Why You Should Pursue US CPA Course in Andhra Pradesh?

What is US CPA? How is it different from other courses? How can I become a CPA? Questions like these often cross our minds when choosing an accounting career. Now, it is essential to note that US CPA is one of the best accounting certifications for individuals interested in accounting, finance, and taxation subjects. Well! There are several other accounting courses, but US CPA is a unique certification course.
In this blog, we will be talking about the CPA course in Andhra Pradesh. It will cover the highlights of the course along with salary and job opportunities. Further, we will also discuss the best institute you can apply to pursue the course! 
So, first things first - let us talk a bit about what a CPA course is!    

Introduction to US CPA Course: 

The CPA USA course is one of the most sought-after accounting certification programs globally. Having worldwide acceptance, the scope of the CPA USA course is not restricted to one particular country. Thus, a CPA USA has numerous career opportunities worldwide. 
The major benefit of this course is that it can be completed within six months to one year. The US CPA certification program is administered by two bodies, namely the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) and the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). These conducting bodies have made it much easier to pursue CPA USA in India. 
In India, a CPA USA is considered equivalent to or even better than CA, but there are some differences between them. Compared to India, in the US, a CPA is considered a license to provide accounting services to the public. 
A candidate with a CPA USA credential is a trusted advisor globally. The designations make the individual stand out from the crowd, thereby making them a member of a highly respected and prestigious profession.     

US CPA USA Course Institute in Andhra Pradesh - NorthStar Academy

Now you must be wondering how one can pursue the CPA USA course. Well! Many institutes offer CPA USA courses, but no one beats NorthStar Academy. Over the years, it has been the best institute to pursue accounting courses, like CPA USA.
NorthStar Academy, or NSA, is also known as Irfats classes, wherein Mr M. Irfat teaches its students various accounting and management principles. 
CPA course in Andhra Pradesh
It is the leading training institute in India in the domain of professional accounting courses. But what makes NSA different from others? Well, here are the reasons! 
  1. Methodology 
At NorthStar Academy, the knowledge provided to the candidates follows an organized system. The candidates study the concepts in depth and have clarity that equips them with analytical and critical thinking skills. Having better clarity can improve career prospects and helps in progressing professional growth. 
NSA also provides a learning environment that includes both online and offline sessions. Various teaching lessons are seamlessly blended to ensure students gain maximum insights from the education provided. 
Apart from Irfat Sir, NSA has highly qualified professionals as well who guide students and help them gain the designation. 
  1. Credibility 
NorthStar Academy is a certified learning partner of BPP Learning Media and a training partner of AICPA. NSA also provides courses like ACCA + B.Com, CA + B.Com, etc., with many partnered colleges. 
  1. Teaching Philosophy 
Over the years, NSA has provided students with the right direction and clarity based on their interests and capabilities. The professionals at NorthStar Academy also ensure that students achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. The teaching philosophy of NSA is simple - We measure our success in yours. 
  1. Success-Oriented Environment 
NSA provides individualized and dedicated mentorship and makes students realize their skills and interests. With a result-oriented and cohesive learning environment, NSA creates a synergy between online and offline education, thereby delivering flexibility in the pursuit of professional excellence. 
So, this is why NorthStar Academy stands out from the crowd. It is different from other institutes, and trust us - you can be sure of qualifying for the US CPA examination on the first go! Thus, NSA offers the best CPA course in Andhra Pradesh and other countries!  

Highlights of the CPA Course:

The US CPA course is the highest standard of competence in the field of accountancy. The CPA USA exams are conducted by AICPA, and NorthStar Academy is the leading training provider of the course. Below are the highlights of the CPA course in Andhra Pradesh. Please note that these key points are applicable in other nations as well. 
  1. Eligibility of US CPA 
Here are the eligibility criteria for the course: 
  • A candidate must have a Bachelors/ Masters degree in commerce or any accounting discipline. 
  • The candidates must earn a minimum of 120 Credit hours. 
  • 150 Credit hours must also be completed for the License. 
Let us discuss this in detail.
  • Education 
Candidates must meet 120 credit hours (Bachelors/ Masters degree + 30 extra credit points) to attempt the US CPA exam and 150 credit hours to apply for the CPA license. (1 year of college counts as 30 credits)
  • Experience  
Many boards demand that to gain a CPA license; students must possess at least 150 credit points and at least two years of professional experience under a licensed CPA. 
After passing the CPA USA exam, a candidate gets three years to apply for the License. 
  1. US CPA Duration 
To gain the designation, it takes only 6 to 12 months to complete the course. The exams are conducted every month.     
  1. Syllabus Overview of US CPA
The US CPA exam has four sections for the exams. 
  • Regulation (REG)
  • Auditing and Attestation (AUD)
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)
  • Business Environment & Concepts (BEC)
The duration of each section is four hours, i.e., 16 hours. The type of questions that come in the exam is multiple-choice, task-based simulations, and written communication. Here is the syllabus overview of the exam.
  • Regulation 
Topic Weightage 
Professional Responsibilities, Ethics, Federal Tax Procedures 10% - 20%
Business Law 10% - 20%
Property Transaction & Federal Taxation12% - 22%
Individual Federal Taxation15% - 25%
Entity Federal Taxation 28% - 38%
  • Auditing & Attestation
Topic Weightage 
Ethics, General Principles, & Professional Responsibilities15% - 25%
Risk Assessment & Developing a response 25% - 35%
Obtaining evidence & performing procedures 30% - 40%
Reporting and providing conclusions 10% - 20%
  • Financial Accounting & Reporting 
Topic Weightage 
Financial Reporting & Conceptual Framework 25% - 35%
Financial Statement Accounts 30% - 40%
Transactions 20% - 30%
State & Local Government 5% - 15%
  • Business Environment & Concepts
Topic Weightage 
Financial Management10% - 20%
Operations Management 15% - 25%
Information Technology 15% - 25% 
Economic analysis & concepts 15% - 25%
Internal Business Control & Processes 20% - 30% 
So, this is the tabular representation of what one can expect in the exam. Candidates applying for the CPA course in Andhra Pradesh must adhere to this syllabus. Make sure to invest more and more time in studying to excel in the examination. 
  1. Passing Rate 
Candidates appearing in the CPA exam must achieve at least 75% or more in every section. Each section must be separately qualified within the 18-month test window. Over the years, the pass rate of the CPA exam has been 51%. It is best to apply to an institute that can help you prepare to excel in the exam.   

US CPA Course Mentor @ NorthStar Academy: 

One of the top reasons that make the NorthStar Academy the best institute in India is its Mentor - Mr M. Irfat. He primarily coaches the students about various accounting techniques, concepts, and principles. He is the highly preferred mentor among the students, guiding them in the right direction with his unparalleled expertise and teaching zeal. 
Apart from Irfat sir, there are other highly qualified professors who will be by your side, helping you learn basic and advanced concepts. Here are some key points regarding NSA and the mentors. 
  • The mentors at NSA begin teaching from scratch. So, if you are not from a commerce or finance background, there is nothing to worry about. You will begin learning the basic concepts, and the mentors will then move to the advanced ones.
  • Self-study cannot suffice for a high-level credential like CPA. Thus, NSA offers a comprehensive US CPA certification course that covers every topic in detail, making you exam ready.
  • The mentors will help you understand and cover every inch of the well-organized study material from Becker learning providers.
  • NorthStar Academy has partnered with iOS and Android applications to ensure that candidates can learn on the go! You can now access all the lectures, textbooks, and other content online and offline so that learning never stops. The mentors will be connected with you always through the app.
US CPA Course
Now that you know about the mentorship and benefits of NSA let us look at the placements offered by the institute for the CPA course in Andhra Pradesh.   

US CPA Placements at NorthStar Academy: 

NorthStar Academy also offers placement assistance to candidates. The institute has tied up with various corporations to provide candidates with amazing job opportunities across the globe. With MNCs and Big 4 companies in India, NorthStar Academy ensures that the candidates get excellent career and placement opportunities. 
The placement team at NSA works for the candidates from day one, thereby helping them out from excelling in the exam to getting their dream jobs. 
Now that we are discussing job opportunities and salaries, the next section discusses this topic in detail. 

CPA Salary and Job Opportunities: 

The CPA course in Andhra Pradesh offers great career scope for getting good job roles in the Big 4s and other top accounting firms. Here are the top job roles that one can apply for after gaining the US CPA certificate. 
  1. Finance Advisor 
The primary role of a Financial Advisor is to offer financial suggestions and recommendations to clients. Financial advisors help in managing finances and making financial plans for clients. They also make financial reports that help mitigate the losses and provide solutions. The average salary of a financial advisor ranges from Rs. 3 LPA to Rs. 20 LPA. 
  1. Finance Director 
A CPA professional can get the role of finance director. Finance directors are responsible for overseeing the financial statements of the company to plan its long-term growth. These professionals are extremely beneficial for the company as they come up with new strategies to help the company earn profits and have good financial growth. The average salary of a finance director ranges from Rs. 8 LPA to Rs. 40 LPA. 
  1. Corporate Controller 
The role of a corporate controller is to look over financial and accounting activities like budgeting, managing accounts, clearing bills, etc. These professionals help assist with financial reporting and take care of the payroll. They also create financial statements that eventually help in improving the financial plans. Corporate Controllers play a crucial role in budgeting as well. The average salary of a corporate controller ranges from Rs. 1 LPA to Rs. 20 LPA. 
  1. Public Accountant 
CPAs can become public accountants and indulge in a full range of accounting, auditing, taxation, and consulting services. Being public accountants, candidates will have the opportunity to work with national and international clients. Public Accountants are in high demand, and subsequently, they are offered higher salaries as well. The average salary of a Public Accountant ranges from Rs. 6 LPA to Rs. 13 LPA. 

CPA Testimonials - What others have to say about NorthStar Academy 

  • Classes are very helpful in understanding the concepts and question-solving techniques, compared to self-study. We will get motivated to complete the course with tips and support from facilitator Irfat Sir. Even the NSA team has supported me on each and every level of my journey here at NorthStar Academy. - Terril Mathew (Student)
  • Irfat Sir's dedication and hard work towards enriching the students with knowledge and guidance are not restricted to just the syllabus. My experience as a student of the NSA has been really enriching so far. The NSA Team provides all the support you want regarding the course. Their mobile application is also very user-friendly. - Shriyansh Nahata (Student) 
  • Sir has been a great mentor. The knowledge and concepts required are delivered and are helpful in solving every question. CMA/CPA USA couldn't be more clear to me than What it is right now. He is the best. The concepts and easy understanding have made studying CMA/CPA USA so much better. - Swapnil Lal (CMA USA, CPA Aspirant) 


1. Which CPA institute is the best?

NorthStar Academy proves to be the best institute for the CPA course in Andhra Pradesh and all nations. The benefits for the same are given above in the section titled which is the best CPA USA course institute in Andhra Pradesh. The academy offers candidates a successful career in top MNCs.

2. What is the US CPA course fee in Indian rupees?

Candidates applying to NorthStar Academy are offered various packages like platinum, silver, etc. They also get a test bank and mock exams to prepare for the exam efficiently. Generally, the CPA course fees in Indian rupees would be Rs.110,000 to Rs.125,000.

3. What is the duration of the CPA course?

The duration of the CPA course ranges from 12 months to 18 months. Candidates must pass the exam and gain certification to get amazing career opportunities.

4. What are the four subjects in CPA?

The four subjects in CPA are Regulation, Audition & Attestation, Business Environment & Concepts, and Financial Accounting and Reporting.

5. How can I become a US CPA in Andhra Pradesh?

To become a CPA professional in Andhra Pradesh, one has to first fulfill the eligibility criteria. Then, one has to prepare for the exam by enrolling in the top US CPA course in Andhra Pradesh. Further, the individual has to take the exam and clear it. Once an individual gets the designation, he/ she can work as a CPA in MNCs, Big 4s, and top accounting firms.

6. Is the CPA exam hard?

Candidates applying for the CPA Course in Andhra Pradesh are advised to start preparing in advance as the exam isnt going to be easy! Yes, the CPA exam is hard compared to other courses. It includes in-depth accounting principles, concepts, and theories.

7. What is the passing score for the CPA exam?

A candidate has to achieve at least 75% or more marks in the exam to gain the designation. It is essential to pass all four subjects separately to become a certified CPA.

8. Is CPA a certificate or degree?

CPA is a professional certification offered by AICPA. A CPA is considered to have competency in the field of accounts, finance, etc. To gain this prestigious certification, a candidate has to take the exam and pass it.

9. Who earns more - CA or CPA?

A CPA earns slightly higher than CA. The average annual salary of a CPA USA is Rs. 8-10 Lakhs, while the average salary of a CPA is Rs. 6-7 LPA. Thus, CPA is a professional credential that offers higher salaries and better job opportunities.

10. What is the eligibility to do CPA?

To be eligible for the CPA USA course, a candidate must have a bachelor's or masters degree in commerce, accounts, finance, etc. Further, a credit score of 120 is a must to take the CPA exam. If a candidate wishes to have a CPA license, then 150 credit points are needed. Apart from this, a student must also have two years of experience under a supervisor.

11. Is CPA difficult to pass?

Yes, it is challenging to pass the CPA exam. The syllabus is vast, and it is essential to have the minutest detail of every topic before you give the exam. Over the years, the exam's pass rate has been only 51%. However, you can enroll in the best US CPA course in Andhra Pradesh to clear the exam in one go with ease.

12. Is CPA more difficult than CA?

Both CPA and CA exams are challenging. But they are a bit different from one another. The CPA time frame is 12 months, while the CA time frame is 3-5 years. One cannot compare these exams as they are equally difficult.

13. Which is better, MBA or CPA?

Both the courses are good, but MBA is a better choice if one is interested in management. If you wish to have a career in accountancy or finance, then CPA is a great option. CPAs get recruited by Big 4 companies and accounting firms. Thus, you can pick the course based on your areas of interest.


The US CPA course in Andhra Pradesh is a highly prestigious training program offering candidates with amazing job opportunities and higher pay grades in accounting, finance, and taxation. 
Now when it comes to selecting the top coaching institute, a student must consider NorthStar Academy. NSA also offers bundle discounts so that the budget isn't a problem and they can concentrate on their studies. It provides exclusive study material from Becker International in the top US CPA course so that students can have the edge over other students in terms of skills and knowledge.
Whats more? Well, the 100% placement assistance from NSA, and as you apply to the academy, you get free demo classes. 
What more can a candidate ask for? So, sign up today to NorthStar Academy and make a successful career story with us!   
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