Why Pursue B.Com with CMA USA | Eligibility and Scope


One of the key strengths one might possess is knowing what to do after graduation, especially considering how the market is evolving at this time. With B.Com, commerce graduates have the most diversified prospects for further studies, including professional certifications & courses like US CMA, CPA, MBA, and CA. 
When it comes to diverse job opportunities for a commerce graduate, one of the most advanced certifications in finance and accounting is the CMA USA. The largest management accounting organization in the world, the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), administers a two-part exam for it. CMA USA is today a worldwide certification program with participation from 130 countries. Over the years, CMA USA has established its presence in more than 100 nations, and you can complete this course in 6 to 9 months.
Because of the urge to go worldwide and jump-start a career, students from every continent are going for B.Com with CMA USA courses at respected and career-oriented institutions to give themselves an advantage over the competition. 

Why Consider B.Com with CMA USA?

CMA is one of the most prestigious international degrees you may pursue with BCom. You should consider taking the CMA USA while pursuing or after completing your B.Com. 
US CMA is widely recognized as the gold standard in management accounting and financial planning. The best feature about this course is that it can be completed in a short period, and you may complete each paper one at a time with a comparatively small investment compared to other certifications. CMA USA is far more relevant than any other course available after BCom, and IMA has made it simple for its students to pursue and pass CMA. Students also have the option to choose the US CMA and pursue the dual certification after passing the US CMA exam, which also includes the ACCA certification. 

B.Com with CMA USA Scope 

The CMA training that the IMA provides in India is quite important. The scope of this course is broad since it offers in-depth information on management accounting and is well recognized.
  • Because the US CMA course can be finished in less than a year, it is ideal for recent grads and 12th-grade dropouts. So you may pursue more coursework or a career in a different sector whenever you want.
  • CMA USA is a well-known and highly regarded designation in India and worldwide, making it suitable for professionals who want to work abroad.
  • The scope of CMA (USA) is expanding, and applicants who have earned their certifications hold significant management positions in both public and private sector businesses.
  • You will have several career options in major MNCs and Big 4 companies in India and overseas, owing to your practical experience and the certifications you already possess.
  • After completing the CMA course, applicants may apply for roles such as financial controller, chief financial officer, cost accountant, relationship manager, management accountant, financial analyst, etc. All of the professions that CMA provides are well paid.
B.Com with CMA USA

Eligibility for B.com with CMA USA

You must meet several requirements outlined by the institution to enroll in this esteemed program offered by IMA. Candidates with application errors or who fail to satisfy the prerequisites will not be admitted to the course. The following are key admission requirements for CMA USA:
  • An active IMA membership
  • A bachelor's degree in a relevant stream or subject from a recognized university.
  • You must have two years of continuous relevant work experience in Management Accounting or Financial Accounting.
  • The IMA's Statement of Ethical Professional Practice.

Career Prospects of B.Com with CMA USA

The CMA has an advantage because of its applicability while working for major financial corporations. The CMA might be described as a speciality for professionals and students who want to thoroughly assess essential accounting and financial management abilities. Professionals with CMA degrees are employed both in India and worldwide. It is an internationally recognized credential that aids in a professional's worldwide acceptability. Large MNCs with operations in India need management professionals with strong financial skills to make judgments. The management range offered by CMA(US) at this time is unmatched. Professionals possessing these talents may make managerial judgments and facilitate decision-making.
After doing the B.Com with CMA USA, you might expect to fill the following positions:
  • Financial Planner 
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Cost Accountant
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Cost Manager
  • Relationship Manager
Along with these excellent job profiles, a cost accountant can start his or her practice as a proprietor, form a new partnership firm with other cost accountants already in practice, or become a new partner in an already established firm of cost accountants already in practice. Private and public businesses, big, medium, and small enterprises, partnership and proprietary organizations, industrial, commercial, and service endeavours, etc., are among his clients.

B.Com with CMA USA Salary

In the business, there is a high need for B.Com CMA students. In the corporate accounting sector, the CMA USA qualification is well-respected. It was created primarily to evaluate the management of accounting and fundamental accounting skills. Various organizations have increased their hiring of B com CMAs recently. Because they are in great demand, US CMAs have an advantage in terms of wages. The need will remain in the future, and B Com CMA students will be well compensated and provided good opportunities for professional advancement. The evidence shows that you will be able to earn at least 33.33% more than any non-certified accountants if you acquire your CMA after your B. Com.
Salary after B.Com with CMA USA is determined by a variety of criteria such as company size, position in the organization, experience level, and so on. The salaries of CMAs in India are listed below from several viewpoints.
CMA Salary by Age and Experience: A CMA's compensation, like that of any other credential and area, rises with experience. You may not be able to draw a significant sum of money if you are just starting off, but after a few years, there is no turning back.
CMA Pay by Job Role: The jobs you should strive for are finance managers and financial controllers since they pay the most, but if you're just starting out, you'll likely have to start at the entry level.

Benefits of B.Com with CMA USA

There are numerous advantages of pursuing a B.Com with CMA USA. CMA USA is a globally recognized credential and one of the best certification programs for people searching for jobs in other countries. Accounting is divided into two major categories: financial accounting & expenses and management accounting. Job opportunities and salary levels are enticing, and professionals may live satisfying lives while working.
Finance Career CTA
  • You may train for the US CMA without disrupting your current employment or Study schedule. With careful planning, correct strategy, and dedication, you can easily complete this course and pass the exam.
  • People pursuing B Com already understand the basics of accounting and business, among other things. They will have more job opportunities after completing CMA USA. It will protect their area of expertise. Candidates who are thinking of studying CMA after completing a BCom can interact with this blog to voice their concerns.
  • Candidates with the CMA USA certificate have the potential to earn around 67 percent more than those with merely a Bachelor's degree.
  • Worldwide employment prospects.
  • In terms of the money invested and the time put towards earning the qualification.
  • Get employed by the Big Four and other prominent multinational corporations.
  • The key difference between CMA and other professional post-graduate options is that the CMA degree is shorter and less expensive. CMA is a treasure for individuals with age barriers who wish to settle down early.


1. Can I do CMA USA with BCom?

Yes, one can do CMA USA with your B Com. or Bachelors degree. In fact, pursuing CMA USA in addition to Bachelor's is a wise decision. However, you should earn a Bachelor's degree within seven years after applying for IMA membership for the student to receive the certification. A CMA certification with a Bcom degree student will earn a higher beginning salary than a non-CMA student. Without thinking twice, you can complete Bcom with CMA USA.

2. Can B Com students do CMA?

Yes, doing a CMA USA course while receiving your diploma or pursuing B Com is an excellent option. CMA is a professional degree program, whereas B. Com is an academic degree. You can enroll in the CMA Foundation as a student in addition to attending your college. All you have to do is prepare for the exam using the study materials given by the institute and take the exam.

3. Which Bachelor's degree is best for CMA USA?

To become a CMA, you must have a bachelor's degree in any discipline from an accredited university or college. It might also be accomplished by earning a professional qualification. CMA candidates come from various backgrounds, with the most common degrees being in accounting, finance, economics, and general business. 
But You must engage in full-time employment in a professional capacity. It is necessary to have two years of managerial accounting and/or financial management expertise. Moreover, joining the B Com with CMA USA coaching helps you create a good accounting background if you are from any other field.

4. How long is the CMA course?

The US CMA certificate can be earned in as little as six months or three years, depending on the candidate's goal and study schedule. Candidates must finish the tests within three years of registering based on IMA regulations.

5. Is Bcom with CMA USA difficult?

The US CMA Exam is regarded as the most difficult since it measures a person's intellectual capacity. The average passing percentage for both portions is 45%, meaning that fewer than half of the applicants will succeed. Students must be devoted to clearing the US CMA certification exam since it involves two sections of study material that demand complete focus and diversion of time to learn the topics completely. Understanding the topics and revising would need far more effort, but it is not impossible. There are a number of professionals who promote and prefer self-learning over other methods.

6. Can CMA join after the 12th?

 Yes, any student can enroll in US CMA after passing their 12th-grade examinations and even while pursuing a degree. It takes 6 to 9 months to complete this widely accepted professional certification. After completing grade 12, one would be qualified to sit for the US CMA exam. However, to get the certification and become a fully certified professional, one must also complete an undergraduate accounting degree and gain appropriate job experience for a minimum of two years.

7. Which are the best B Com with CMA USA colleges in Bangalore?

Some of the best BCom with CMA USA colleges in Bangalore offer certified management accountant programs. Below is the list of some of the best B.Com with
CMA USA colleges in India:
Christ University
Dayanand Sagar University
St. Joseph College of Commerce
Jain University
Mount Carmel College
Kristu jayanti College
CMA US is the finest course to pursue alongside or after B.Com, and many firms will put you at the top of their recruiting lists as a result. Organizations place great value on their business talents and are assigned crucial positions inside the company. Don't put off getting your CMA USA certification any longer if you're considering doing so. You will be happy you finished the training since it will greatly impact your career. 


B.Com with CMA USA certification may help you improve your reputation, which can open up professional opportunities and lead to high pay, benefits, and career options whether you work in the financial, accounting, or commercial industries. A CMA certification can increase your company's commercial viability; thus, those interested in the field should take the initiative to succeed in the CMA USA program after their BCom degree.
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