A Complete guide - Why pursue CPA coaching in Rajasthan?


For many accountants, becoming a US CPA is a lifelong ambition. After all, it is a title that many in the sector associate with accounting. You cannot obtain the CPA USA certification just by taking up the training or getting it as a degree. You must pass the CPA USA certification Exam to obtain this credential, making it more competitive and prestigious. Additionally, you must meet other criteria to be eligible.
In this article, we shall discuss the US CPA Course in Jaipur. 
We will go through the course's highlights, salary and employment options, and also the best CPA coaching in Rajasthan, but we will start with why you need to pursue a US CPA course.

Why pursue US CPA coaching in Rajasthan?

Most CPAs agree that obtaining their US CPA certification drastically changed their careers. Obtaining a CPA license provides a wide range of domestic and international options. 
Therefore, let's quickly review the main advantages of the CPA course in Jaipur so that you can make a decision to pursue it.
Honor & Prestige - We are all familiar with Certified Public Accountants, often known as US CPAs in India. This internationally recognized program is typically comparable to the designation of a chartered accountant. A CPA license is regarded as being essential in the US to offer public accounting services offered by AICPA. CPAs in the United States are regarded as trustworthy consultants, the highest qualification an accountant may obtain. Furthermore, the CPA title distinguishes you from others and allows you to consider yourself among one of the most highly esteemed and prominent professions.
Job Stability & Growth - The fact that a CPA license offers up business opportunities that are inaccessible to unlicensed accountants is one of their main advantages. It's crucial to feel safe in your career because the employment market is continuously changing due to the pandemic condition. Additionally, because many accounting procedures are becoming increasingly automated, value creation is crucial to maintaining market relevance. Professionals who successfully complete a US CPA course in Jaipur can better use their critical thinking skills, and those with a US CPA license may demonstrate their value to any business.
Increased Salary Package - It is well known that US CPAs earn around 15% to 20% more than non-CPAs in positions associated with accounting. Additionally, studies have shown that there is a salary difference of up to 50% between CPAs and non-CPAs. Professionals who successfully complete the US CPA course in Jaipur or any other part of the world are able to be paid more for the same work than they otherwise would if they did not possess the CPA license. 
Professional Freedom - An enormous benefit of the US CPA qualification is increased professional independence. As founding members or consultants of a firm, the CPA experts might offer the services independently. It is a crucial career move for professionals who wish to leverage their own skills and image. People interested in corporate leadership can benefit from the information and abilities needed for the CPA certification.
Now we will discuss all the relevant points that you need to consider before enrolling in CPA coaching in Rajasthan.

Eligibility Criteria for CPA Course in Rajasthan

Candidates with a B.Com degree or the CA intermediate are eligible to take the US CPA exam after their CPA training in Jaipur. You must complete 150 credit hours of general higher education to obtain a US CPA license. All of these factors must be properly addressed before evaluating the usage of CPA in India. A candidate must meet the unique qualifying conditions stated by each state board to qualify for the CPA US.
Here are some facts to help you determine your specific requirements if you're still unsure how to fulfill the prerequisites for the CPA Course in Jaipur:
  • You must have earned 120 credits toward your Bachelor's degree to sit for the CPA exam. However, you will need 150 credit hours to get certified and receive your full US CPA license, leaving a 30-credit gap you must fill. One Bachelor's degree and one Master's degree, or two Bachelor's degrees, can fill the gap. Suppose you already have a high school diploma and don't feel the need to get another one. In that case, you can enroll at a community college or university as a non-degree pursuing student and finish the 30 credits there and then register yourself in a CPA coaching in Rajasthan.
  • If you are a chartered accountant, the state boards will give you partial credit toward taking the CPA exam.
  • For international students, having practical knowledge of accounting or finance is essential.
  • You may also take the CPA exam if you are an Indian international CPA applicant and hold the first-division degree in any three-year commerce degree from a NAAC-Approved university.

Fee Structure of Certified Public Accountant coaching In Rajasthan 

A CPA student's earning potential is higher than that of non-students in this field. Although it does need a sizable investment, the ultimate product offers the best return on that money.
The CPA test consists of four parts. Each exam paper costs $250. In all 55 states, there is a single registration cost. A CPA training in Jaipur costs between Rs. 199,860 and Rs. 218,610 to register for. Let's begin to break down this fee structure:
  • The training costs about Rs. 100,000/-.  
  • The evaluation fee is Rs. 22,000/-.
Total Exam FeeRs. 73000/-
International TestingRs. 109,500/-
Evaluation feeRs. 23,000/-
Application FeeRs. 14,600/-
TrainingRs. 115,000/-
CPA Coaching in Rajasthan might cost up to Rs. 300,000 on average. The CPA exam cost is the same for all four examinations. A $250 fee and four hours are required for each inspection. The exam might cost up to $1000.
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CPA Syllabus & Exam Pattern

To succeed on this voyage of CPA coaching in Rajasthan, one must go through difficult studies, mentoring, practices, etc. But a good comprehension of the CPA Syllabus is the most crucial area where the success mantra starts.
The CPA Exam Syllabus is split into four sections, shown below. Each component has its syllabus and exam that you must pass.
  • Auditing and Attestation (AUD)
  • Regulation (REG)
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)
  • Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)
Here is a list of the subjects you will study for the CPA Course in Jaipur.
1. Auditing and Attestation (AUD)
Developing a Planned Response & Assessing Risk20%-30%
Professional Responsibilities, Ethics & General Principles 15%-25%
Obtaining Evidence & Performing Further Procedures30%-40%
Reporting and Forming Conclusions15%-25%
2. Regulation (REG)
Federal Tax Procedures, Professional Responsibilities, & Ethics10%-20%
Business Law10%-20%
Federal Taxation of Property Transactions12%-22%
Federal Taxation of Individuals15%-25%
Federal Taxation of Entities25%-38%
3. Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)
Standard-Setting, Conceptual Framework, & Financial Reporting25%-35%
Select Financial Statement Accounts30%-40%
Select Transactions20%-30%
State and Local Governments5%-15%
4. Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)
Corporate Governance17%-27%
Economic Concepts & Analysis17%-27%
Financial Management11%-21%
Information Technology15%-25%
Operations Management15%-25%
The exam for CPA classes in Jaipur is broken into four sections, each of which takes 14 hours to complete.
Exam TypeType of Question
Auditing and Attestation 72 MCQs and eight task-based simulations
Business Environment and Concepts 62 MCQs, four task-based simulations, and three written communications tasks
Financial Accounting and    Reporting 6 MCQs and eight task-based simulations
Regulation76 MCQs and eight task-based simulations

Career Options after CPA Classes in Jaipur

When you complete the US CPA Course from a CPA coaching in Rajasthan and get your Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation, you may choose from a range of career options based on your interests. Following is a list of some of them: 
Academia - CPAs may find faculty positions in accounting in a wide range of universities and colleges. Along with education, CPA educators perform research to increase the body of accounting knowledge and create books and papers on accounting theory.
Revenue Accounting Specialist - A specialist in revenue accounting assists in improving system performance and reporting outcomes. These experts take part in procedures that produce monthly revenue for audit firms.
Government Bank - In the Public Sector Banks, skilled CPAs can find employment in the government and semi-government sectors. Opportunities for CPA employment abound in India, including those with the State Bank of India and other organizations. 
LIC - The Life Insurance Corporation of India is another notable Indian institution where a CPA could submit an application. The organizational structure of the corporation allows CPAs to work in the financial divisions.
Data Analyst - The role of a data analyst is to maximize the company's data assets while developing solutions to the difficulties faced by the organization. In order to enhance the integration and effectiveness of planning processes, the inventory is updated by a data analyst.

Salary After Acquiring CPA Certification

Completing the US CPA course in Jaipur from a top institute and acquiring this excellent certification can lead to a variety of employment opportunities in India. Any of these roles are up for the application, and the remuneration is chosen by them. After passing the CPA test from the CPA coaching in Rajasthan, the average CPA in India earns up to Rs. 7 Lakhs. Despite being an internationally recognized degree, CPA job earnings vary by country. In India, the price ranges from Rs. 7 Lakhs to Rs. 14 Lakhs.
An entry-level or "fresher" CPA earns around 6 lakh rupees a year, or about 50,000 rupees per month, after finishing a CPA coaching class in Jaipur. Metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and other locations might have average salaries above 13.8 lakhs per year. Your certified CPA remuneration may range from 12.5 to 23 lakhs per year if you work for one of the Big 4 MNCs, but this also varies from business to business. A sizable salary boost is a result of increased experience. The salary is usually heavily influenced by your expertise and skills. As more tasks are completed, more remuneration is withheld as a result.
Given that everything has been laid out for you, you must devise a plan to register for CPA coaching in Rajasthan and carry out the appropriate actions to become a successful Certified Professional Accountant.


1. Is CPA difficult to pass?

It's crucial to pass the CPA test if one wants to work as a Certified Public Accountant. Although CPA is challenging, it may be easily passed with the appropriate guidance and support and enrollment in the best CPA coaching in Rajasthan.

2. Which degree is best for CPA?

Your eligibility to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) test may be increased if you get a bachelor's degree in accounting. You can find more opportunities at higher levels if you have a CPA degree. However, a lot of candidates decide to get a master's degree in order to complete the full set of educational requirements for CPA certification. Also, passing the CPA exam mainly depends on your preparation. You can join a good CPA coaching in Rajasthan for the support and guidance to prepare for the exam.

3. Is CPA a degree or a diploma?

A certificate in public accounting is an academic degree obtained by completing a CPA course from a CPA coaching in Rajasthan and passing the test.

4. What can I do after CPA?

There are various fields and job positions that one can pursue after completing their CPA coaching in Rajasthan. CPAs are employed in a variety of roles within the financial services industry. CPAs are employed by several multinational businesses (MNCs) with US headquarters that have Indian subsidiaries. The BIG4s are the four largest accounting-specific organizations that provide accounting, taxes, auditing, and other services to customers all over the world.

5. Can we pass the CPA exam with self-study?

You can prepare independently for the CPA test. On the other hand, it raises questions about the accessibility of relevant and accurate study material. It will be quite difficult for anyone without prior business experience to self-study for the CPA test. Enrolling in CPA coaching in Rajasthan will provide you access to the study resources and guidance you need to succeed on the CPA certification exam.


The door to a lot more high-paying work opportunities in India and abroad will be opened by earning the CPA certification. So, if you're eager to work in accounting or finance, CPA coaching in Rajasthan is one of your best options. But students must go to the right training center and receive competent guidance if they are to succeed academically. NorthStar Academy steps in at this point.
NorthStar Academy has positioned itself as a market leader in the CPA Course in Jaipur. This educational facility provides students with a complete understanding of the CPA test, supporting them in acquiring the required topics and ideas. The NSA also provides relevant & updated practice tests designed to assess a student's learning readiness over time. So enroll in the finest CPA coaching in Rajasthan to stay ahead of the competition and pass in a single attempt.
If you have any questions, you can ask CPA experts by contacting the NSA here.
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