Top 10 Reasons Why NorthStar Academy CMA USA is the Ultimate Choice In India

Why NorthStar Academy CMA USA Ultimate Choice In India

When you step out of your college and think about your career, you dream of growth, success, and satisfaction.
Be it any profession - a doctor, engineer, or accountant; there is a myriad of possibilities awaiting for students worldwide. When you choose commerce as your career path, you step into the field of Accounting and Management. 
With a CMA USA certification, you take your qualification to a higher step by gaining a globally recognized certification. You have a wide range of opportunities that will help you achieve higher salaries, better roles, and even global exposure. 

What is CMA USA ?

CMA USA is an advanced, global credential for students and working professionals in the field of financial management and accounts. It will help you gain knowledge, skills, and abilities which are essential to the success of finance teams. With better credibility and domain expertise, you can land a seat at the leadership role.
Candidates can register and pass the CMA USA exam while undergoing their graduate studies. However, the CMA designation is awarded upon graduation and two years of relevant experience. You have approximately 7 years to gain your certification after passing your exam. 
While you may dream of getting the coveted CMA title, it may be a challenging endeavor. To clear the CMA USA exams in one go, in about 9-12 months, you need the proper preparation. If you are looking for the right institute for yourself, then look no further. NorthStar Academy is here for you!

9 reasons why NorthStar Academy is the best for CMA USA in India

NorthStar Academy (NSA) was awarded as the "Best Emerging Educational Institute In Bangalore" (2017) and the "Best Training Institute" by the Indian Education Awards (2020). 
Over the years, it has been responsible for over 15,000+ students passing CMA USA with flying colors in India and over 30+ countries around the world. Here are 10 reasons why NorthStar Academy is the best

Official learning partner

NSA has been recognized as an Approved Learning Partner by the Institute of Management Accountant (or the IMA) and Gleim. NorthStar Academy provides the official IMA Licensed Gleim CMA Excel Learning systems with online access to the question bank and Gleim Books.

Official partner of Study Material-Gleim

We are official partners with Gleim, the most widely used and oldest CMA USA study material source. NSA is the only learning partner in India which provides its curated, comprehensive study material covering all the topics and concepts in minute details designed by the experts. 
We also provide additional 12 unique books for all 12 sections of Part 1 and Part 2 exams with 180 essays and 1500+MCQ questions.
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Comprehensive Training right from Basics

If you are not from a Finance and Accounting background or do not remember what you studied in class, that will not be a problem. At NSA, we teach all concepts from scratch and cover every topic and doubt in detail. We also offer the students with an exam kit for quick revision before the exam.

Learn with Mobile application from anywhere

At NSA, we have our own Android , IOS and Windows applications for our students to learn on the go. NSA provides 150+ hours of lectures, MCQ questions, Test Bank, and Video Answers on the mobile application. 
One of the essential features of the NSA mobile app is to get important topics and formulas in PDF format for last-minute revision. Learning is not just limited to class but instead is limitless with NorthStar Academy. 

The Scoreboard

The unique feature of the mobile application by NSA is the NSA Scoreboard. This will help you measure your performance while studying for the exam. The readiness metric has a 99% accuracy. By looking at your scoreboard, you are sure to be highly confident when writing your exam.  

Mock Papers

We train you with more than 30 topic-wise and section-wise tests. This will ensure that you are thorough with the subject and help you feel better prepared for the exam. 


NSA supports every candidate from counseling and orientation until their placements to ensure a successful CMA USA journey. We have collaborated with various corporates, MNC, and Big 4's to provide you excellent placement opportunities for great roles, higher-paying jobs, and global opportunities. 

Pass Percentage

With the best faculty and consistent efforts, NSA has achieved an 82%+ pass percentage. These flying colors can be attributed to our students' efforts, the CMA USA comprehensive study material, regular simulated mock tests, and superb teaching faculty. 

Study with the God of Costing

The best reason to study with NSA is to get a chance to be mentored by M. Irfat Sir. He has many qualifications under his belt, including Chartered Accountant (CA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA USA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA UK). 
However, Irfat sir is most well known for his passion for teaching, interactions with his students, and domain expertise. Irfat sir has taught thousands of students and has earned a name synonymous with the subject he teaches.

Why choose NorthStar Academy (NSA) as your study partner?

Methodology in NSA

At NorthStar Academy, we believe in being methodical to ensure that our students develop an in-depth understanding of accounting and financial management. We focus on thorough, real-time, and application-based knowledge integral to improving career prospects and progressing professional growth.
We seamlessly blend various teaching methods and try to solve for all needs. Apart from offline classes, we offer online courses to ensure that no student goes without the proper education. Our team of highly qualified and experienced mentors provides individual attention to guide all our students to excellence. 

Credibility of NSA

NorthStar Academy is a certified learning partner for CMA (USA) in India by Gleim and Hock International and the certified learning partner for ACCA. We also provide ACCA+B.Com, CA+B.Com, CMA + B.Com, CPA + MBA degrees with partner colleges. 
Best CMA Training Institute in India

Teaching philosophy in NSA

Through our comprehensive learning material, excellent mentors, and regular mocks, NSA aims for all students to embark on their journey towards professional success. Our institution's philosophy is simple - God never wanted you to fail, so we make sure that you clear the exams in one go through our teaching. 

Learning environment in NSA

NSA offers you a result-oriented environment to achieve your goals. We provide a conceptual learning experience through online and offline classes from the basics. These online classes can give you the flexibility to learn from anywhere and learn whenever. 
We also provide our comprehensive study material, mobile application, mock tests, and access to a vast global alumni network. We want to be your stepping stone for a successful future ahead.  


1. Can I complete the US CMA syllabus in one month?

Even if you are from a finance background, it isn't very easy to study for US CMA in one month. To qualify for the exams, one needs to be conceptually strong, covering 12 topics in-depth. A minimum of 3 months is required to attain complete knowledge and pass the exam with better results.

2. What are the best career options after

B.Com is among the most popular graduation courses students prefer after completing their school. The career options are ample, some of them include :
Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Chartered Accountancy (CA)
Company Secretary (CS)
Master of Commerce (M.Com)
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

3. How to make a study plan CMA Certification?

It's critical to make a study plan for the CMA certification. It would be best if you kept a few things in mind. 
You should have a thorough knowledge of what and when to study
You need to set a target daily. Divide your long term goals into short ones
You need to devote at least 12 hours a week to study
Reward yourself upon achieving goals to motivate yourself

4. What is the salary of a CMA?

A CMA can earn a good salary. In India, a CMA has an average salary of 7-9 lakhs, whereas, in the USA, a CMA has an average salary of $60,000-80,000. 
However, it entirely depends on the organization, your qualification, and your designation. 


NorthStar Academy has trained 15,000+ students over two decades. All students have passed with flying colors and are now placed in reputed companies, foreign countries with high pay, top designations and doing what they love. If your dream is to become a CMA USA or CPA or ACCA, then you can connect with the experts at NorthStar Academy today. Call us today +918147470707
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