What is CPA Exam Registration Process? A Step-by-Step Guide

CPA Exam Registration Process

If you have decided to acquire thec, then let us tell you that it will be the real deal with your financial career. Without a doubt, CPA is a professional credential that can boost your career manifold.
But how to do CPA exam registration? Before jumping into the registration, it is essential to know what exactly CPA is and how one can apply for the exam.   
A Certified Public Accountant or CPA is a globally recognized professional credential that represents that the person has expertise in Accounts and Finance. CPA is almost equivalent to CA, i.e., Chartered Accountant. The major difference between them is that CPA can be completed in 12-18 months, whereas CA takes 4-6 years to complete. 
Both the credentials require hard work and immense efforts to boost career growth and have numerous job opportunities. This is why individuals enroll in the CPA courses in a recognized institute like NorthStar Academy and get certified with ease. It is all because of their full-fledged support and complete solution for the CPA exam.
Now, before giving the exam, individuals are required to do the CPA exam registration. To take the exam, a candidate requires CPEs, i.e., Continuing Professional Education, which can be earned with the NSA under their guidance.
Coming back to CPA USA, it is essential to note that in the US, CPA is a license that is provided to the candidate to provide accounting services to people. Over 55 states in the US, give a CPA license to people who have cleared the exam. Furthermore, it is recognized all over the world.

What are the CPA Exam Requirements by State?

CPAs are globally recognized around the world and are hired by top companies. There are some requirements to apply for the CPA exam. These requirements are:
  • Having a Masters degree or equivalent educational qualification
  • Completion of 120 credit points is necessary 
  • Two years of work experience are required
  • Pass the four exams of CPA
The parts of CPA exams include Attestation & accounting, Business environment & concepts, Financial Accounting & Reporting, and Regulation. Each exam is for four hours. If the candidate clears the exam, then various job opportunities will open up. The job opportunities include Public Accountant, Tax Analyst, Finance Analyst, Internal Auditor, etc. 
Now, there are certain benefits of doing a CPA course. Here are the reasons for the same. 

Benefits of doing a CPA course

CPA exam registration is an important aspect to apply for the CPA exam. But before giving the exam, it is essential to know all about it. So, here are the benefits of the CPA exam.   

1.Career Opportunities

The CPA USA exam is an advanced credential that can offer numerous benefits to candidates. One of the major advantages of the CPA exam is that it boosts the career of the candidates. The candidates refine their skills, abilities, and knowledge over time and are hired by the top MNCs. 

2.Professional Independence 

Once a candidate acquires the CPA credential, he/ she provides services to the people. CPA is an amazing career step for professionals who wish to leverage their services and reputation. The credential gives professional independence to the people and helps in building good business relationships.  

3.Increased Demand 

The times are changing and in the present scenario, recruiters are looking for people who possess expertise in finance and investing fields. CPA is proof of the skills and abilities possessed by a candidate. These skills help in the growth of the business/ organization. The demand for CPAs is increasing. This means that CPAs are required throughout the world for their expertise, knowledge, and skills. The average pay scale is also high as the demand is high for CPAs. 
Once a person has completed the CPA certification course and gains the CPA license, then there is no looking back. The credential provides financial stability, job security, and greater opportunities for the future. These three benefits are amplified once the CPA exam is cleared by the candidate. 
Talking of the exam, it is essential to know how to do CPA exam registration. So, let us look at a step-by-step process of applying for the exam. 

CPA Exam Registration A Step-by-Step Guide 

CPA exam registration process may confuse some people. It is a complicated process as the candidates have to check many things before applying for the exam. 
There are certain steps involved in CPA exam registration which will be discussed in a simple way in this section. 
One thing to note here is that the candidate should be approved within five to six weeks after submitting the application. If the confirmation doesnt come, then probably one has to apply next time! 

Step-1: Check the Eligibility for the CPA exam 

The first step in CPA exam registration is that one has to check the eligibility criteria of the exam. There are 55 states in the US for the CPA exam. Each state has a different eligibility criterion. Well, most of the states require a bachelors degree in accounting or business from the candidate to make him/ her eligible. 
Students who apply from around the world need to clear the CPA exam in three years and fulfill the following eligibility requirements:
  • Pass all four CPA exams. 
  • Must have 120 or more credit scores 
  • Must have 1-2 years of experience in the relevant field. 
  • Pass the professional ethics examination. 

Step-2: Sending the Transcripts 

Before filling out the application form, the candidates have to send transcripts to the state board. The transcripts from junior colleges, universities, and community colleges must be provided within a stipulated period of time. 
It is advised to order the transcripts from the colleges immediately after the candidate completes his/ her graduation. Send them to the state board and send them further. 

Step-3: Submit the CPA exam fee

Once the transcripts are submitted to the state board, the candidate then fills out the application form. This CPA application includes a bunch of questions and educational requirements questions. After filling out the form, it must be sent and the exam fee must be paid. The entire CPA  certification costs around $3000 and. each exam costs $208.80. 

Step-4: Acquire ATT, i.e., Authorization to Test 

After the application has been approved, the state board issues an ATT, i.e., authorization to test. This document allows you to sign up for the CPA exam happening in the candidates state. The candidate has to decide which exam he/ she wants to give in the state. This should be done before the document expires.
After choosing the exam section, the candidates log in to the NASBA account and pay the exam section fee. Usually, the ATT exam section ranges from $180 to $250. After one has paid the fee, its time for obtaining NTS, i.e., Notice to Schedule. 

Step-5: Acquiring Notice to Schedule

Almost after three to six weeks, the candidate receives his/ her notice to schedule (NTS). NTS is a legal document that allows one to sit for the exam. It is basically a pass to give the CPA exam. This document is used for logging into the Prometric CPA exam website. The website is responsible for setting up the CPA exam date. 

Step-6: Schedule the CPA exam 

After logging into the website, the candidate schedules the date of the exam. The candidates must have the ID of the exam section to know the center where one has to give the exam. Look for the location and give the exam in the Prometric centers. 

Step-7: Passing the Exam

The final step of CPA exam registration is passing the exam. Once the candidate passes the exam, there is no looking back. After acquiring the credential, the candidate can apply in any part of the world. CPA is a globally accredited course that helps you learn new skills and abilities, thereby providing you with numerous job opportunities. 
So, these are the seven steps of the CPA exam registration. 
The same process is followed regarding how to apply for the CPA USA exam from India. 
CPA is a difficult and rigorous exam that requires hard work and immense effort. CPA is now available in India as well. The exam takes place in centers like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, etc. Students can undertake this CPA exam registration process and apply for the exam in India as well. 
Let us now discuss some common and frequently asked topics that arise in the minds of all the candidates. 

What are the CPA registration Fees?

The CPA exam comprises four sections. Each exam paper costs $250. In all 55 states, the registration fee is the same. 
The CPA registration fee in India ranges from Rs. 199,860/- to Rs. 218,610/-. Let us break this structure a bit. 
  • The training costs about Rs. 100,000/-.  
  • The evaluation fee is Rs. 22,000/-.
The table depicts the fee structure below: 
Total Exam FeeRs. 73,000/-
International TestingRs. 109,500/-
Evaluation feeRs. 23,000/-
Application FeeRs. 14,600/-
TrainingRs. 115,000/-
The average cost of the CPA course in India goes up to Rs. 300,000/-. 
The CPA exam cost is the same for all four exams. Each exam costs $250 and each exam is for four hours. The total exam fees reach up to $1000.  

What are the CPA Exam Dates in 2022? 

The dates for the CPA exam have already been released for the year 2022. Here is a table depicting the exam dates and the release date of the scores. Here are a few result release dates for the exam corresponding to the date on which the candidates have taken the exam. Have a look at them! 
If the candidate has taken the exam on:The result date will be:
23rd January 20228th February 2022
12th February 200223rd February 2022
9th March 202217th March 2022
31st March 202212th April 2022
23rd April 202210th May 2022
16th May 202224th May 2022
8th June 202216th June 2022
30th June 202212th July 2022
Most of the students might have gotten the results. CPA is a very challenging exam. A person who has completed the CPA certification course, and training, and has gained the license; he/ she is eligible to serve people from all over the world. One thing to note here is that once the person chooses the required date of the exam, all other dates are deleted. 

What is CPA USA eligibility for Indian Students?

CPA USA can be pursued in India as well. But there are certain requirements that have to be fulfilled by the candidate. Here are the eligibility criteria of CPA USA for Indian Students. 
  • A candidate should have a Master's degree in the Commerce field or an MBA. 
  • He/ She should be a member of ICAI, i.e., Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
  • The candidate should fulfill a credit score of 120 before applying for the exam.
Once these three criteria are fulfilled, the candidate can apply for the exam. The exam is quite challenging. Thus, candidates must be well prepared before the exam. 

What is the CPA course fee in India?

The average course fee for a CPA course can range from Rs. 3.2 Lakhs to Rs. 3.7 Lakhs. But this course fee can be reduced if a candidate applies to AICPA-partnered institutes like Northstar Academy. A candidate who has membership or scholarship has to pay less than what the actual fee is! 

What is the US CPA salary in India?

CPA USA is also available in India. Candidates can take up the course and boost their career growth. The course provides the candidates with high-paid jobs. The average salary of a CPA USA in India is Rs. 700,000. In cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai, the salary can reach up to Rs. 13 lakhs.   


1.How can I apply for a CPA in India?

No matter what the country or state is, the registration process is nearly the same.

You need to first confirm if you are eligible and send the official transcripts of your college, university, or educational institution to the State Board of Accountancy.

Now, fill in the application form of the US CPA from their official website. Now, the board will review your comprehensive application and then send the approval for the same.

On the approval of the same, you can submit the examination fee and start your preparation.

2.How do I register to take the CPA exam in California?

To register for the US CPA exam, you need to first send in your transcripts to the state board of accountancy. They will make the file of all your official transcripts and wait for the review application. You can apy comprehply for the US CPA exam after some days of sending the exam. The application form is prettensive so fill it in with relevant and qualitative information. Wait for the approval of your application, on successful approval, submit the fees for the US CPA exam. Make sure you are satisfying the eligibility criteria.

Having a Masters degree or equivalent educational qualification
Completion of 150 credit points is necessary
2+ years of work experience in a relevant field

3.How much does it cost to take the CPA exam in CA?

CPA consists of four exams and each paper costs $208.80. There might be a slight change as per the states of the US. But for the majority of the states, this is the total exam fee for the papers.

4.How much does a CPA cost in California?

In California, the initial application fee is $100. The examination fee per section is $226.15. All four sections cost $226.15.

5.How much does a CPA cost in India?

The total exam fee for CPA is Rs. 73,000/- in India. The international testing fee is 109,000/- and the evaluation fee is Rs. 23,000. In total, the CPA costs range from Rs. 200,000/- to Rs. 300,000/-.

6.Can I apply for the CMA USA and US CPA simultaneously?

You can apply and acquire both certifications but cannot pursue them simultaneously. Moreover, it would be really hectic to pursue and study for both. We would recommend you pursue them one at a time to make the process more efficient. If you want the right guidance on how to acquire these, contact us at NorthStar Academy.


In this article, we talked about the CPA exam registration process. CPA is a very professional credential that is capable of taking your career to new heights. 
Now, when we talk of the CPA certification course, nothing beats NorthStar Academy (NSA). NSAs CPA certification course helps the candidates in fulfilling the requirements and eligibility criteria for giving the exam. Pre-recorded classes, exclusive study material, and live interaction with the mentors help the candidate prepare better for the CPA exam. The academy has a pass percentage of 75% which makes the candidate eligible to sit for the exam and further earn the credential. 
The mentor of the NSA Mr M Irfat, focuses on strengthening the foundational concepts and then moving on to the advanced concepts. The certification course is completed within 6-9 months, fulfilling all the CPA exam requirements. 
So, what are you waiting for? Apply to Northstar Academy now and pave a new way for your bright future! For more information, please contact us here.
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