing in a field where few people are interested in helping you stand out from the crowd. Of course, learning subjects like derivatives and hedging, foreign exchange, or any other specialty is more difficult. However, picking the simplest, most well-liked job won't make you indispensable.

Avoid Being Stuck in a Loop

Regardless of how much you like your job, it might eventually feel like drudgery. Fortunately, the CPA career in a Big four firm provides a staggering variety of fresh chances when you know where to search. Simply discover a different aspect of public accounting if you ever feel uninspired, disheartened, or out of place. Suppose you've followed the other advice in this article on how to be an important employee. In that case, your company probably allows for you to broaden your horizons, no matter how you'd like to accomplish it.

Have No Fear of Turnover

Public accounting may be hard, especially during peak season; therefore, turnover is pretty typical. There is, however, some good news. First off, the turnover rates at accounting companies are improving. The biggest companies' turnover rates have declined by 2.7% since the AICPA's 2016 Map Survey.  In addition, the 2019 Retention Report from the Work Institute found that the national rate of workers who left their positions willingly in any profession was substantially higher at 27%. Don't allow the widespread turnover in this industry to intimidate you; it's becoming better as more companies aim to enhance employee work-life balance. (Ref.)

Keep Your Life in Balance

Working and maintaining a CPA career in a Big Four firm is not everyone's cup of tea. Everyone has those emotional times when they question their decision to pursue this vocation. Sometimes it seems like the hours drag on and the days drag on. You can burn out more quickly if you're not careful. You need to take care of yourself to maintain a profession in this demanding industry.


1. What types of jobs will CPAs get?

Students may learn a lot from CPA courses about audits, financial statements, taxation, accounting, etc. There are many  CPA career opportunities in several divisions of multinational corporations (MNCs) with headquarters in India. CPAs find work in fields including accounting, taxes, assurance, and investing, among others.  

2. Is a career as a US CPA a wise choice?

Students may learn a lot from CPA courses about audits, financial statements, taxation, accounting, etc. There are many CPA career opportunities in several divisions of multinational corporations (MNCs) with headquarters in India. CPAs find work in fields including accounting, taxes, assurance, and investing, among others.

3. What is the highest CPA salary?

A US CPA makes an average salary of INR 6.89 LPA in India. The pay may go up to INR 13.8 lakhs per year in major cities like New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Bangalore. 

4. What is the scope of US CPA in the future?

The CPA qualification is a fantastic career decision for individuals seeking long-term employment stability because it will remain in high demand over the coming ten years.  Many Indian subsidiaries of multinational corporations (MNCs) with US headquarters have various CPA career opportunities. The BIG4s are the four largest accounting specialty firms that provide accounting, taxation, auditing, assurance, and other services to clients globally.

5. Why is a CPA a good career?

The starting salary for Certified Public Accountants is relatively high compared to other professions. The CPA career opportunities are available globally, and they have the freedom to select where they want to work. The average CPA makes a high five-figure compensation, and if they choose not to work for a big business, they could open their own business.

6. Is CPA a good career in India?

Yes, there are many CPA career opportunities in India, and they may earn a good salary starting from 4-5 lakhs per annum. A US CPA makes an average salary of INR 6.89 LPA in India. 


In the end, the chance to work in public accounting at one of the Big 4s is a chance to create the life and career you desire if you're prepared to put in the required effort. There is no shorter path to enjoy the big CPA career opportunities. But if you follow the expert advice & tips above, you'll be well on your way to an accounting career that many others can only hope for.
It's a smart idea to seek the assistance of a test prep company when getting ready for the US CPA exam. Thanks to the excellent guidance of expert mentors like M. Irfat Sir, many students have obtained the necessary skills to become CPAs and embark on successful careers. Want to join them? Contact our experts at NorthStar Academy for invaluable support and guidance on your CPA journey.

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