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Are you a B Com student coming close to the end of your graduation but still unable to achieve clarity about your next step? This informational piece has all your answers regarding what to do after BCom.
Every graduate has two options post-completion of their graduation. You could either continue studying for a postgraduate degree or look for a job opportunity and start working. Studying further can widen the fields of career prospects once you earn the degree and start searching for job offers!
If you are a graduate student worried about what to do after BCom, there are numerous courses for post-graduation that you can choose from. Some most commonly chosen courses after B.Cmon include CMA USA, M.Com, CPA, and MBA, among others. 
Offered by the IMA (Institute of Management Accountants), the US CMA (Certified Management Accountant) certification is globally renowned and provides a tremendous jump start to ones career. 
In this blog, we will answer the question what to do after BCom by providing a detailed view of CMA USA courses from reputed and recognized coaching institutes that can prove highly beneficial for those students who are worried about what to do after BCom.

Can I pursue CMA US after B Com?

Knowing what to do after graduating makes a students life better and much more sorted in the career aspect. Nevertheless, if you are a B.Cmon graduate with little to no clue about what is next, the sooner you figure it out, the better it gets! At this point, you take another crucial step toward achieving the career you have always dreamt of.
If you are still here, you are already on the way to figuring out how CMA USA is the answer to questions like what to do after BCom. 
You can pursue CMA US after B Com. Once you graduate, you must enroll in a recognised institute's CMA US certificate program. After completing your training program, you will be required to take the CMA USA examination, which is held in two parts. The educational eligibility for appearing in the CMA USA examination is that one must have passed class 12th. But to get the certificate and license, you should complete the graduation or equivalent.

Reasons to Pursue CMA USA after B Com

It is okay to think so much about the choice, of course, to pursue after your graduation. After all, it is a step of great importance in your life.
If you are wondering what is better to pursue after you are done with your graduation in B Com, we suggest CMA USA over everything else. While we already told you some of this certification's unique benefits, here are some essential points to keep in mind.
  • After one has earned a B Com degree, CMA USA is an extraordinarily comprehensive course compared to any other certifications in finance, accounting, and management. 
  • The annual passing rate of aspirants who appear for the CMA USA examination is relatively high, i.e., more than 60%. So, even if the preparation requires a lot of effort and hard work, dedication to it can easily result in you clearing the exam.
  • One of the most amazing facts about the CMA USA certification is that it is the shortest course you can pursue after B Com. Yes! The course can be easily completed within 8 to 10 months.
  • CMA US is a great choice for B Com graduates because these students already have a good understanding of business and accounting, the fundamentals of which are further enhanced during the CMA USA training.
The CMA USA certification, along with your B Com degree, will help you gather enormous amounts of knowledge and practical experiences in the fields related to financial control, analysis, and planning with decision-making support skills.
  • The CMA USA certification can help you achieve many job opportunities, not just in India but in over 130 major countries worldwide. Pursuing CMA USA as an answer for what to do after BCom gives every aspirant an edge over non-CMA holders during job interviews on a global level. It is a certificate accepted worldwide, especially providing more job opportunities in the United States. When we say more job opportunities, we mean it. CMA USA holders have higher chances of being hired by globally renowned and top MNCs and specifically the Big 4s.
  • Not only does being a US CMA improve your chances of landing your dream job, but it also offers you an opportunity to earn almost four times more than other graduates.
Pursuing the CMA USA course as the alternative for what to do after BCom has no downside. While the examination preparation for it requires aspirants to put in hours of hard work, the result of one becoming a US Certified Management Accountant leads to more and more benefits in their career.
How to Become CMA USA Professional

what to do after BCom? - Options besides CMA USA

With the competition rising every day, a degree of Bachelor in Commerce alone cannot help you find a job with a high pay scale. While CMA USA is a highly advantageous option to go for after B Com, there are several other popular qualifications that one can choose to pursue. 
Before you can choose your next step after B Com, it is crucial to thoroughly research and know all your options and their scope in the field you wish to work in. Two factors should be considered when deciding what to do after BCom. These factors include the future job prospects and further scopes of the degree you plan to pursue. 
To help you with your research, we have provided below brief details about various renowned courses you can pursue after graduation in B Com.
  • CPA
One of the most comprehensive and thorough accounting certifications is CPA, which stands for Certified Public Accountant. It is another internationally revered program that prepares individuals to have the highest level of accounting competence. The certification exam for CPA is administered by the globes biggest accounting organization known as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Considered to be one of the choices of courses to pursue after B Com, CPA training covers all the accounting subjects along with other subjects like auditing, law, taxation, analytics, legal requirements, financial planning, principles, strategic planning, and related processes.
  • CA
Becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA) is one of the main professions that B Com graduates aim for. CA training is among the highly revered and prestigious career prospects. You can acquire this certification after passing the 3 phases administered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and completing an internship that lasts 2.5 years. 
  • ACCA
It is an excellent alternative for those wondering about what to do after BCom, especially those who want to be a working professional in the accounting and financial services field. ACCA accreditation is recognized internationally for the versatility of its evaluation system. This certification aims at helping financial professionals upskill themselves. Students can also pursue this course while still pursuing their graduation. Aspirants graduating/graduated in BBA or BMS are also eligible to apply for this course.
  • M.Com
The easiest choice for those students confused about what to do after BCom, Master of Commerce (M.Com), is a well-known course for post-graduation, specifically intended for graduates of Bachelor of Commerce (B Com). It is a course designed to upskill the concepts and insights students gain during graduation. The topics that are covered in-depth during the M.Com program include finance, accounting, company management, and taxation. This course is highly beneficial for aspirants who wish to work in the fields related to accounting, taxes, or BFSI industries.
  • CFA
Another highly prevalent program is the CFA course for those thinking about what to do after BCom. It stands for Chartered Financial Analyst. There are many advantages, like high-paying jobs and great opportunities at top MNCs like BlackRock, JP Morgan, and Morgan Stanley. This is also a globally recognized certification. The training for CFA covers concepts from subjects like statistics, economics, portfolio management, and investment analysis. The CFA program is 2.5 years long, and the examination has three tiers.
  • MBA
Short for Master of Business Administration, MBA is one of the most popular two-year post-graduation courses. In order to get admission to an MBA program, aspirants are required to pass the examination known as CAT. During the course, students are prepared to gain an in-depth understanding of skills required for professions like Operations Manager, Marketing Manager, and various other positions in famous MNCs like Infosys, Accenture, etc. 
  • FRM
FRM (expands as Financial Risk Management) is a comprehensive and recognized course based on studies of finance and banking. This course lasts for nine months and is another excellent choice for students who have graduated with B Com. FRM is a course that aims to enhance your understanding and abilities related to risk analysis norms. With this certification, one can apply for job opportunities in fields including private banking, sales, marketing, and trading.
what to do after BCom is a decision you need to take in order to have a blueprint of what your career will look like in the future. All these are great alternatives that one can choose from according to their aspirations and plans in the professional aspect of their lives. If you wish to pursue any of these courses from a highly revered and recognized institute, then NorthStar Academy is the right place for you!


1. Does B Com have any value?

Looking from the perspective of professional prospects, having just a graduation degree in B Com has a lot less value as the competition increases in the financial world. Nevertheless, it is one of the most affordable courses for graduation and opens ways to professional fields such as wealth management, risk management, financial support, etc.

2. Which has more salary, B Com or BBA?

There is not a big difference between the earnings of a B Com degree holder and that of a BBA degree holder. It depends on the companies offering the job.

3. Is B Com better than engineering?

In todays environment on the professional front, engineering courses have much more prevalence in comparison to B Com courses.

4. What is the best option after BCom?

There are several options that you can pursue after B Com. These options include CA, CS, CFA, M.Com, CMA USA, CPA, and more.

5. Can I get a job after doing B Com?

The most commonly taken professional paths after B Com includes chartered accountancy, accounting jobs, Bank-PO exams, and company secretary, among others.


While deciding what to do after BCom, whichever professional field you wish to excel in, be it accountancy, finance, or any commercial field, CMA USA is a course that will, without a doubt, help you gain skills that can improve your Resume. 
Do we have you convinced now? If yes, dont wait any longer and enroll at NorthStar Academys CMA USA course. 
With comprehensive training, reliable study material, and a highly experienced coach like Mr. M. Irfat, NSA can become the key that unlocks your way to achieving the CMA USA certification! NSA holds 83% of the success rates among its CMA USA students and continues to assist more aspirants in achieving their dreams.
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